white guy virtue signaling 2019 edition

I’m offended that you’re not offended enough!

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44 thoughts on “white guy virtue signaling 2019 edition

  1. Hey mike, did you hear about the incident at a Starbucks in Tempe AZ on the 4th of July? Cops were asked to leave because another customer “didn’t feel safe with their presence”. Sounds like an interesting video for you to make.

  2. I’m extremely offended! Are you happy now?!? There’s just no pleasing you is there. Now I’m offended that you’re not offending me even more than you currently are. Am I not good enough to offend?!?

  3. Another cop has just been busted planting drugs in people's cars, this time in Florida. 100's of lives ruined on a cop's say so alone. This cop was fired from his previous position for improper sexual relations but immediately got hired by another department who didn't give a fuck about his past "indiscretions". Yeah, you can trust the police. No need to be nervous at all when they pull you over. Just do whatever they say, instantly and without question and no harm will come to you, unless they decide to plant drugs in your car. Just don't cut a loud fart within their hearing or they'll fear for the life and kill you.

  4. LMAO, you nailed the expressions for "Triggered" people lol… reminds me of a time i went to burgerking and this woman out of nowhere introduced herself with "Hi I'm vegan" as if I asked or some S#!t lol.. So when I was ordering I asked "Yes i'd like to have 2 Bacon Murder burgers and a large fry please" just to trigger her lol… I know i'm a A$$hole… but I dont care…

    the 47 thumbs down were triggered… LOL

  5. My niece is dating a guy just like that. She is suddenly all about sustainability and wears a collapsible metal straw around her neck so she doesn't have to use a disposable one. I can't wait for him to come to Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. Why do Americans always equate freedom to ease of access to a firearm and firearm-related materials? The Canadian government has our guns, we’re good. They’re not after us. Remember, capitalism cannot survive without free people. An iPhone has many more uses than a firearm. There are police who have gone an entire tenure without even unholstering their gun.

    You seem to dismay any idea that differs from your viewpoint. Like-minded individuals stay like-minded. Question, when nobody has guns, doesn’t that eliminate the need for a gun? I’m trying to think of uses for a gun, other than target practice. How often do life-threatening scenarios present themselves when cops sworn to be in the face of danger by design, rarely if ever unholster their service firearm? And the likelihood diminishes when you level the playing field. (The gun influx will make it so an officer not drawing their weapon over their tenure will become an old wives tale soon).

    Dumping a sack of snakes in the forest and saying it’s your god-given right to the anti-venom seems archaic and backward. Leave the snakes in the sack, no? It’s like y’all watched, “Red Dawn” and forgot it was a film. The Syrians are armed, how are they making out because I often hear Americans tell me they fear governmental tyranny if large swathes of guns are collected. Trust me, the might of the US government will go unchallenged with or without your MP-5’s and M16’s. But again, capitalism needs willing people.

    The constitution was made in 1776 and to say it shall remain the same is guaranteeing society remains stagnant. It’s not strength, it’s being willfully stubborn. It needs reform. There are a ton of guns in America and I’ll say, given the population size, y’all do ok with gun violence BUT you don’t need large numbers of exceptions to really cause damage.

    I will never understand how y’all equate freedom and liberty to possessing a machine that expels a piece of lead to defend yourself. Hasn’t society progressed past that? (Again, I pose this question with the practical thought of no guns for ALL since other countries practically demonstrate this decade after decade).

  7. Oh man i love it,, your'e the best. Now i goto go and get me a Starbucks, just cause i am so offended that your so offended that we are not offended enough…Damn i am so offended……lmao

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