At The Hospital, Covid 19 Security Calls Police

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32 thoughts on “At The Hospital, Covid 19 Security Calls Police

  1. I think when the government figured out we knew it was over-inflated and big business and big pharmaceutical company's where making a lot of money,then they started giving it to people

  2. I’m a nursing student and for 8 weeks at the hospital where I’m doing my internship, the suffering from Covid-19 is very real. These people are dying alone. It’s a very grim reality inside.

  3. You are not allowed to film on a film set 😀 does it makes sense? hahahaha it's the same like you would film iron man in the hollywood filmstudios haha

  4. Well its bad there now i here on june 11 so be safe i know there's no answers. Its all intertwined like a shredded wheat biscuit. Thats why we have the documentary 5 years later.📡👽🇺🇸

  5. Idk how affected where u live is, but at a guess it would look very different in Detroit or New York than it would seem there. Def agree that not being allowed to record is very weird and police enforced quarantine is. Kinda gross but as our society is currently structured (as poorly as it may be) government sanctioned quarantine is really the only option (Tho the government as usual has been absolute shit at handling the situation). Even with the quarantine the people most vulnerable to a pandemic are STILL the ones most exposed and at risk (poor working class), but that’s besides the point. Anyway yeah the government/cops are obviously not going to care about putting people at elevated risk (u mentioned traffic stops) bc they don’t… care. Bc laws are only meant to enforce the working class (who are most hurt by a quarantine.. hence the building general strike going on). Until we can count on PEOPLE to care about protecting public safety and not worry about getting entirely reliable news coverage I don’t see any other option. And also I obviously think that it’s a real threat prob should’ve started w that

  6. Healthcare workers have a severe case of narcissism, they are reveling in having their asses kissed. I see it everyday as an RN. Wuflu was the best thing to ever happen to them.

  7. It's not about the whole hospital being overloaded. Each hospital has a finite number of ICU bed and a finite number of ventilators. If more people get sick than they can treat extra people will die. Emergency Department could be empty but the ICU could be nearly full. Patients requiring ventilation stay in the ICU a long time. Meaning less turn over if a peak occurs.

  8. So glad to see this group of auditors out asking questions, not just buying into the msm hype- there is a HUGE deception being perpetrated on the people and too many are disappointingly just not seeing it! It was bad enough before- the freedoms people were not exercising/protecting! Now, it's gotten much worse and it's downright disgusting!
    God bless and protect us all!

  9. Let me know if there's anything with uncommon sense in or around the Houston area. I can't stand the sheep I know. I love them, but I just can't handle it anymore, I can't keep talking surface level to avoid causing cognitive dissonance, I need to know at least one person who understands what's really going on

  10. I have a question for you guys hopefully you can answer. Hi guys from LANCASTER PA, It was reported by main stream media that our rapid test site is set up at our Local baseball field. Every rapid test site I have seen on the news has shown cars drive up with their Referrals from their Doctors and you can get your test providing you have Insurance Mainstream Media DID NOT ASK what do you do if you don't have Insurance??? The Federal CDC's main guy told a Senator or Congress Woman on National News that testing would be available to All with or without Insurance. So they didn't ask that another question I had was Why can't we drive up???? We have to park get out walk into the facility where you will be open to getting the virus if someone else has it and you don't because they don't let you do it out of your car. You have to get out of your car go inside and be exposed. Makes no sense to me. I know we're both their to get tested. but if let's say I don't have it why expose me to stand or sit next to others that may have it? That is my most important question? Also you take your test go home wait 7-10 days to get your results. WHY WHY so long to get results back? why not treat this like the pandemic National Disaster that #45 declared it to be and send the test STAT…. Which means you get test back within 48 hours. Because you see if I have it go back home and still don't know I am infected I can very well infect others in my family or even Public. Yes I know if you think you have it Quarentine and I know I will follow instructions but will others???? Probably Not and we can't track infected People. A potential for total disaster to keep spreading this virus.. So are we in a National Disaster or Not??? I love Governor's Wolfe stay home mandate but it's not enforced I see people come out when the weather is good, going to our local County parks why are they NOT CLOSED ALL IT TAKES IS A CHAIN TOO CLOSE IT?? It 😡 ANGERS ME THAT Someone saw this and then looked to the side and the County Park Rangers were sitting in their Cars letting people socialize and not practice social distancing We Can Be MADE TO DO BETTER. This is why we will be the worst Country with the highest numbers of Death. We are a free society but at some point someone needs to Use Common Sense and say hey I SAID WE ARE ON LOCK DOWN AND ENFORCE IT. You break the rules you get get a summons or fines Police would love that extra income for their County/City police Budget. Guys THIS IS ABOUT AT THE END OF THE DAY SAVING LIVES EVEN OF THE STUPID THAT WON'T LISTEN. So What do I do my question are not answered and its buisness as usual well almost locked down. Who do I ask I don't get answers either when I call the hospital they give you the Merry go round run around any tips?? Lol I know this was long but I have legit questions

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