Battle Creek Police Department Can’t Stop Making Headlines For Bad Behavior

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Battle Creek Police-Records
34 Division St N, Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 966-3322

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44 thoughts on “Battle Creek Police Department Can’t Stop Making Headlines For Bad Behavior

  1. MI Audits was wrong by saying the cops need reasonable articulable suspicion to demand ID. IF Michigan is not a stop and identify State, as he claimed, the higher standard of probable cause/ARREST is needed for the police to demand ID.

  2. This department is so out of control in the last 2 day that they had assaulted 68 Shotts 3 times, arrested him 2 or 3 in a 24 hour period. The last arrest was when he went to the FBI to tell them about Battle Creek Police because the FBI wanted him to go to them. On the way home the Battle Creek PD was waiting to ambush him & arrest him but instead of taking him to the jail they were instructed to take Mr Shotts to the chief's office & grilled & harassed him for hours to get him to not make anymore videos of the department. They then stole his phone & said if he did let the chief get into his phone he would damage his phone trying to get in. Then they took him to the jail after 5hrs in the chief's office & he got harassment charges from a open meeting at the township hall asking questions. They also threaten his mother calling her at home.

  3. That fat woman can not be physically fit to be an police officer … that wide load can not pass the physically fitness to be an officer. Yes going fat shame ….

  4. Your trained dog analogy is spot on. But as you think about it, it is a chilling thought. It means you may be attacked with reason and without warning. Dogs are vicious.

  5. There is still a lot of confusion about RAS and ID requirements.
    RAS doesn't mean a crime has actually been committed (based on probable cause), it only means there is sufficient factual evidence to support RAS.
    RAS requires factual evidence (at least one articulable FACT) pointing to a potential crime.
    "we got a call" is not factual, it is usually hearsay. It is not an articulable FACT. No facts, no RAS.
    In "stop and identify" states, the cops only need RAS to demand ID and can arrest if ID is not provided. Failure to ID essentially becomes a primary charge.
    In all other states, probable cause evidence (stronger evidence than RAS) and arrest are required for the police to demand ID.
    The most important point about RAS and probable cause, is that the cops MUST obtain the FACTUAL evidence BEFORE taking any action and using force.
    Demanding ID under threat of arrest, detentions, arrests, placing a person in cuffs, placing a person in the police car, taking a person to the police station to ID them, are all uses of force.

  6. Never make a request to an underling. Give them orders.

    If they want to play games, defend ypurself. Qualified immunity does not stop justified deadly force.

  7. Okay so out in public you do not I repeat you do not if I want to record it in front of your house all day long there's nothing you can do about it I'm in public therefore your so-called rights are kind of showed out the window the freedom of speech only goes so far as when somebody else can hear you therefore you have no freedom of speech… In America today you can only do what you are told anything else is against their man-made laws to extort human rights

  8. She is one dumb woman. Says the same thing over and over and still does not say what crime. Dumb as a bag of rocks. They need some kind of IQ test for these morons. even a grade 6 aptitude test, she would fail. She is trying to put a square block in a round hole.

  9. See something say something act part of the Patriot act that was past you know when they destroy the buildings during 9/11 so they want neighbors to tell on you if you're in your backyard having a barbecue and you your neighbors don't like it call the police will come in harass them this is where it's at you can't even walk down the street anymore you're guilty until you can prove your innocent

  10. All you have to say is if I am going to be questioned I want a lawyer. If you keep questioning me with out a lawyer you are going to be Subjective to a lawsuit.

  11. He's asked for a supervisor why are the dogs still barking? Same when you ask for a lawyer. It's almost as if they have some ego or something.

  12. Why don't they go investigate the person's who called in wrongfully and wasted people's time? Isn't it an actual crime to make a false report?

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