$250+ fine for 15mph over speed limit in Florida.

I like sharing the hood interactions with good cops so here’s one, enjoy. Sergeant Austin Hairston issues a warning for speeding. From the Volusia county clerk the speeding ticket fines are as follows:

Fees and Fines
Driver License Reinstatement fee 60.00
D6 or late fee – Criminal Violation 32.00
D6 or late fee – Infraction Violation 23.00
3 Year Driver’s License Transcript 14.25
Complete Driver’s License Transcripts are only available for customers who appear in person with their driver license 16.25
Fines and Court Costs
Seat Belt violation 116.00
Child Restraint violation 166.00
Child Restraint violation (School Election) 162.20
Pedestrian law violation 64.50
Bicycle violation 64.50
Bicycle Helmet violation 64.50
All Terrain Vehicle violation 111.00
Non-Moving violation 116.00
Moving Violation (speeding – see below) 166.00
Moving Violation (speeding – see below)(School Election) 162.20
Fail To Obey Traffic Control Device -Traffic Signal 264.00
Fail To Obey Traffic Control Device -Traffic Signal (School Election) 242.56
Unlawful Speeding 6-9 MPH Over 131.00
with School Election 133.50
Unlawful Speeding 10-14 MPH Over 206.00
with School Election 195.00
Unlawful Speeding 15-19 MPH Over 256.00
with School Election 236.00
Unlawful Speeding 20-29 MPH Over 281.00
with School Election 256.50
Unlawful Speeding 30+ MPH Over
Mandatory Court
with School Election Not Applicable
Fines in School or Construction Zones
Unlawful Speeding 1-5 MPH Over (School Zone Only) 156.00
with School Election 154.00
Unlawful Speeding 6-9 MPH Over 156.00
with School Election 154.00
Unlawful Speeding 10-14 MPH Over
with School Election 277.00
Unlawful Speeding 15-19 MPH Over 406.00
with School Election 359.00
Unlawful Speeding 20-29 MPH Over 456.00
with School Election 400.00
Unlawful Speeding 30+ MPH Over
Mandatory Court
with School Election Not Applicable
Commercial Motor Vehicle Traffic Infractions
All Other Infraction Violations- Of 49CFR (382,385, 390-397) 186.00
Disregard Required Hours of Rest 336.00
Falsification of Time Records 336.00
Violation of ID Requirements 136.00
No Medical Certificate 236.00
Operator U/18, Veh. Wght 26,000 lbs 236.00

For certain violations, you will be required to show proof of compliance to the clerk of court in the form of a driver license or registration certificate, whichever is applicable, in addition to payment, if you were cited for:

Driver license expired less than six months;
Expired tag less than six months;
Failure to display a valid driver license; or
Failure to display a valid registration.
You are required to complete a driver improvement course in addition to the fine if you are convicted of:

Passing a school bus;
Reckless Driving;
Running a red light; or
Traffic Control Device.

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45 thoughts on “$250+ fine for 15mph over speed limit in Florida.

  1. The more govmt agencies lose public funding (by whatever means), the more they will replace that funding with fee/fine increases and crazy new ways to collect them. We can't vote on it or veto it. We have to avoid it.

  2. The cheapest ticket here in Pinellas is $246. They have the lighted signs up in Dunedin. God for bid your go to fast through a school zone because that doubles.

  3. This should show you its never about safety, it's social engineering. Its getting you used to tyranny at all levels. Of course they collect revenue in the process.

  4. Man, the no-seeums we have here in Nova Scotia you literally can’t see until you’ve been munched on; and even then they’re so friggin’ tiny you can barely “seeum”! They itch like fire for a short time and then…gone. 😵‍💫👍🏻🤙🏻🇨🇦

  5. Just “piggybacking” off of each other? Seems like another “sticky situation comment”. At this point, I’m convinced you’re doing it on purpose. 😂

  6. the government will do everything they can to steal your money. another reason to DE-FUND THE POLICE. most officers will give you a ticket
    no matter what.

  7. If your car has cruise control, use it! I live just down the road from these ass clowns and am blessed that I have natural threat(cop) radar(combat proven). I can feel when their hunting(being thieving dicks)
    As long as your 10 mph or under they don't even look at you. Not worth their time to pull you over.
    I just smile and say fuck you when I drive by.

  8. Policing has become a business.
    Their business is extortion.
    What happened to the friendly verbal warning, with no ticket and no extortion?
    Can you imagine how much a $250 + ticket can raise havoc on a young family’s budget?
    People are struggling in this day and age and this doesn’t help.
    It’s a shame that this is what Florida has become.
    Things have certainly changed and not for the better!

  9. Stop agreeing with the FRAUD these pirates are getting away with. TOU ARE NOT A DRIVER,,YOU ARE NOT ENGAGED IN COMMERCE TRAVELING IN YOUR PRIVATE CAPACITY

  10. I think that's fair! Don't speed! Speed KILLS! If you don't want the fine keep under the speed limit! The thing is a light financial penalty is no deterrent! They think "Meh! It's only $30 or so!" Make it $256 and they will think again after one or two of them!

  11. I'm still hoping there's a cheap wingsuit/ personal transport that will come out before i die coz driving just keeps losing its luster at the rate these cops/ revenue collectors are going and i'm a full on car nut. You can't even enjoy a nice cruise in your car anymore without having your head on a swivel for cops, even when just going to get a carton of milk.

  12. Being a former longtime Fl. resident, I still visit Fl. on a regular basis to visit family. I cannot begin to tell you how many state, county and city police vehicles on Fl. roads and hi ways exceed the posted speed limit, ride in the left lane for mile after mile, change lanes without using a signal and tail gate. Perhaps it's time for resident to start complaining about these police roadway abuses. If enough folks call in and demand these departments take action eventually, they will get tired of hearing from everyone and crack down on these above the law officers. And of course, we all know that any traffic ticket is nothing more than a revenue generator.

  13. Funny how speeding and not wearing your seatbelt are unsafe yet the supreme court has already ruled that law enforcement is not responsible for our safety

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