28 thoughts on “Asking for cops ID FLIP THE SCRIPT

  1. Perhaps the cop doesn’t need to be educated inside the building because he’s watched some YouTube videos by the likes of James Madison! 🥰

  2. What!? Texas heat is even mentionable to you coming from the devils scrote of humidity!? Hahahahaha yeah, the heat definitely goes straight to the bone in the Texas heat, you're looking at 3rd degree burns to get the paper if you aren't properly protected and must carry water with you at all times, but in my opinion the humidity of Florida during hurricane season is so incredible it is worthy of award! What's funny is that in Northern winter months it can still get nasty there, but there are some days (only experienced it in January to be honest but still) in the winter periods that actually gets relatively brisk, and this is coming from a north east native. In deeper consideration though, I will say Texas and Arizona do have some next level heat wave days, I usually can relish in dry heat but suffer in misery in extreme humidity, but I just reflected on a few occasions in my memory where I literally reached my arm out from shaded cover and even am biracial although switching between white passing red, and white passing Yellow, and I remember noting how incredible the nearly instant torturous reaction was to my flesh simply peeking out to the sun, I almost want to delete this but still am adamant how brutal hurricane 🌀 seasons humidity is the weiner of the nation!

  3. Talking is better traffic stop 🛑 need so much work . Still don’t trust because they can go back so easy ! Need 2 see this for 100 years then I might believe them

  4. There are people that wear a cowboy hat that know how to fit it to our head so we can wear it while riding a horse. There are those that wear it like the head of a pecker. Anybody wanna guess how this peckerhead kid is wearing his hat?

    If you need a hint the only horse this kid has ever been on sits in front of a grocery store and takes quarters.

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