What NOT to say on a traffic stop

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30 thoughts on “What NOT to say on a traffic stop

  1. Asked a cop friend of mine once what his response was to "I pay your salary"
    He said "you know what ma'am, you're right. You pay me to enforce the law. And today, you're gonna get your money's worth."

  2. When people said that to me I just smiled and said I paid taxes also so I guess I was working for free. They never had a comeback to that.

  3. I don't know how much the I pay your salary folks pay in taxes, but I feel it's not enough to cover the year costs of their local police/fire/ems departments.

  4. "im a public safety official" – the person who can legal scream "stop resisting" while beating, tazing and restraining you before shooting you. kinda see her point, frankly. over the last year the cops have done nothing but earn the hate

  5. I am telling you, as a woman, there is no way in hell you are going to be able to walk up to my car – while I am driving it – like that without me noticing you.

    The officer handled it beautifully.

  6. "as a women, I felt unsafe" ok, that's just sheepish. You might've been surprised when he first showed up, but seriously, you should've been able to recognize he was a police officer right away, so stop trying to stall out get out of the ticket. 😁

  7. Probably my best response to a cop, was after being pulled over a few seconds after about a 60 foot burnout.

    Cop – "Do you know why I pulled you over tonight?"

    Me – "I have a pretty good idea"

    He laughed and we joked around for a bit, got a little 90 dollar ticket and went on my way.

    With the next one being one time when I was 18, I left town saw the cops sitting, and when I came back they pulled me for speeding.

    Cop (that I knew) -"You saw us sitting here when you left town, why would you speed through here"

    Me – "I thought you'd be gone by now.

    He laughed, and I actually got a warning lol.

  8. Year's ago i was told the same 💩 that they paid my salary i than reached in to my pocket pulled out 3 penny's thought it on the ground and said now i don't owe you anything

  9. Well I mean obviously the roadside looked like a courtroom and the officer looked like a judge with whom to contend a ticket issued by one of her police employees, whose primary role is apparently clinical public counselling in personal matters. I think we can all appreciate her argument that a paranoid mental condition disqualifies lawful intervention by police to the commission of an offence.
    Just take the damn ticket, lady. 🙄

  10. 0:12 Threatening a Law Enforcement Officer? Yeah that isn’t going to end well.
    Do you protect the public? Do you risk your life on a daily? No? Then shut up and abide the law.

  11. I got pulled over by this chillest highway patrol officer awhile back.

    1. Going 100 in a 65. He wrote it as 86 in 65 and only cited me for 76.

    2. Old dude asked first asked if there was an emergency contributing to my speed and empathized with the fact that I was on minute 20 of a 7 hour trip.

    3. The interaction was so chill that the fact we were both strapped was never made an issue of.

  12. "I'm a victim! you need to listen to my story! i know what i was doing, but i'm a "protected class" or haven't you heard!!!!!!!!" cop- "What? pepper spray, was that a treat? ok ma'am/they please step out of the vehicle for my safety." (sut up dumb bitch) it's case law or i can remove you …. you know for safety……, is how that could have and lawfully gone!

  13. Rule #1 you're always wrong when they stop unless you can prove otherwise and negotiate.

    2. This vidio is helpful in what not to do

    3. I could go on but my brothers need me.

    4. Please continue the points.

  14. I have never EVER used the phrase "I pay your salary" when talking to a LEO. That is degrading to them and makes you look like a snobbish asshole. Any chance of getting the ticket thrown out just went out the window. Leave it to the "privileged left" to use that phrase.

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