1. Just a little glims into this town u know it's bad when I cop is convicted of arson caught with gas can in hand and walks cuz daddy's money

  2. There's a call to action for another video of a man being arrested in the police station they have a sign put up I said no photography no recording check out that video start calling

  3. You should refer the first call to Dallas, TX SouthEast Division as a tutorial on how to deal with this type of call.

  4. Hi Chief, is this how you & your Officer's treat public tourists / photographers on vacation simply taking pictures & what does your boss the Mayor say about these Officer's Code Of Conduct acting outside the departments SOP Standard Operating Procedures? Perhaps the Officer's need some Sensitivity / Diversity training.

  5. Cripes! I thought someone was lurking outside my screen room. I heard all these "clanking" noises while watching this video. I was just about to grab my 12ga shotgun, then realized it was on the video itself (Johnny Five-O's dog, perhaps?).

  6. If there is a Police Dept, Post Office, Federal Building that doesn't automatically recognize some of the more prominent auditors out there, they are failing. I can't believe that when these USPS are done, someone doesn't say, hey, that's Johnny Five O, or Ohio Guardian, etc. Even making phone calls. If you called me, I'd immediately recognize your voice. "Hey, what's up Johnny!"

  7. She said I refuse to watch it lol wtf thanks for your concern public official 🗽 D as in dog… she got that right 👍🏼 ⓣⓨⓡⓐⓝⓣⓢ

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