You can’t dump beer on people at the park

From the report of Officer Matthew Dollar, lightly edited for clarity: On July 14, 2021, I responded to Young Park in reference to an assault. Central dispatch advised that a male individual poured a beer on another individual and then also tried to fight a second individual at the park after a verbal altercation.

Officer Marvin Kelley made contact with the first individual, who I learned did not wished to pursue charges for the battery when the beer was poured on him.

I learned that the suspect, later identified as Joel Arredondo, got into a verbal argument with a Jose Garcia, and I was advised by another individual at the park that the male we were looking for was sitting in an area that was just northeast of the parking lot.

I made contact with this individual and identified him as Joel Arredondo. I learned that Mr. Arredondo was not from Las Cruces or New Mexico that he was passing through from Colorado.

When I asked him about the incident that occurred, he denied knowledge of any altercation or incident with any person in the park.

I then mentioned an incident where he poured beer on an individual and argued with someone else, and Mr. Arredondo referred to an individual that he got into an argument with who that was harassing the ducks with his dogs.

At this time, a male approached me identified as Jose Garcia. He had two small dogs with him. Mr. Garcia asked if he could speak with me. Mr. Garcia was upset and stated that the male that I was speaking with, Joel Arredondo, had assaulted him.

Mr. Garcia stated that he was at the park talking with the ducks that his dogs were with him when he was approached by the individual and was threatened. Mr. Garcia stated that Mr. Arredondo threatened him in Spanish, threatening him to fight him and calling him and his dogs names while threatening to harm his dogs.

Mr. Garcia stated that Mr. Arredondo closed distance on him with his hands raised and in an aggressive fighting stance and that he felt threatened. Mr. Garcia stated that he wished to pursue charges for the assault.

I obtained his information and advised him he was free to go. I then questioned Mr. Joel Arredondo again about the incident who stated that he was also threatened by Mr. Garcia that he was just defending himself.

I advised Mr. Arredondo that a summons would be issued in reference to the assault. I advised Mr. Arredondo that it would probably be in his best interest if he left the park at which point, he did so.


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  1. Total flaw in the system right here. If this person is going to be charged with a crime and there's no way to get a hold of him he should be held until the court date. There's no way he can complain because he will be housed and fed until that date. The first guy that got beer dumped on his head, when asked if he wanted to press charges, he should have respond with "it depends on how he reacts". He should have went with the officer and after seeing that this bum harassed to other people he should have pressed charges.

  2. The exact problem with putting charges on a guy like that is that they tend to hold on to anger and resentment and come back vindictive as f and want to get revenge so the next time he sees this poor quacker walking in the park he might use that saw that's why I don't agree with the warrant they need to slap the cuffs on them and take them away immediately

  3. i know it's not the most important thing in the video, but don't ever feed ducks bread. it causes a gas buildup in their intestines and their bodies aren't accustomed to expell gas, so it causes them great discomfort and can potentially kill them if they have too much. instead give them fruits, veggies, seeds, or insects.

  4. sometimes homeless people try to get arrested because they get food and shelter in jail. three hots and a cot is what they call it.

  5. I thank this channel for spending so much time trying to show the world all of the patient officers out there instead of going the click bait route of vids from the 1% of officers that shouldn't be officers. At the end of the day there's 8% of Walmart employees that shouldn't be near anybody🤷

  6. The cops did everything right here, there wasnt more they could do, but theres no doubt that very soon theyll have to deal with this scum bag after hes hurt someone. A shame.

  7. Douchebag of the Day Award goes to THIS guy.
    Let me try to understand this. The Officer states that he will issue a warrant for his arrest for what immediately happened, to a man with no address. What prevents the immediate arrest?

  8. Who else noticed the branch on the ground @12:27, and the fresh cut nub on the tree, and he just happens to have a folding camp saw. Wish they would have charged the Idiot with vandalism also.

  9. Glad to see the special treatment just cause they don't wanna take the guy in..if I was in a park trying to fight old men and dumping beer on kids I would definitely be going to jail. B.S.
    Something else WILL happen. Good job guys. Protect and serve

  10. Can’t issue a summons if you ain’t got an address to send it to. This is a joke. You have a crime, you have a victim, never mind that doesn’t matter.

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