Your weed arrest isn’t that amazing

Enough already!! Plus you’re stinking up the evidence lockers!!!

I know this is short but…whatever.

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44 thoughts on “Your weed arrest isn’t that amazing

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  2. I don't think weed is a victimless crime. 3 years ago a guy tried to break down the door. I had a baseball bat and butcher knife–G-d, how I wish I had a gun and knew how to use it! I yelled (in Spanish, too, I think) for him to come inside so I could chop off his head and shoot him. He left, and I wondered why the f*…was he drunk, on drugs? Then I remembered that my neighbor sold weed (until my other neighbor complained to police later on); I believe he had a med. marijuana card.

    I think prostitution isn't always victimless also. Mario, a family friend who was married with young kids, went with a single friend to look for a hooker. They met at a motel, then her boyfriend/pimp shot him. He died, and police never caught them.

    Plus, what if the "customer" contracts diseases and passes them onto his wife, who wants to become pregnant? I'd be angry as h*ll, because I don't want HIV (and herpes, gonorrhea, etc.) and I don't want to become sterile/infertile!

  3. You really should be on the Joe Rogan podcast, one of life's rare characters, anyone who agrees press 1

  4. After buying a sauce pan, I tried to tell a cop I had just bought a "little pot." But it had already been legalized in Oregon.

  5. Canada will be legal 3 days good bless my country I will get a early celebration I will start smoke now!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  6. The system u support is nothing more than a practice like a doctor, basically u can not know the out cum of every situation in life, yet u work for a system that tries to control. such as with prohibition u r causing more trouble than what u r trying to stop! This war on drugs has costed more lives than the drug did and not only that but now u have monopolized the drug biz the the criminals! thanks dick! I know that in 1871 america was nolonger america its now America the incorporation u should check ur laws on that cuz the incorporation thing basically excuses the bill of rights so in a maner u r nothing more than an enforcer employe of America the incorporation hmmm i wonder as an employee of an incorporation do u even get any rights or r u a slave?

  7. oh wow Mike. cclap clap. weed isn't so bad but all other recreational drugs an adult chooses to do should be punishable with confinement into a cage for years, loss of job, and loss of children and the possiblity of never getting a ddecent job again. You are a demon. Hi-Viz lives Matter. You know the ones that are actually in danger on the job.

  8. Mike I have a question why do cops get behind people and just run there plate for no reason particularly any Honda Civic that’s the slightest bit loud.

  9. When I was 16 yrs old I got busted for pot. It was the 4th time I ever smoked it. I had to spend 2 months in a juvenille jail and then 3 months in a rehab center.

  10. Really depressing that the places that didn't drug test for weed before are starting to do so all over the state of Washington where it's legal and I'm even a medical patient but no matter.. It's still federally illegal which means if I wanted to go collect carts part-time for Winco while going to college I can't even do that because they test your pee. Mouthswabs are easy to pass and places DO do that, but still… the principals behind the entirety of the cannabis industry and the legalities surrounding it are so corrupt and chaotic it makes my head spin. Love you Mike, those cops you're referencing have gotta stop jerking themselves off for screwing over someone who might be trying to treat chronic back pain or gastrointestinal disorders that pills trigger! <3 <3 <3

  11. On that point I completely agree. Unfortunately, most cops aren't given the option to pick and choose which tyrannical laws they will choose to enforce. I believe that's referred to as malfeasance in the police academy. The beaurocrats declared war on the citizens of America a long time ago. Police are simply the business end of the pointy political stick.

  12. I´ve never smoked weed myself, but I never had the feeling that weed smokers are really a threat. And yet, if I get this right then there are variants out there that are several times stronger than what people used to smoke in the 60s and 70s. And some say that these newer variants are not as harmless as people claim for them to be. What is your take on this? Is there a difference between people who smoke old school weed and people who smoke weed that is like 10-15 times stronger?

  13. Why do you still work for a company that pays your co-workers to violate others rights. It’s great that you use your conscience on this one, mike, but over 70 percent of the people is prison are there for victimless crimes. I thinks it’s great that you were open to have a conversation with Brian from highimpactvlogs. Sounds like you might be on the path to finding a more moral career choice.

  14. Short …..sweet…….mmmmmmm brownies……and to the point ……. where are those brownies again… love your videos Mike!

  15. I cringe at the thought of yet another bloated Florida Sheriff's deputy finding weed on a traffic stop (Live PD, Cops, etc…)
    This video was a good one, so thank you Mike

    F*** every single one of you Police Officers that decided to roust a nonviolent person for having marijuana, and nothing else, on them! If you happen to be a cop that has arrested someone for this "crime", that means you've been part of a racist agenda started back during the early 20th century. You are not a HERO for doing that!

  16. Tell us, oh great one, what other laws are we allowed to let slide?
    Is it 1 from column "A" and 2 from column "B"? Or vice-a-versa?
    If the law is on the books, it gets enforced.

  17. I gave a cop with an illegal automatic knife to soften my weed charges, he "I'm not gonna tell anyone about the knife" I said keep it and he grinned so wide I thought his face was gonna crack. It was a $500 Microtech. he showed up late to court gave my lawyer a chance to throw the bullshit out. Cops are people too

  18. I'm waiting for the court case where a person is self medicating to treat epilepsy and informs the arresting officer and judge of their condition. Then a few days later suffers an extreme episode of epilepsy due to no medication being provided to them. I do not partake, but if my state legalized the recreational use I would. (only reason is that my job utilizes heavy machinery and the marijuana stays in the system for so long) I think of weed laws as being akin to alcohol prohibition, many people just don't care as they are only harming themselves (smoke inhalation is always bad).

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