1. 5.0 how dare you ask these thieves to steal a car from a corrupt persons home, after all I’m sure the chief got kick backs from Banis for all of the illegal towing they did. More importantly why was Puppy 5.0 not in these video he should be your mascot .

  2. Hey Jonnie. Makes me sick what these tyrants get away with……. or do they. From Suffolk county Long Island. We had a scumbag police chief who thought he was king. Guess what. He’s in jail for violating and covering up. Along with other ( blind cops ). So the system does work. Go get them !!!

  3. Officer Melvin Willis, MPD (ret) briefly spoke with Mayor Chris Riley at her law office and explained that she is about to lose her license if she holds one for the criminal activity sanctioned by the City Council.

    Mayor Chris Riley holds a Texas Bar card. I for one believe that as mayor she has violated her license. Mesquite Cop Block thinks that as well. Mesquite Cop Block says that her sensitive info is now on the deep web and that she and her kid have been doxxed. That is a real shame. I remember when Anonymous let out the names, dates of birth, credit cards/expirations on every member of Westboro Baptist Church. I greatly fear that this is happening as we speak to every member of the PD, city council, and city manager. My advice would be to lock my credit.

    Chris Riley – Chris has over twenty five years of experience managing the office, and knows the law better than some attorneys. Chris has been married to native San Antonian, Darby Riley, for 42 years. They have three children: Charlie, Martin and Grace. Chris earned a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin, and an M.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She worked as a Special Education Counselor for Northside ISD. When not serving as Mayor of the City of Leon Valley, an elected office she has held office since 2004, Chris is a Legal Assistance office manager for the firm. Chris is also a member of the San Antonio-Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) representing the suburban Mayors, and a member of Via Metropolitan Transit Intergovernmental Committee. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, watching British television series, and traveling.

    Proud Members of
    Riley & Riley, Attorneys at Law
    320 Lexington Ave.
    San Antonio, TX 78215
    (210) 225-7236 phone

  4. *****Further exposing the corrupt underbelly of a community. The Chief of Police = the king of the simpletons*******
    Leon Valley PD: confess, cooperate with investigators, repent and resign.
    Johnny, excellent work, you are a national treasure.

  5. Did they just acknowledge they are aware that towing from private property is illegal?…Ironic how easy they confessed to have committed a crime.

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