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By phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “不 Does He Have The Right To Say That? Wildest Public Comment! 不”
  1. So wanting a book out of a grade school, or a high school is in no way 'banning' said book. Parents have the responsibility, not the right, the RESPONSIBILITY to 'censor' inappropriate material from their children.

    How is it logical to both jail individuals who expose children to 'inappropriate' material, and call someone saying institutions shouldn't be exempt from this same responsibility, and the attendant consequences, someone who has no point?

  2. sounds like he did have a point. The point was that we have fucktards teaching kids that we expect to run society in the future. If he had another point, It would be free speech

  3. Why do these creatures from the backwoods believe that insulting local officials is protected by the first amendment? James is incorrect when he says that government takes your money without your consent. This level of ignorance should not be promoted on YouTube. Why does James want to destroy local government?
    Mr Hebbard has a long history of criminal behavior. Just google Rick Hebbard and you will learn that he has been terrorizing his neighbors for years. His views are the ravings of a lunatic. I doubt that the founding fathers had this in mind when they drafted the first amendment.
    James is just going for YouTube views to generate revenue. James wants to destroy democracy and he is delighted when crazy people assert their civil rights to destroy democracy. Local government was never intended to be a bunch of lunatics spewing insults under the banner of civil rights. School boards have actual business to conduct. They are not intended to be a soap box for disturbed individuals.

  4. Thats not free speech, thats insulting!

    This man is disgusting imo, but Id never silence him. He should be able to say whatever he wants, so we can all disagree with him (assuming most of us do). Speech we dont like only harbors debate and discussion. We can discuss how we disagree with this man or not. Either way, that discussion is what moves us forward as a society discussing ALL different arguments.

  5. Sounds like he want to live in Danes Law. Everyone is Cosplaying. Wanna be diehard eye for eye 1:36 sword wielding warriors . Or they all wanna be spec ops. last line of defense to freedom militia (too fat your breastplate is protecting your chin.

  6. he's basically trying to make Socrates' point in The Apology that corrupting the youth of Athens could only hurt him by creating corrupt adults, but unfortunately what Rick fails to recognize is that he himself was most certainly raised in the 1950's/60's american public school system during the height of the Cold War… babyboomers are some of the most indoctrinated and propaganda trained people to have ever lived on Earth… why do you think so many of them have been taken in by the maga cult and were tricked by putin's facebook spies' lies about hilary?

  7. I don't know James he seems pretty smart to me. He basically complaining that he's run up on some of the school district's former students. Which apparently are a bunch of idiots. About school district can wreak havoc on a small town. When you hit the city limits to this town is probably like entering the Twilight Zone

  8. I don't know what the book they were referencing was, but I believe the point he was trying to make was that sexual assault is not always as cut and dry as he believes this book asserts that it is. Whether there is any validity to that statement or not, I have no idea, as I haven't read said book, but I think that's what he was trying to get at if anyone was wondering. He seemed to be of the opinion that unless you have experienced sexual assault, you shouldn't be telling others what it is or isn't comprised of. He also seemed open to said book being in public libraries, so he wasn't saying the information/opinions in said book shouldn't be available at all. Again, just stating what I think HE was getting at. None of this has anything to do with my own views.

  9. I always find it a little amazing how thin skinned most people seem to be over words. I mean when it comes to strangers I can't think of a single thing anyone could SAY to me, about me that would upset me. "sticks and stones"

  10. I fucking love this guy. I want to hang out with him. He had plenty of substance. You are just too stupid to detect it. Retard people wont understand. The women are fat and ugly. Are you blind. They were either fat and or ugly. Recess to go feed your face again for the umpteenth time that day. Im surprised that the freeman viewers are like,I lost him at the fat and ugly comments. I thoroughly enjoyed every second he spoke and every word he uttered. Fucking brilliant. I have to meet up with this guy just so I can hear him speak.

  11. Well, the females were at least very rude to interupt this guy again, and again. It seems to be about a specific book. Maybe some kind of WOKE book. Here in The Netherlands we had a childrens book showing 4 to 6 year olds how to give a bl*w J*b. The disgusting people that write these books should be locked up.

  12. The majority of teachers are not these things.
    This man has the right to insult but he is constantly abusing.
    Because he was too busy abusing and he said nothing, even if he did by then no one is listening. He could have done with education to be able to articulate his thoughts.

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