$4.75 million awarded to Christopher Bailey MUST WATCH

Tennessee isn’t far enough to get away from me and all your past Shawn Groves!!!
Law enforcement officers can easily run from 1 incident and go hide in another department. How many times can they get away with this?!
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42 thoughts on “$4.75 million awarded to Christopher Bailey MUST WATCH

  1. I forgot to mention, how disappointed I am with the $4.75m they settled for. Take out the doctors bills and the lawyers- he wont be left with much. I don't feel like he got real justice, mostly because Justice to me looks more like the predator (LA sheriff deputies) wont be able to commit the horrific injuries onto anyone else, as a society our justice system is suppose to protect people, but this, this is nothing like that. Not but 3 months after the Bailey incident Kevin Walker didn't let his suspect leave breathing, he left in a body bag.
    The Bryant family, as horrible as it may be, had pictures taken of their deceased loved ones, Kobe and his daughter….pictures were taken…a Millionaire family sued the LA sheriff and won 15 million dollars! Mr Bailey has been given life altering injuries, and he gets 4.75 million?! Makes me ill….I hope Mrs Bryant plans to donate to the victims of LA sheriff- the ones with physical damage, the ones that have lost loved ones….

  2. You guys are a candle in a very dark and dangerous jungle, but rest assured your bravery has made a difference in small and incremental steps… It is a joke that the victims and public pay for the sins of these psychopaths…

  3. Victims of cops stealing their time should be compensated at 2x the pay is everyone involved in the stop, including the dispatchers plus the hourly cost of all of the equipment used. There should be a minimum reimbursement fee of 10x the cost of the minimum wage.

  4. I don't think all cops are bad because of the actions of a few. I know all cops are 'bad' because all cops, as a condition of their employment, swear to enforce all laws, including laws which are unjust and initiate violence on peaceful people. It's the job they are sworn to do. Pledging to suspend morality and logic in order to unquestioningly impose the will of psychopaths and sociopaths on your fellow man is morally unacceptable.
    So, yes, all cops are bad, but not because of the actions of a few, there are good people, and there are cops who are otherwise good people, but there are no good cops.

  5. Best answer to the question of where are your press credentials, that I have ever heard. Good guy Audits asked the cop where their credentials are to practice their religion. Where are your credentials to practice your speech?! Video named "Cops don’t know law or the first amendment!!!" by Good guy Audits on Jun 19, 2022. I would put a direct link but then my comment would be automatically flagged as spam by Youtube, as the non-uploader of this video. It's at the 20:33 mark in the original video. Pure Gold!

  6. There's no such thing as a good enforcer. The whole “good/bad Cop” question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or, listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

    We need only consider the following:

    (1) Every cop has agreed as part of his job to enforce laws, all of them.

    (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even Cruel & Wicked.

    (3) Therefore, every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer of laws that are manifestly unjust, or even Cruel & Wicked, thus, there are No Good Cops.

    – Dr. Robert Higgs

  7. I'm going keep track of the Raymundo Rubio incident in Visalia CA because he was beaten badly by the police to a point that K9 Hansen ordered his K9 to bite Raymundo testicles.

    Marisa Burkdoll harassed Visalia activist Anthony Sedillo/Tulare County Copwatch several times since he's a witness of the Raymundo Rubio 01 23 2020 police brutality incident.

  8. Someone's criminal record follows them no matter what but this police system of not keeping records on former officers and there criminal conduct is beyond the pail and an insult to the intelligence of the people, they are criminal gangs of thugs, bullies, woman bashers, child abusers, elder abusers, disabled persons abusers, liers, thieves and cowardly murderers, the vast majority are pathetic individuals totally lacking common decency, integrity and honour. Always Always Film The Police! FTP!👍✌️

  9. Laura I think it is time for Brentwood to know who they just employed at a Brentwood City Council Meeting.
    Because I am sure they do not know and when The Citizens find out I am sure it will not go over well!!
    Great Work Laura!!!!!!!!
    Here is a list of The City Council and their Website.
    Here is their Phone Numbers and Emails including The Mayor:
    Bryant, Joel Mayor (925) 516-5440 jbryant@brentwoodca.gov

    Mendoza, Jovita Council Member (925) 516-5440 jmendoza@brentwoodca.gov

    Meyer, Susannah Vice Mayor (925) 516-5440 smeyer@brentwoodca.gov

    Pierson, Pa'tanisha Council Member (925) 516-5440 ppierson@brentwoodca.gov

    Oerlemans, Tony Council Member (925) 516-5440 toerlemans@brentwoodca.gov

  10. There are positives and negatives about the settlement. The negative is that the settlement ends the lawsuit in terms of dispositions and more discovery. The County of Los Angeles also uses the settlement to deny wrongdoing. Cano and Parga are likely to keep their jobs, and terrorize Blacks and Hispanics throughout Los Angeles under the Color of Law.

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