Bully Police CAPTAIN doesn’t understand FIRST Amendment, tries to deny rights | Easton, PA

Ryan Burd (610) 250-6645 bburd@easton-pa.gov
Captain Herncane (610) 250-6779 bherncane@easton-pa.gov

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Source Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsv5Wfhi_JY&t=456s

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45 thoughts on “Bully Police CAPTAIN doesn’t understand FIRST Amendment, tries to deny rights | Easton, PA

  1. Offensive speech is the only speech that must be protected.

    The 1st amendment isn't there to protect our right to polite inoffensive chit chat about the weather. It's to protect our speech when it is considered offensive.

    We must defend even people's most offensive speech because if we allow offensive speech to be violated then that means your free speech can be violated when inevitably YOUR free speech offends someone.

  2. So if you go to the baconfest you get to have a stinking pig come and stand right in your face. He should be disciplined for wearing a false name badge, because he's clearly not officer bird!. Officer pig you would expect know something about law… so is he that dumb, or is he a slimey lying pig?
    Captain herncane? the canetoad pig would also be expected to know something about the law. In fact, he should be sufficiently skilled in the law to recognise that officer pig is talking shite. Did he? No… he demonstrated even less knowledge about the law. Well…either that, or he is a grosser slimey lying pig than officer pig.
    Get rid of canetoad and pig!

  3. I eat meat, I'm picky about where it comes from (buy grass fed quarter cows, hunt deer on my land, etc.), I disagree with people who think we shouldn't eat meat, but we all have the right to free speech and protest!

  4. Typical ignorant JACKASS COPS don't know difference between public and private property and contradicts himself by claiming the same thing the lady did. No concept for 1st amendment either. Communist PIGS. Law Enforcement has become Communist Authoritarian Tyrants who ignore the laws and don't know them.

  5. Cops are useless, dangerous, and criminal.
    I can stand on the public sidewalk too, right on top of you.
    Cops invading the personal space of others is an act of aggression and excessive force.

    Sue this town.

  6. Isn't it funny how the tyrants will walk up on you and say they can stand anywhere you want what as soon as you walk up on them they get their Pennies in a ruffle

  7. I would have gone into the establishment and bought a pound of ribs and enjoyed them next to the protesters and agreed with them to protest. And told the officers they were idiots and breaking their oaths to the Constitution. I love ribs!!!!

  8. This is a big part of why we shouldn't let these cops do some tricky ass stuff. U only have the rights u remember and if the cop doesn't decide to pop off which rarely leads to anything happening to cops even if it is well video documented from multiple angles.

  9. Evidently, there is a new law that says in so many words, "Thou shalt not conduct activities that offend others, even if those activities are completely lawful and legal."

  10. I love bacon and if u wanna sing about how deplorable that is we gotta let u if we want our freedom of expression. They brought good and bad bacon to the festival lmfao.

  11. Can't agree with this one. Standing right in front of a business and causing drama don't seem ok to me. Like right in front of the business

  12. Pork better watch out split huffed things are on the menu, this might not be a good idea for you to stand on that private slash public whatever cluster you all got going on there it could be a trap, and wham right between the eyes and it’s light’s out bacon 🥓

  13. The Atlanta police department edited out footage of a cop (Tommy Jenkins) assaulting me for defending an elderly homeless man. They (Nolan Stellingburg) used Evidence com's redaction studio to do it. They also muted the audio.

  14. You do have some rights about your personal space, if someone (cop or not) is in your face n space in an effort to incite you is is harassment; because it’s purposeful….

  15. City property can be rented as private from the city if it's within the confines of the rented area they have no rights on private property

  16. He is a prime example of whats wrong with law enforcement today. They think if they get a complaint they have control over everything when 0 laws have been violated. This needs to STOP NOW!! Send the entire country back to class and lets get it right. My god what a disgrace.

  17. The very system people created are now turning on them and they don't understand why.

    The why is because you gave them that power and now they're finding out it's very hard to take away.

  18. If I were there I would have got a bacon wrapped steak or something with more than just pig meat then proceeded to stand in front of the protesters eating my said meat on meat meal

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