Brain Wrestling a Deland cop. Homeless camp bulldozer. #cops for details about the department.

The property owner did give the man $100.00 before leaving, but fear of fines the city forced the hand.

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27 thoughts on “Brain Wrestling a Deland cop. Homeless camp bulldozer. #cops

  1. I have no sympathy. They knew for some time this was coming. If you think it is unfair, then have then set up their shingle next to your home and see how this works out. They could have a room tomorrow BUT they have to get clean and live by a few rules. Kind of disappointed in James.

  2. It would've been so much more awesome if everyone there tried to give the guy a hand…….even with all the warnings. However …..he had plenty of warnings. Then there are the other violations. America you Weally really look after your down trodden…NOT

  3. I feel for many of the homeless. For some, I do not. Stay hidden, respect the ground and surroundings your staying on, be ready to move quickly with ALL important stuff. Do not become a hoarder…..stay in survival mode, minimalist, even with kids it can be done. Listen to warnings, and plan ahead. You are in a situation to be targeted, sad but true. Always be ready. The less you become noticed the better. Peace, stay safe.

  4. The only thing that I know is that this is a very sad situation, and I hope does that thrashed the property of this homeless men tha never find himself in a situation like the one this homeless people are going thru is a very sad situation, MAKE THE LORD BLESS THEM IN THE FUTURE WITH A HOME AND PEACE.

  5. There has to be some way those officers could of helped at least help pack up the most needed items and contact an agency to help them move. It looks like all compassion and tolerance doesn’t exist in that location.

  6. LMFAO did no one else find it funny that the cop had to take a deep breath and then reach for his cheat sheet on what to say bc he didn’t even know how to answer simple questions. This is what your tax dollars employ…

  7. Having been homeless myself the way the homeless get treated is beyond the pale in many areas. The cops will harass and hound you until you leave the areas they do not want you in even if you have a legal right to be there. Being homeless with a vehicle is even worse. You can be in a public park in the parking lot taking a nap with nothing else being outside of your vehicle and some KAREN will call the cops and make up lies about you "appearing to be overdosing", the cops show up and go fishing for anything to arrest you and impound your vehicle so they can rummage through your belongings.

    Instead of resolving the issues that lead to homelessness they just create more problems that cause even more homelessness and then turn the homeless into criminals for trying to survive. Sometimes I wish that I could find a 10 acre parcel of land that I could purchase and establish as a homeless camp to at least give some help for a place to stay.

    Not all homeless are drug addicts and cause problems. They just want a secure place to live so they can at least try to have some semblance of living and life. While I was homeless I met all types of people and many were working 2-3 jobs and working with the homeless shelter on finding a place that they could afford to live. The ones that do not want the help sort themselves out faster than you think and they will be the ones that remain behind while others that want the help get it.

    Other than that land being up for sale I saw no real problem with them being there. I do understand that they needed to be removed so any potential new owner would not have the problem dealing with them. They could have offered to help them relocate to a place where they could have kept all of their stuff but they are to selfish to do that.

    There has to be better ways in dealing with situations like this beyond destroying their property and leaving them with nothing yet again especially their ID's and at least the bicycles so they could get around faster. The horror stories I could tell about the homeless in my neck of the woods and how they are treated would make you cringe.

  8. Tyranny these people dont have much and take that from them too ,push people so far and dont complain when you get what you give we desperately need a civil war against Tyranny.

  9. Respect!!!
    Which part of respect, being an authority figure like law enforcement, allows them to finish speaking and not allowing else to speak while they're talking?
    Then tell you I ve already explained!

  10. Aa a guerilla camper, I have a fraction of what they have. I can pick up and move as I did when directed by police in a manhunt for fugitive Aaron Brian Gunches.

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