Why Did LIVE PD Really End?

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On a recent episode of the Failure to Stop podcast, we sat down with Sean “Sticks” Larkin and of course we had to talk LIVE PD.
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46 thoughts on “Why Did LIVE PD Really End?

  1. We've got 2 minutes to 15 years to acknowledge a spine between the line in our backside and the brain between our ears.

    This media political pentagon of power is sacrificing peoples and whole nations for the oogie boogie covey phantom now deep in the race game making things extremely awkward

    Time to conversation with people at length of the tryanny taking place by design before they get enough foolish conceit to destroy all of us in this absurd game

    Great discus here

  2. Great now we have to watch reruns on YouTube and if you wanna see anything like this fox is making you pay for cops which is like 30 dollars a month I'll always miss live PD maybe someone will start a petition or something to get it back on

  3. As someone who dealt with Tulsa PD I was proud to deal with those like Sean daily when I did Security at one of our hospitals in Tulsa. I’m am now retired thankfully from everything.

  4. They cancel shows like this that people want, so they can push shows people don't want like young girls twerking, men wearing women's clothes, teenage moms, and shallow reality TV shows about horrible women backstabbing each other

  5. Used to travel for work. It being lived allowed me and my fiancee to easily tune in together.. A few times I was in the city where they would be filming lol.

  6. Bring it back, A&E! Haven’t watched your channel since you pulled LIVE PD. We loved that show. Our daughters would come over for dinner and we’d watch it together!

  7. Live PD would probably do will on YouTube. Channel members and patreon and go fund me campaigns could likely make it worth someone's time.

  8. I feel it was taking off entirely because of the liberal media.. It also exposed certain groups that are responsible for MOST of crimes crimes… IT IS WHAT IT IS AND WE KNOW THE DEMOGRAPHICS.. George Floyd was a reason as well… We live in a very spineless country soft on crime.. I hope for the sake of this country it is restored soon.⚜️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Live PD was the ONLY show I watched on “regular” television!!! So bummed and pissed that it got cancelled. I’m over this cancel culture. Grow some balls and deal with real life crap and move on!!!
    I’m glad I got to see this video!!
    All time crush right there !!

  10. The show countered the blm narrative, and they couldn't handle the truth that the public are assholes. Pissed me off that a&e executives caved to lies & politics. Don't know if I'd watch it if they brought it back.

  11. Are the executives on A&E this stupid? Literally no one watches your channel after a decade of Hitler and Aliens documentaries other than for this show?

    Without cheating, can anyone really name a single other show on A&E? 🤷‍♂️

  12. When that cave-in to the woke mob happened, that was a huge wake up call that the complicit corporations were more interested in complying than the bottom line. That NEVER happens, yet all of a sudden it happening all over. NFL absorbed huge rating hits and stuck with the narrative. Its a top-down coup/insurrection/revolution whatever you want to call it. Look where we are now with censorship (!)
    Bet this comment is scrubbed too

  13. Live PD was one of my absolute favorite shows and the cancellation really annoyed me. It was good to see what cops go through as it is happening and I really enjoyed seeing the different officers and their typical days. Nice hearing the story from Sticks

  14. One thing with live pd that annoyed the hell out of me was the editing constantly jumping from one incident to another and back, stay on each incident till it ends then go to the next.

  15. The powers to be caved to the woke mob, instead of standing up to the woke mob. The powers should have defended the show, what they do, there's good and bad in every profession. There is no room for cowards. Evil prevails when good people do nothing!

  16. Why was it canceled?! The network went WOKE! I hope they go broke! I unsubbed all youtube, fakebook and I canceled cable over this shit so I only watch Capitalist, freedom loving, American values loving programs because money talks & WOKE assholes will go broke! One way or another! Especially A&E network!

  17. I will get in trouble for saying this but we all know why it was taken down, you showed to many black folks getting arrested. No proof just an opinion.

  18. It is all about pandering to the least common denominator of humanity in America. Hurt feeling trump a noble profession and the pussies then cater to that cancel culture mentality.

  19. I have mad respect for cops and all law enforcement. But so many dont. Lefties can't maintain their story line, if shows showing real life is on

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