What do you mean, I can’t shoot my neighbor? He’s messing with the fence!

On March 26, 2022, Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Jason Morse along with other deputies were dispatched to an address at Glass Lane for a disturbance between neighbors. The caller, Stephen Fultz, stated that his neighbor Stacy Fox was then-currently tearing down his fence. While en route to the call, deputies were notified by dispatch of another call from Stacy Fox, who called 911 stating that his neighbor, Stephen Fultz, had just shot at him with a pistol. Fun times.

When deputies arrived on scene, they made contact with Fultz and inquired about the firearm, which Fultz stated was inside. Fultz stated that he did have a pistol, but that he shot it behind his house toward the pipeline area before taking it back inside. Fultz stated that he never fired at Mr. Fox, but that he only fired because he was upset.

From the report of Corporal Morse:

I asked Mr. Fultz at that time about the fence, which he stated that he has been having problems with Mr. Fox over the fence in the past, and today he started to take his backhoe and was tearing down his fence. I then had Mr. Fultz take me over to the fence to show me what was done. When we got over there, I could see Mr. Fox standing by his residence from the fence line, and there was part of the fence removed and a orange backhoe that Mr. Fultz stated belonged to Mr. Fox.

As I was finishing talking to Mr. Fultz, Mr. Fox started to walk over to us. I had another deputy get Mr. Fultz information as I went to speak with Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox stated that he has had issues with Mr. Fultz and the fence line. Mr. Fox stated that the property and fence are well on his property, while Mr. Fultz stated that the fence was on his property.

Both parties stated that they had surveys to show this. Mr. Fox stated that he had one from 9 years prior, when he bought his property, and Mr. Fultz stated that he had one done recently. Both parties were told that that issue was civil and they needed to take it to civil court and have a judge make a determination.

I then asked Mr. Fox about the call he made of being shot at by Mr. Fultz. Mr. Fox stated that Mr. Fultz came down to the fence line about 15 yards away. He was carrying a pistol, and had fired a round at him. Since there was no evidence proving either side of the story, an arrest was not made for that incident.

After speaking with Mr. Fox, I went to speak to Mr. Fultz again, and explain to him what was going to happen. While explaining everything to Mr. Fultz, he stated that he wanted Mr. Fox arrested for trespassing onto his property. Mr. Fultz was informed that since Mr.Fox was on his own property, by his own house when we arrived, and the alleged trespass didn’t happen in our presence that he was not going to be arrested at this time.

I then explained to him what Mr. Fox told me about him bringing a gun and shooting at him. Mr. Fultz denied ever shooting at Mr. Fox, but did state that the last time they had a argument about the fence, that he told Mr. Fox that he was a dead man if he came onto his property again.

Both parties were informed that a report was going to be made of everything, and it was best to leave the fence alone until it was taken to court and figured out. At that time all units left the area.

From the narrative supplement of Lieutenant Josh Helmert:

On April 7, 2022, at around 10:00 a.m., Mr. Stacy Fox contacted me at the Fort Smith Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Fox asked about the status of this report. After I read the report, I asked Mr. Fox if he was certain Mr. Fultz shot at him, or if he could have shot in another direction. Mr. Fox replied that Mr. Fultz did shoot at him, but he was unsure where the round went because it did not hit the ground. Mr. Fox then confirmed that it was a single shot, and that he saw Mr. Fultz point the gun directly at him just before the round discharged.


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20 thoughts on “What do you mean, I can’t shoot my neighbor? He’s messing with the fence!

  1. Honestly. If he's replacing the fence. what's the difference? it's not like he's damaging anything to his ( the gunmans) property.

  2. Neighbors will always argue about property lines. It’s a story as old as time. One question everyone is forgetting, there was a fence there BEFORE the guy with the gun ever moved in. To him, that is the property line. Why did the guy tearing it down, never do it in the 9 years he supposedly owned it? You can say it’s because he just now wanted to get cattle. One guy is just poking the bear while the other feels he’s being cheated out of land that IS ON HIS SIDE OF A FENCE. I’m pretty sure any of us in that situation would be fighting mad too.

  3. Fultz looked like he was trying to do the math on whether or not he could take all those deputies on in a fight. It’s possible he’s in the right, but if he is, he sure doesn’t act like it. I’ve got a hunch he won’t be happy with the outcome in court.

  4. Imagine being conditioned to think it's such a casual and normal thing to just shoot at someone. I'm all for guns as self-defense but worry about how socially undeveloped we are becoming. It's not a video game simulator. TBH, I'd want a bigger fence if this guy was my neighbor.

  5. Hey this is one of them idiots who don't know the gun laws somebody come down your land you can't kill him these are the ones end up killing somebody going to prison

  6. I'm not sure what the single digit IQ smoker is griping about. The guy with the tractor is ripping down an old fence and replacing it with a better fence that will hold in cattle. If my neighbor wants to rip down my rotten old cheesy fence and replace it with a better one, more power to them irregardless of whose property is on! It also seems like siggy smoker needs to have a mental evaluation done, not sure if this guy should own a gun. Looked like he was ready to go into a church and annihilate it with a couple rounds because God didn't give him his way.

  7. Fences on the property lines as a boundary are owned by all property owners. This guy is wrong, he doesn't "Own" it and he can't kill people over it etiher.

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