AGAIN! Another Cop Shoots Somebody Inside Their Own Home!

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Aurora Police Department Headquarters

15001 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 739-6050

Aurora City Hall

44 E Downer Pl, Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 256-4636

Aurora Colorado Governor’s Office

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41 thoughts on “AGAIN! Another Cop Shoots Somebody Inside Their Own Home!

  1. Great. But what people forget is when there is more light INSIDE the house than OUTSIDE the house, the glass acts like a mirror. Sure, you can see him clear as day FROM OUTSIDE, but that doesn't mean HE COULD SEE THEM!

  2. pigs shooting first and lying later… policing in this country is worse than the Nazi Gestapo!! Not even safe in one's own home anymore from the blue line GANG!!

  3. So this is there very reason why cops wear body cams to validate there stories. What good are they if they only use them when it benefits them.

  4. James.. this is going to sound like a crazy insane idea… but what if you applied to become a police officer and go undercover. See what happens on the inside, what we don’t see, how the training is, how they brainwash. It’s a big ask and probbaly won’t happen which is extremely understandable. I wonder if someone would and document it though.

  5. So police can shoot you in your own home and charge you for it now,i agree it is disgusting and anyone that hears this story would agree i hope

  6. A high percentage of police officers nationwide are mentally unfit to have the job. They are incapable of rational thinking.

  7. Cops love ruining people’s lives because they know people hate them you want the worst for people that hate you that’s why they do all this bullshit fuck cops

  8. That murderous cop needs a camera escort everywhere he goes until he decides to leave town. For 'public safety'. Those Scientology idiots don't know much but they sure know how to legally terrorize the hell out of someone.

  9. If I ever get shot in my home by one of these fucktards they better hope they kill me because I will put em in the ground if they don't.

  10. Well, unlike skeptics, I have full confidence that the police department will do a full internal investigation, to get the truth on what happened to this poor man. Police judge themselves more aggressively than other would and fiercely defend the integrity of their badge and profession. Once they see the evidence, they will hold this officer completely accountable for his bad judgement and horrible actions and bring the appropriate legal action against the officer. They will make every attempt to help this victim and his family, and assure the public’s future safety, by making sure this rogue cop is never in power again. They will aggressively address this with the entire staff of officers, with immediate corrective action, to prevent this from EVER happening again. And, they will be honest and open with the public and media, when admitting their mistakes. This is what honest, professional law enforcement agencies do, in these regrettable situations and it’s commendable. ⚖️⚖️
    Or… they could immediately find “No wrongdoing”, hide, alter, or destroy incriminating evidence, then LIE and cover the whole thing up.. 🤔🤔… But THAT couldn’t happen though……could it ??

  11. What happens when citizens start shooting cops first and asking questions later? It's a lose lose situation, but if you can kill a couple of them in the process it doesn't seem like a bad deal.

  12. Yea fuck all cops because 1 cop shot a barricaded suspect with a shotgun!! Makes a lot of sense. He didn’t know they were cops? Then why did he call 911 after he got shot saying the police shot him? Why is it almost every one of these videos I watch leaves out important facts and stuff that might make the “victim” look bad. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, there are corrupt police out there, but saying every cop is a liar or that every cop is out to kill someone is ignorant. Try being a cop and dealing with all the dumb shit people do and say. All the fuck cops talk and kill cops bullshit is making things worse by putting them on edge. But you aren’t saying that shit when someone strong arms your weak ass and your calling them for help. Grow up. Stop playing the victim and trying to blame everyone else, get all the facts before you jump to conclusions and start calling for a witch hunt.

  13. The pigs in co. Are liers, there fucken morons, they been a fucken bullet in there heads, a 223, and there family's need one or two in there heads, a 223 ,

  14. I love how cops always say that we dont need to record because they are but they never release it or it come up missing.

  15. If this video doesn't show you America that we need to wake up and I don't know what else to say cuz if you can't walk inside your house with a gun when you feel that you are threatened but yet you get shot to the window then I don't know what to say America and then now this guy is getting prosecuted for everything lawful that it was doing lawfully it's really sad wake up America…

  16. If they don't release the video, they are guilty. Holding back that video should be a charge itself, withholding evidence. Contact the DA and the news

  17. How much more will it take to make people realize calling the cops for help or for a wellness check on somebody else or any matter involving cops gives you and others less than a 1% possibility of survival. Oh and not to mention they're professional liars. Wake up alrdy cop suckers!

  18. When in your home, have a flashlight or other light source that emits 2-3000 lumens and blind anyone trying to look in.
    Were this cop sneaking around here my dog would have him/her and by then it all would have been over and done , and the cop would have driven a wooden buick back to the gestapo base.

  19. How many people must be shot or killed before the sheep of this country will say enough is enough . How many cops are going to get away with murder and hurting American citizens .

  20. This is how they are trained. To be social change agents and send a message to the public. Forget your right to bear arms. Standing on it will get you killed! That’s what they want people to fear.

    I say “Molon Labe”!!!

  21. The officer waved through a window from a dark area? Instead of announcing and themselves as a police officer. Stupidity at its finest.

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