1. Puppy 5-O in the HOUSE!!!!
    Johnny, been watching your videos , great work BTW, and HDCW, Cali. Guardian and many others. I'm very interested in what you're doing as a movement and would love to talk with you or email with you about your thoughts on what new auditors need to know, what kind of gear, precautions, general thoughts. thanks – Jeremy

  2. What would be funny (now that they have gone to all of that trouble to barricade everything off) would be to move the rally to an entirely different place… city park, city-owned parking lot, or some other city-owned facility ! Ha ha ha ha πŸ™‚

  3. All power and support to all in the USA we won't be pushed around anymore best wishes from the other side of the pond Liverpool uk YNWA LFC

  4. Texas Penal Code Chapter 9 – (c) The use of force to resist an arrest or search is justified:

    (1) if, before the actor offers any resistance, the peace officer (or person acting at his direction) uses or attempts to use greater force than necessary to make the arrest or search; and

    (2) when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the peace officer's (or other person's) use or attempted use of greater force than necessary.

    (d) The use of deadly force is not justified under this subchapter except as provided in Sections 9.32, 9.33, and 9.34.

  5. Jesus Morales is the only Judge I can find but he's from Weslaco, TX . an speaking with folks from Weslaco Jesus will help
    any body that would ask. I believe he means no harm. Maybe Morales isn't aware of Turner vs. Driver. Establish by the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th circuit a law, while known by the Dallas Police dept., was filed on Feb. 17 2017. Maybe the Judge is not aware of what's happen in Olmos Texas or the fact that the United States Constitution is a hindrance for police department in become police states. Check you paper, get of the floor, where are you going and most recently "why are you filming

  6. Yep…they absolutly can NOT be taking thier stuff like that…IT IS CRAZY……….How is there still a Police Department there? I mean…it is crazy they are getting away with that stuff….

  7. You're goddamn right its a shit storm. They are not going to know what the fuck hit them untill a judge tells them they fucked up bad, real bad.

  8. Glad you (J 5-0) recommended Jame's channel, an out of control police force will get the slap of reality soon, sad to think how many hundreds/thousands of towns have similar things going on . Love the 5-0 clan, and I'm sure in the future there will be a Puppy 5-0 channel.

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