20 thoughts on “Are You A tyrant? Yes I Am Actually. This is American policing. #cops #tyrantfound

  1. How can a walking cane look like a gun??
    But even worse, they arrested him knowing he’s an innocent man.
    Take their QI away and guaranteed they’ll never ‘mistake’ a phone, sandwich, kitten, shoe, walking cane (anything their intended victim is holding or has in a pocket) ever again..

  2. I’d like to thank that deputy for admitting she is a tyrant at least she was dumb enough to say what we already knew. It is the exact reason for founding fathers gave us the second amendment. Tyranny is unacceptable

  3. this is all over the place, as it should be. absolutely disgusting. how can we possibly remind cops that they work for us at our pleasure? not a rhetorical question, for real, how do we do that?

  4. I really hope that he asked for her supervisor. Too many cops on duty, they get bored & go starting crap with innocent people. They gotta make stuff up as they go along.
    I'm investigating what's in your back pocket so you need to identify derrrr
    "Do you want me to put you in handcuffs?" has to be the dumbest question ever! Has anyone ever said, "Oh yes please, how did you know?"
    These videos are not good for my bp.

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