28 thoughts on “After Unjustified Shooting, Cop Crys While Stating, “I Made The Best Decision I Could.”

  1. She was obviously going to ninja throw it towards his throat from 20 feet away. He was in imminent danger From this active screwer.

  2. James, would you have any interest in dash cam footage of off duty cops driving their police vehicles like madmen and getting away with it? Happens on a daily in Indiana.

  3. “I’ll SMOKE YOU !” Now the bad-ass cop is weeping and begging for everyone to overlook his actions, like his own department did. This should happen to every cop involved in misconduct, but, it doesn’t. Just the old “internal investigation” that ALWAYS ends in “NO WRONGDOING FOUND”. Or, they get 2 hours remedial training online as punishment.

  4. Im so thankfull for folks like you james.
    I could never do what you do.
    Id be shot or end up in jail for beating up most of the pigs you confront.
    Im too big, too well trained & have a short fuse.

  5. Listen to the reporter right around the :30 mark. He seems to be saying that it is not the police departments job to discipline officers, it is the state boards job.

  6. 2 against 1 against a screwdriver and he fires at her leg?  If you rushed her together, you'd have her pinned and at most get a slight booboo.

  7. If firing your weapon is the best decision you could make when you have backup, body armor, a taser, a baton, mace, physical training, and are supposed to always attempt to de-escalate a situation first…then no it wasn't the best decision.  I'd rather take a bullet and return fire, then at least it can be justified as self-defense.

  8. This cop deserves 30 days in the electric chair.
    Here’s a joke for you.
    How many cops does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None. They just beat the shit out of the room for being black.
    What a knee slapper!

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