Video Shows Struggle Before Deputy Shoots Derrick Kittling After a Traffic Stop

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Alexandria, Louisiana — On Sunday, November 6, 2022, at approximately 2:15 pm, Detectives assigned to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations were requested by the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office (RPSO) to investigate a deputy-involved shooting. The shooting incident involved a RPSO Deputy and resulted in the death of 45-year-old Derrick J. Kittling of Alexandria.

The preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 1:30 pm afternoon, a RPSO Deputy conducted a traffic stop on 7th Street near Broadway Avenue in Alexandria. During the course of the traffic stop, a physical confrontation occurred between the Deputy and Kittling during which Kittling gained control of the Deputy’s Taser. As the physical struggle ensued, the Deputy discharged his duty weapon striking Kittling. Kittling was transported to a local hospital for treatment, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Kittling’s brother is a high-ranking official in Louisiana State Police Department (Lt. Colonel Kenny VanBuren), whose official bio describes him as “a 31-year veteran with Louisiana State Police and currently serves as the Deputy Superintendent of the Bureau of Investigations.” Specifically, VanBuren “is responsible for the investigation of criminal activity, intelligence gathering, and case and technical support in the State of Louisiana.” Kittling’s family has retained the legal services of civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who called for all “video evidence” to be made public in order to find out what happened.

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0:00 – Dash Camera
1:56 – Body Camera
4:14 – Bystander’s Recording
4:32 – Synchronized Footage

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Video Shows Struggle Before Deputy Shoots Derrick Kittling After a Traffic Stop

  1. ayeee ive been down that exact street LOL. alexandria is in fact a shithole if anyone was wondering. Glad the cop is safe. RPSO guys are good dudes ive had several interactions with them and they were all kind and didnt do that typical jam you up type of talk that alot of other departments love to default to.

  2. I know units don’t have enough funding for 2 officers per car, but it really should be mandatory. There would be a lot less need for physical violence and situations (like this one), where an officer HAS to shoot.

  3. Yep, Kittling needed to die. Just stop and reflect on how many people were saved because Kittling is no longer alive. Well done policeman, well done.

  4. Terry V. Ohio P. 392 U. S. 16. – Whenever a police officer accosts an individual and restrains his freedom to walk away, he has "seized" that person within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.


  5. It's justified and all but cops have many more options when someone exits their car than attempting to put someone in handcuffs without explaination, only to then draw a weapon so close to the person while alone. Not good police work period.
    He could have stayed at his car and went into a felony stop procedure. Everyone would have went home.
    Good training video of what not to do.

  6. All the Dumbsh*t had to do was listen to directions and nothing would have happened. When dealing with cops it ain’t a democracy, you do what they ask.

  7. God protected this officer. He was 100% justified in defending himself with lethal force. My heart is filled with anger due to the bystanders not stepping in to help protect those who are here to protect us. Thank you officer for your hard work and dedication.

  8. Pretty sure he would've killed the officer. I don't understand. Why make things worse for yourself, by fighting police? I tried to kill myself in November 2021. My girlfriend found me strangling while hanging, and I had just lost consciousness when she cut the belt around my neck. She called 911 for an ambulance to come, and like 3 cops came as well. They insisted I go to the hospital in the ambulance, so I did. One of the cops stayed and asked my girlfriend questions, and noticed a small knuckle imprint on our hallway closet door, from when I punched it a year prior, after getting into an argument with someone over the phone. Cop came to the hospital, and placed me under arrest. Even though he had absolutely no proof that I punched the door. I didn't argue, resist, nothing. Spent 3 days in jail, got released, and later got placed on probation. Did what the courts required of me, and got off probation early. Moral of the story, I am alive, breathing, am here for my daughter. I didn't get killed by police, because I didn't make things harder for myself, and fight with them, even though I felt I was being arrested for a bogus charge. It also made me change my ways, and be a better man.

  9. America really needs to start sectioning off different areas of the United States to different races and just leave the biggest cities as the multicultural zones. It would fix so many issues.

  10. Some people aren't equipped emotionally or physically, or both, to assist a police officer in a dangerous physical confrontation. It's just the pain truth. Then there are cowards. Who knows which these people were?

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