When Should I Give my ID to Police Officers? A Breakdown of a Police Interaction Gone Wrong!!!

@CopsConsTV breaks down the case of Katie Wright being detained by a police officer when she was recording the interaction from across the highway. The Brooklyn Center Police were arresting a suspect. Cop Watch TV’s legal analyst Dan breaks down the traffic stop and the interaction with Katie Wright.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nSJMISilgs ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “When Should I Give my ID to Police Officers? A Breakdown of a Police Interaction Gone Wrong!!!

  1. Again trigger happy country and police they shot and kill inocent and act like the rule the world…US military and police are the same they think they rule and control every body and the world…same whit CIA and FBI…

  2. It is Law in this State, if PD asks for I’d, you have to provide it, if a security officer asks you also must provide it. Need to specify State laws are all different.

  3. You are somewhat incorrect in your analysis. Where-as Minnesota statute 169.34 – 1 (15) PROHIBITIONS; STOPPING, PARKING. covers this. Although the Police Officer was presumptuous of guilt, and should have first asked her if there was an issue with her vehicle before proceeding further (as stopping on a multi-lane highway is "Emergency Only"), you have blanketed your statement a little too broad. In some states you are required to produce identification upon the request of a Police Officer. Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, and Vermont explicitly impose a criminal penalty for noncompliance with the obligation to identify oneself. The validity of a law requiring that a person detained provide anything more than stating his or her name has not come before the U.S. Supreme Court. Generally unless you are suspected or have committed a crime you can tell the police to go pound sand when they ask for your ID. It might not make you very popular… but there it is.


    It depends on the state you're in, where you have a duty to ID yourself to police or they can detain you until they figure out who you are. It also depends on the circumstances. DO NOT TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM YOUTUBE, OR THE MORON WITH THE MICROPHONE.

  5. Dirty cop doing dirty deeds. And his department will claim he violated no "policy" and ignore the fact that he violated her rights. But hey, they're cops…oppressing the public and revenue generation are their jobs.

  6. The number 1 thing I learned from the Depp/Heard trial, just because you passed the bar and are a lawyer doesn’t make you smart or determine that you know the law. This guy is one of those people.

  7. She's parked on the left side shoulder of a highway (not with a emergency) in MN (1) you can't drive in the left lane (besides to pass) (2) you can't cross a solid line (3) unless legally parked (prior infractions makes her illegally parked) you can't use your cellphone (unless hands free) so yes the officer has the authority to lawfully order ID/DL refusing that order as she did gives officer authority to arrest. Also her name as she stated it when sworn in at Potter trial was Katie Ann Bryant not Wright, so unless she legally changed it, she's technically providing false ID. Is this dude in video a actual lawyer? I hope not!

  8. All the boot lickers in full force in the comments because they didn’t like to hear that an ID couldn’t be compelled in this situation. It’s called the 5th Amendment you communist clowns, how about you act like an American and respect the Constitution

  9. Putin's crimes against Ukraine are small compared to America's police problem!
    Qualified Immunity has destroyed more innocent lives than all wars combined!

    Police wages must increase for officers to carry their own "liability & accountability insurance" to expose and prosecute police thugs which would save taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from unlawful police abuses! (CAVEAT: ALWAYS RECORD THE POLICE!)
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  10. You are recommending that the driver refuse a command by an officer and escalate a roadside conflict. Wouldn't it be better for that person to comply and letter have her day in court , using BWC as evidence in her favor? While I believe that you are right about lack of probable cause in this case, most citizens do not have a working knowledge of the law and to suggest that they dispute it on the spot could lead to more trouble.

  11. Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest gift given to police officers!
    QUALIFIED IMMUNITY abolishes "Equal Rights" from every taxpayer who is NOT a criminally protected cop!
    Children even hate the outdated police! (Caveat, always record the problematic police!)

    – (Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022)

  12. Cop can do what they want, give the Officer what the Officer wants, the Officer has a gun, he can use it on you. Bang – you are dead. After you are arrested, sue the Officer. After you are not arrested, sue the Officer. But be nice to the Officer, the Officer has a GUN. They will use it on you if you resist, act up, dance like you have to pee, or anything that resembles acting up. Don’t act up, be nice.

  13. The officer failed to explain why he wanted her ID. Instead of stating he needed her license to issue a citation for stopping on the highway shoulder, he just went strait to violating her 4th amendment right to be secure your person and possessions over being camera shy! It’s disgracefully unprofessional law enforcement!

  14. I like how you tried to do a brake down but, operating a mortar vehicle, if asked you must identify, driving/operating (ie. siting in the driver set) and to top it off parking on the left side of a high way is putting me at risk so, reckless endanger meant. and this is all on top of the officer not having to have to explain this before hand.

  15. I like your channel, but I think you are incorrect. By parking on the shoulder of a highway just to be a lookey-loo and film the police, it can be considered as creating a hazzard. I think the officer was justified in asking for her ID. And she's using her dead son's name as a "you better not touch me" card. Rather despicable if you ask me.

  16. BULL! Look dude, it is law in MOST states, if a LEO makes contact with you and asks for your ID, it has to be provided. im about up to my ears with you people. You think you know everything, then people to listen ro you end up being arrested.
    Its really easy, follow the law.

  17. I'm setting up a Roadside Coffee Kiosk there next week. No signs saying I cant do that so stop by and have a cup of brew. Anyone else want to set up shop there? According to this legal analyst, we can lawfully do do. And if they try to arrest us, we pull out the (add ethnicity here) card, resist, sue, and maybe get to meet a famous reverend.

  18. If this is the best effort of your new legal analyst then you’ve overpaid for his services. The youtube lawyers in this comments section have done a much better job explaining the nuance of this interaction than your analyst did.

  19. Totally agree this isn’t going to go anywhere. Police Officers need their immunity revoked period. This crap has gone on long enough and they need to understand their is consequences to unlawful actions and distortion of civil law and just because they carry a firearm, allowed to kill citizens and make false claims they are not above the law

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