34 thoughts on “What is “cop dusting?”

  1. They’re literally like wild animals. Spray them with a hose, they get distracted and startled, then go back to fighting, repeat, etc….

  2. This brings back memories for me. When I was an officer I did security off duty for extra money. I often worked at black bars, nightclubs, and after-hours. I learned quick to carry a large pistol grip can of Fox Labs 5.3 pepper spray. Those things look like a small black fire extinguisher and I carried it in a drop leg holster attached to my duty belt. There were fights all the time, big fights. I can't tell you how many I "cop dusted" (pepper sprayed) over the years but I know it's well over one hundred. A car accident ended my career. I was an officer for almost ten years. Sometimes I miss it like when I see videos like this. I miss the excitement.

  3. And here ladies and gentlemen we have what is known as a pack of baboons acting in their normal environment. They can be docile creatures for the most part but the second 1 starts going crazy the rest just follow suit.

  4. I'm thinkin "How are they gonna deal with this hot mess", then they get out the bottle of cleaner. Oh sorry, I was speaking of mechanics and very greasy/dirty shaft that was instantly cleaned with some brake cleaner. Same principle here, let the scrubbing bubbles work for you!

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