Video Shows Marines Being Arrested During Formation in Connection to Border Smuggling Activities

On July 25th, 2019 the officials from the 1st Marine Division worked with military police and NCIS to carry out the arrest of 16 Marines. 
The arrests stem from allegations that the accused Marines were part of a smuggling activities on the US/Mexico border. 
Newly leaked video shows the accused Marines being arrested after lining up in formation. 
A spokesman for the 1st Marine Division, 1st Lt. Cameron Edinburgh, said in an email.“The video was filmed as a way to document the detainments that took place on July 25, 2019 in an unbiased, non-editorialized manner,” Edinburgh said. “To protect the rights of the accused, the video has not been released by the government to the public, nor do we intend to release it at this time.”
Lawyers of two accused Marines deemed it pretrial punishment and unlawful command influence. The trials of all are pending. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “Video Shows Marines Being Arrested During Formation in Connection to Border Smuggling Activities

  1. We had a guy arrested during a company formation once. Our 1stSgt brought the company to the position of attention, then about face, parade rest. We stayed like that, back to he guy being arrested, until it was over, then returned to normal formation.

  2. Here is some more info on this horrible and scary situation. marines were bringing drugs into our country and also charging immigrants 1,000$ per person to sneak them into our country. Even a Corporal was involved. info What other horrible things were these “soldiers” doing at the border? Raping immigrants? Killing them? Blackmailing people? These are the people we are supposed to trust and respect. If these men were caught there must be others doing it too and maybe much worse. I hope this situation and the entire group of border patrol workers are watched much more closely from now on? Where were their higher ups when all this stuff was happening??

  3. I started seeing the homeboy around 1993 take trips to the border and coming back with a lot of money
    The story was they smuggled everything thru military check points…..avoiding immigration

  4. I served in Marine Corps, half the men in my platoon were gang members, and some had kills before they even joined the infantry. Just because youre in the military does not mean every man is honorable.

  5. All these dishonorable discharges (they gave up their right to be called Marine or Veteran) had to all be working together in this crime. So when all of them are called in 'award presentation' manner…..they had to know they were getting busted.

  6. If it was to document it for leadership review why was it released. I think who ever made the decision to release it should also receive some NJP. And who ever made the decision to do this shake down in public is not fit to command. And the Sgt Major is not worth his salt to go along with it. I am not against the Marines being held accountable. If the lawyers are worth their salt they will file some lawsuits and get some money out of the USMC and send a message back to this Commander that his upward momentum is done.

  7. Disband the Marine Corps! The marines are outdated and service no purpose. What the marines can do, can be done better by Army Rangers. Semper Criminals. Yes, I was a former marine.

    PS. F*k the marine corps. Yes, l lower case the 'M' in marines. Also, marines are soldiers. Haha

  8. I believe the open arrests of those Marine's in front of the Battilon was very appropriate.
    They need to be Shamed.
    Human traiffing.
    Are you kidding me?
    The Marine Corps frees the oppressed.
    Not repress them…

  9. When I was in the Corps… there was a saying that we repeated often….. "Death before Dishonor" Never Dishonor the Corps, yourself, your family, your God! Stay Squared Away!! Obviously this group will be dishonorably discharged! Good luck finding jobs that pay you dumb shits, fucking embarrassments

  10. Half of these guys are actually guilty . The other half probably heard about it , had conversations, or knew something of it . Maybe had nothing to do with it . Damn it's the UCMJ ypu have yo deal with all you need is someone saying I heard or saw something to get arrested .

  11. This sickens me to no end. This isn't what our military is supposed to do. Shame to see this go this way but wrong is wrong. Maybe busting them in front of their peers will be the wake-up call they need

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