Virginia Beach Police Officer Shoots Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Him

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Virginia Beach, Virginia — On December 1, 2022, at approximately 3:30 p.m., a Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) officer received an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) hit on a stolen vehicle. The officer initiated a stop in the parking lot of 665 Newtown Road. The officer attempted to detain 28-year-old Deshawn Whitaker who subsequently escaped his grip and fled on foot. The officer then attempted to detain the front seat passenger, a female later identified as Jacqueline Ortiz, F/20, of Norfolk, who had exited the stolen car and was walking away. The officer attempted to take Ortiz into custody, but she immediately resisted and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, Ortiz repeatedly reached for a handgun she had concealed on her person.

As the struggle continued, Whitaker returned, produced a firearm, and pointed it at the officer. The officer then discharged his service weapon, striking Whitaker. Whitaker was transported to Norfolk General hospital. He succumbed to his injuries on December 2, 2022, shortly after midnight. Ortiz was eventually taken into custody and her handgun recovered. Ortiz was transported to local hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released. She has been charged with Possession of Stolen Property, Concealed Weapon, Possession of Firearm After a Domestic Violence Conviction, and Brandishing a Firearm. Ortiz is currently being held on no bond in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. The involved officer was treated for minor injuries and is currently on administrative leave which is customary in all Officer Involved Shooting incidents.

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0:00 – Dashcam Footage
3:19 – Bodycam Footage

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Virginia Beach Police Officer Shoots Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Him

  1. Wow I've seen a police officer shoot a man in the back on the head point blank because he reached for a taser while the officer was on top of him. She's lucky to be alive

  2. When I see people like this is like their parents never once hit them to discipline them ever growing up.

    Today generation is always saying that parents shouldn't discipline thier kids through physical usage and I'm just like no wonder your kids and these kids are the way they are today.

    Must be from a single mom house hold.

    My sister and her two kids came to live with me because they had nowhere to live.
    My sister have fail in every relationship and marriage and is always arguing with her ex husband on the phone and going to court over child support money constantly.
    She refuse to go work at all and live with me for free and get money from the child support system.
    She does buy food and cook food so I guess that's cool free food on my part since I'm paying for nearly everything.

    Her kids that literally grew up in front of my eyes from middle school to high school are now ending up and acting just like her having countless of boyfriends in constant fail relationship.

    Their always getting into argument with their mom constantly from middle school to high school to the day they graduated high school and as they got older they started winning these argument against their mom and my sister would always threatened to hit them if they don't stop but my sister never does hit them ever.

    One day an argument went to far and my oldest niece 18 years old went to far and actually hit her mom and started beating her mom and in that moment my 18 years old my niece eyes lit up really big and all I can see was a literal serial killer instant in my 18 years old niece eyes.

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    She was breaking down mentally right their and right then because she just absolutely just didn't know what to do and so she natural went back to doing what she was Good at and that was being stubborn to the teeth and cry and then she threatened me that she was going to call the police for beating her even though all I did was pull her by the hair to stop her from beating her mom and pushing her down to keep her down.

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    The police was never actually call and she never once apologized to her mom the stubbornness in her at her age now is un-fixable, but she never did hit her mom ever again after that.
    They still argue from time to time but it never lead to physical intention ever since.
    The younger niece at 10th grade was also just as stubbornness as the oldest one but after seeing what her uncle me did to her older sister and putting her in check, the young niece since then just naturally adjusted and wasn't as stubbornness anymore moving forward.

    Do I support constant bad physical beating of kids NO I absolutely don't you must know when it's needed and when you've gone to far.
    But I strongly believe that absolutely no physical discipline of a child is also extremely bad too.

  3. Takes care of business on one then "Shots fired shots fired" at the same time making sure she doesn't point the gun she was reaching for at him. Quite sure that that is a multitask challenge not many could accomplish. Remarkable!

  4. GOOD JOB, OFFICER! Two against one and both armed. The officer beat the odds!
    That broad was milliseconds from taking a round to the head… if she had brought that gun into play…

  5. And this is why there should never ever be a situation where an officer needs to work alone. There should always be two officers to every cruiser. Every state has more than enough money to throw at having two officers in any given cruiser at any given time but due to domestic terrorist leftist politicians who are the greatest threat to our country and our constitutional republic that we have ever faced, even worse than Hitler was, police officers are forced to respond to traffic stops and calls alone.

    Meanwhile millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars are allocated into other BS programs instead of preserving the lives of police officers responding to calls alone. It is absolutely disgusting. Videos like this always p*ss me off. This officer could have gotten his head blown off multiple times due to having to subdue that suspect and trying to secure that firearm on his own, not to mention there being a second suspect in the vehicle.

  6. When the officer arrives, a person is getting out from the back of the car, he walks away immediately and continues walking, turns around for a moment and then opens a door of a store and disappears, what happened to that person? who was or is?

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