Unsolicited Advice to Law Enforcement and First Responder Families

This advice is unsolicited but I believe very practical. You can take it or leave it, obviously.
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


22 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice to Law Enforcement and First Responder Families

  1. I'm not a cop or a first responder. I work in a gas station/convenience store and I've had cops tell me that they think my job is more dangerous then theirs.

  2. This is part of why I always changed into my uniform at work. When I put on the uniform at work, all the stuff from home stayed in the locker. When I was done with my shift and the uniform came off, all of the work stuff stayed in the locker. Very important to separate the two and something I passed to the guys I trained as an FTO.

  3. Oh Mike, so true…I am learning to handle my anger at the moment. In my anger I try not to sin. (Deep breath) moving forward, knowing that this hard time will eventually pass.

  4. You hit on a good point, but I think you missed the mark. I was told when I was young to be angry with an action, not a person. It took me a while to learn this. My wife does things that make me angry and I don't like those things, but I have never been angry with my wife. It is a big difference between the two, and so is how you feel afterwards.

  5. I totally agree with you dude. I used to be in those shoes. Mike the Cop, you arrest them, and i would babysit them for 8 hrs. Yes, i am a paramilitary trained deputy assigned to Corrections. H.C.S.O. 57th Academy. I retired, moved on. But yes ur right. Anger left at home made for a not so good night. Or actually vice versa.

  6. Everyone has a shrub, bush or plant in the front yard. Problems in the home. Leave them in the bush. Don't think about it at work. It will be there when you get home. You don't need it infecting your job. When you come home. Leave your work bs in the bush. It will be there in the morning. Ain't nothing you can do about it at home anyways except bitch. Give your family love and let them love you. Stay safe, vigilant and ignore the snowflakes crying.

  7. Mike u seem to be a fair cop!! Less than I can say about ur partners in other states!! I will send u proof of un constontonial search … I found the cops home address and wife and kids from her Facebook..
    I have been going back and fourth on what to do considering I spent a decade in prison!!
    I want him for what he did!! But his family doesn't deserve anything!!
    Btw he admitted his mistake in the report. There was 3 of them I just don't know how to take this!!
    ( he reached inside my door and searched a coat with out a warrant and found a 380)
    No warrant no permission
    He admitted to his mistake !!
    I still got a popow)
    Previous offender in possession..
    ( just for the people that bitch they were in the trunk of the car that my gm left me . I was selling them but only to people that could clear a background check)

  8. I was a paramedic right outside of Atlanta, GA. I can tell you, this advice is absolutely spot on! I had too many people die in the back of our bus who never planned for it. Also, the spouses need our love and support as well. Without it, I could not do my job effectively.

  9. There’s a guy that did some training with our investigative staff a while back that openly compared confrontational work to acting – the show must go on.

    There’s some danger to it, turning off your humanity and getting in the character of “just the facts, ma’am” but you can lead other people to be calm by acting calm and avoid dangerous situations in the first place. Shouting back at angry people does not make them calm, and I’ve never seen it make them do what I want.

    Obviously there’s a hazard to bottling things up, and there has to be a release, but for the ten minutes that could ruin your career or worse, keep a lid on it.

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