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On December 27 at 6 p.m., an officer from the Lufkin Police Department responded to a report at Great Oaks Apartments (3205 Old Union Road) concerning two males who were reportedly kicking an apartment door. The caller informed dispatch that this incident occurred about five minutes prior and they were unsure of the suspects’ direction. Dispatch assured the caller that an officer would be dispatched to the apartment.

Shortly afterward, a uniformed patrol officer arrived at the complex and commenced scanning the area for the suspects while heading towards the caller’s apartment. Upon ringing the doorbell, the officer stepped back, still surveying the surroundings for the suspects.

Within moments of the door opening, a woman armed with a handgun emerged, shouting, and using profanity while advancing towards the officer with the gun aimed. The officer, retreating, discharged four shots in response. The armed woman was struck by the gunfire and collapsed. The officer promptly notified dispatch of the shooting. Upon securing the firearm, the officer provided immediate aid to the woman, administering CPR until paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, the woman was pronounced deceased at a local hospital shortly afterward.

The woman, who was armed and identified as the initial caller, will have her identity released at a later time, as stated by the Lufkin Police chief.

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36 thoughts on “Woman Fatally Shot By Police After Calling Them – Lufkin Police Department Dec 27, 2023”
  1. For everyone saying that she should have identified herself, please note that yelling "police", is a common tactic of home invaders. One of the first rules of firearms training is to identify your target.

  2. I can't believe this happened in 2023. Did the 911 operator tell the caller the cops had arrived and to put her gun down? Conversely, why did the caller assume the person ringing the doorbell was the guy when she knew the cops were coming? The cop didn't announce her presence when she rang the bell either.

  3. Okay, why send 1 cop? Why is this cop leisurely walking to an active home invasion… I understand you can’t just sprint there and not have situational awareness but pick up the pace. Also why ring the doorbell without identifying yourself? Also to the victim and to others ignorant enough not to know this if someone was trying to force entry into your home and you’re armed DONT leave your house like that because it’s no longer self defence… I mean geez so much snafu here

  4. On second look, you can't really who's holding the light. What was the point of blinding her like that? I want to see the footage of the people before the cop showed up

  5. Hmmmm ok. …one is flashed….and makes a psycho karen show like western. But hmmm ok not good to flash the citizen…she could not see anything. Sad outcome 😢

  6. The headline could be a little more accurate to describe what actually happened. It had nothing to do with her being the caller and wasn't some kind of accident.

  7. oh my god, the police are so stupid!!! The woman in her hands was not a pistol, but a laser pointer in the shape of a pistol. She just wanted to shine a laser pointer in their eyes to see who it was. Maybe it was aliens, and they are afraid of laser light… Why shoot? What stupid horror…😢

  8. This appears to be a "ambush" type of set up. Who the hell comes raging out of their house when there is the responding police there? Suicide by cop? It's becoming increasingly common that this is happening.

  9. Lets say she thought the officer was another intruder. You have a right to defend yourself, but there’s nothing about her actions that appear defensive. Swinging your door open aggressively walking out of cover with a gun raised is offensive intimidation. The officer responded appropriately

  10. So she called the police because she was scared someone was trying to break in. The police show up blinding her and does not identify as a police officer when she knocks. The woman came out because she was not sure if it was the same people. And she ends up getting shot and killed. SMH

  11. The officer was strolling casually, scanning around with her flashlight even in well-lit areas. Is it possible that the woman just flipped, furious that the officer seemed to have taken her sweet time with no sense of urgency?

  12. Why didn't the officer say police went ringing the doorbell ? That may have avoided this entirely. It's justified, I guess but pretty stupid on the cops part knowing the history of what's going on. I will say that women should have never changed at anyone with a gun like that but minor mistakes were made it seems on both sides.

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