Arrested in St Augustine for using a megaphone protesting a statue removal.

City manager declared it an an emergency So the could hire a company in NY state. BYPASSING bidding time remove this at $260k to move the statute.

As the City of St Augustine begins the destruction of a 141-year-old memorial to local war dead, some citizens are expressing their frustration as to how as few as three people in City Hall could take it on themselves to risk moving such a prominent authentic artifact to another location 20-miles out-of-town at the Trout River Fish Camp in Orangedale. [ 603 more words ]

Police arrest protester for use of megaphone as City begins memorial removal

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  1. For anyone still interested, my charges were dropped and the SAPD are facing Federal charges, huge lawsuit to follow.
    Also, the Patriot trying to defend me was murdered by the SAPD in his own home, at his kitchen table. He was helping get information to the Feds… Audits, please reach out to me for more information on this.

  2. For all the people saying that we are "racists" for supporting keeping Memorials to the dead American War Veterans on both sides, you are ignorant and disgusting.
    For all of you fake legal experts who say I deserved getting attacked while practicing my 1st Amendment Rights, thanks for showing your true tyrannical colors.
    FYI, it was an illegal arrest and the charges were dropped. So, those of you thinking you know what really happened, you didn't…

  3. There are ordinances that you need a permit to use a amplified speaker in a public place like they were in. Many cities and towns don't move on it usually unless it involves preaching or warning about the zombie apocalypse. When you start talking trash about cops, they retaliate by over reacting in most unprofessional ways. It seems the good guys are becoming fewer as the tyrant gang is increasing exponentially. Lord Jesus, come quickly.

  4. He spoke about ten words of the executive order signed recently for protecting monuments and memorials before they told him to stop using the bullhorn, (which he has used at several protests in this exact spot for months now, as have BLM protesters), when he stopped using the bullhorn and asked them why, they yelled "cuff him". He resisted because it was illegal. If an officer pulls someone over for speeding, they don't rip you out of your car. They ask you if you know why you're being arrested, talk with you and then give a warning or citation if necessary. This bullhorn ordinance violation is not even an arrest-able offense, but rather one in which you would be given a ticket. They did not read him his rights, they did not find his concealed weapon until HE TOLD THEM about it, because they failed to search him. They also did not flush his eyes after the pepper spray and they failed to keep it the legal distance in which they are required to when using it, but rather removed his sunglasses to purposely put it in his eyes for which he now has an eye injury. The cuffs were so tight that the fire department had to remove them. You're seeing normal behavior for the St. Augustine Police Department. The facts are that when it comes to this man in particular, it is personal for the police. Note that a man was using a bullhorn in the same location two days later and these officers did NOTHING.

  5. The battle of Athens was in 1946 when a rogue sheriff and politicians tried to cheat votes. The town of Athens Tennessee cornered the deputies in the Jail house. One day this will happen again due to rogue deputy’s. Sad so many cops make good ones look so bad

  6. First it's black folks, then the latino's, now the whites all turning against you, once that happens you are on a loosing streak

  7. Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it .”

    “… only those who have the will and the power to shoot down their fellow men, are the real rulers in this, as in all other (so-called) civilized countries; for by no others will civilized men be robbed, or enslaved .”
    ― Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

    "So these villains, who call themselves governments, well understand that their power rests primarily upon stolen money . With money they can hire soldiers, and with soldiers extort money . And, when their authority is denied, the first use they always make of money, is to hire soldiers to kill or subdue all who refuse them more money ."

    -The payment of taxes, being compulsory, of course furnishes no evidence that any one voluntarily supports the Constitution .

    It is true that the theory of our Constitution is, that all taxes are paid voluntarily; that our government is a mutual insurance company, voluntarily entered into by the people with each other; that each man makes a free and purely voluntary contract with all others who are parties to the Constitution, to pay so much money for so much protection, the same as he does with any other insurance company; and that he is just as free not to be protected, and not to pay any tax, as he is to pay a tax, and be protected .

    But this theory of our government is wholly different from the practical fact . The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: Your money, or your life . And many, if not most, taxes are paid under the compulsion of that threat ;.

    The government does not, indeed, waylay a man in a lonely place, spring upon him from the road side, and, holding a pistol to his head, proceed to rifle his pockets . But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful .

    The highwayman takes solely upon himself the responsibility, danger, and crime of his own act . He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money, or that he intends to use it for your own benefit . He does not pretend to be anything but a robber . He has not acquired impudence enough to profess to be merely a “protector,” and that he takes men’s money against their will, merely to enable him to “protect” those infatuated travellers, who feel perfectly able to protect themselves, or do not appreciate his peculiar system of protection . He is too sensible a man to make such professions as these . Furthermore, having taken your money, he leaves you, as you wish him to do . He does not persist in following you on the road, against your will; assuming to be your rightful “sovereign,” on account of the “protection” he affords you . He does not keep “protecting” you, by commanding you to bow down and serve him; by requiring you to do this, and forbidding you to do that; by robbing you of more money as often as he finds it for his interest or pleasure to do so; and by branding you as a rebel, a traitor, and an enemy to your country, and shooting you down without mercy, if you dispute his authority, or resist his demands . He is too much of a gentleman to be guilty of such impostures, and insults, and villanies as these . In short, he does not, in addition to robbing you, attempt to make you either his dupe or his slave .

    The proceedings of those robbers and murderers, who call themselves “the government,” are directly the opposite of these of the single highwayman .

    In the first place, they do not, like him, make themselves individually known; or, consequently, take upon themselves personally the responsibility of their acts . On the contrary, they secretly (by secret ballot) designate some one of their number to commit the robbery in their behalf, while they keep themselves practically concealed . They say to the person thus designated:

    Go to A— B—, and say to him that “the government” has need of money to meet the expenses of protecting him and his property . If he presumes to say that he has never contracted with us to protect him, and that he wants none of our protection, say to him that that is our business, and not his; that we choose to protect him, whether he desires us to do so or not; and that we demand pay, too, for protecting him . If he dares to inquire who the individuals are, who have thus taken upon themselves the title of “the government,” and who assume to protect him, and demand payment of him, without his having ever made any contract with them, say to him that that, too, is our business, and not his; that we do not choose to make ourselves individually known to him; that we have secretly (by secret ballot) appointed you our agent to give him notice of our demands, and, if he complies with them, to give him, in our name, a receipt that will protect him against any similar demand for the present year . If he refuses to comply, seize and sell enough of his property to pay not only our demands, but all your own expenses and trouble beside .

    If he resists the seizure of his property, call upon the bystanders to help you (doubtless some of them will prove to be members of our band) . If, in defending his property, he should kill any of our band who are assisting you, capture him at all hazards; charge him (in one of our courts) with murder, convict him, and hang him . If he should call upon his neighbors, or any others who, like him, may be disposed to resist our demands, and they should come in large numbers to his assistance, cry out that they are all rebels and traitors; that “our country” is in danger; call upon the commander of our hired murderers; tell him to quell the rebellion and “save the country,” cost what it may . Tell him to kill all who resist, though they should be hundreds of thousands; and thus strike terror into all others similarly disposed . See that the work of murder is thoroughly done, that we may have no further trouble of this kind hereafter . When these traitors shall have thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good loyal citizens for many years, and pay their taxes without a why or a wherefore .

    It is under such compulsion as this that taxes, so called, are paid . And how much proof the payment of taxes affords, that the people consent to support “the government,” it needs no further argument to show .

    Lysander Spooner (1870)

  8. "formerly we suffered from criminals and their crimes, now we suffer from laws and their coward costumed rapist, thug coproach "enforcers" …"

  9. Police misconduct is everyones concern. Reform the police and remove qualified immunity as in no Sovereign citizens. If constitutional rights are violated they should be prosecuted.

  10. I feel so sorry for the USA citizens having to tolerate such a poor quality policing system that has a very high percentage of egotistical tyrant thug cops that enjoy power tripping over general people.
    It's a fact that the current way policing is done makes a lot of money for certain currupt people, states and national government which is why they won't change it.
    Even the murder of George Floyd creating unrest globally won't change it.

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