Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions, Best of James Freeman Compilation

James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions, Best of James Freeman Compilation

  1. That was actually really cool of the cop to show him around his vehicle. Kinda like a tour of a police vehicle. It went from funny to wholesome. 😄

  2. Here’s the difference: Cops are doing their jobs to try and keep the community safe. Putting a camera in someone’s face and asking questions in the same manner is just stupid. When cops do this, it’s usually to a person acting suspiciously or have already done something criminal. Sure, the system isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect. There have been doctors who are serial killers. Police have a tough job and pulling stunts like this is just annoying af. I sure wouldn’t want someone interviewing me with a camera in my face while trying to do my job.

  3. One more thing Id like to add is that he asks to search an officers vehicle and then proceeds to encourage people to never give consent to a search 4:39. James Freeman is such a hypocrite that its laughable.

  4. I love these auditors that take a lot of risk in doing this to regain our freedoms and do a good job . But I have to admit James has always been my favorite and he has really gotten good at this

  5. I can't stop laughing, James!! LOL!

    You are SPOT ON, Bro!

    I've heard and seen every single one of these common catch phrases all police officers use over and over and over…..

    Excellent vid!

  6. OH wow!!!! This is the best….LLOLOL…You dont have anything illegal on you?…..that guy was pretty level with you..OMG…this was the funniest video in some time.

  7. before i make this comment i want it to be clear that i am 15 years of age and that i am uneducated in terms of the law. It makes me cringe when a person with no authority questions officers as a joke there for putting the officers time to waist i understand meaning it as a joke but when you walk around like knowing the law gives you some form of authority is just cute. Your the kind of people that cause problems because you like to stick your nose in things that were never your concern in the first place. I understand that there are rogue officers that do need to be dealt with but one thing the world did not think of when making the position of an officer is human error. An officer is a job/position that was made to enforce the law and to be a somewhat perfect peacekeeper to perfect human error and keep the united states of america a safe place to live. It is irrelevant to have a human with the 100% guarantee of human error existing take on this position. Therefore in my opinion a police officer is a very flawed form of doing the job that they say they do. But you must keep in mind not all officers are like this. And for someone to put effort into making these police officers angry to the point of anger to overwhelm there clear mind to corrupt it so they can record there error and taunt them for it and post it online making fun of them. For some officers what i stated does not apply and they never should have been given the position of a police officer. The whole of this message was to explain why i think you should stop taking advantage of people and forcing themselves to look like fools when you yourself look like an ignorant asshole. I understand that the law and the people who force it are not perfect but you are tampering with something that you have no right and you play the victim when you are really an asshole who has no right to be messing with the system of law nor causing more issues than there already are. File a complaint or you go be a cop mister perfect. respond to this and explain why im wrong

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