Two WSU Students Arrested For Stealing From Walmart Self-Checkout

I hope that kid doesn’t actually believe the words coming out of his mouth. Self-checkout is not the lottery.

Note: Anthony White, from Miami, Florida,, pled guilty to third degree theft. He served one day in jail and was ordered to pay fines.Zaire Webb, from Jacksonville, Florida pled not guilty, and the theft charge against him was dismissed.

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Author: rafael.nieves


43 thoughts on “Two WSU Students Arrested For Stealing From Walmart Self-Checkout

  1. I've been through this…..NEVER AGAIN. It's been 5 years now, and that ONE time getting caught BROKE ME from stealing PERIOD! It's not worth it. Luckily, I was 17 and got to go home, but then I was sent a Youth Camp for 8 months after my court date. Never been to jail, and GLAD I got caught as a teenager. My adult record is CLEAN, and I want it to stay that way!

  2. I must say these were smart in the system they played hopefully Walmart will realize they are at fault too you cant do self checkout and get by with it and customer satisfaction!

  3. Really !@is the scanner messed up ,only scanned half your groceries and rest you can have it for free ? Is that right ? You are a thief .stupid & liar

  4. I would almost feel some sight speck of remorse if it was all food/diapers n baby formula etc. but these idiots were stealing electronics as well smh.

  5. I hate thieves, but Walmart being the only store open because the pandemic last year… Walmart the nastiest store out there. covid was probably developed in a nasty Walmart lmao (the last part was a joke) but still Walmart can afford it lol

  6. That’s what they get for not hiring cashiers and forcing people to be part time employees when they purchase something. I don’t feel sorry for massive corporations.

  7. They were cool because they've done it a dozen times or more in the past. And they even knew not to steal above a certain dollar amount.

  8. i'd like to say I'm surprised at who was caught stealing…but i can't. Not an honest bone in their bodies….but they demand respect but fail show any toward the rest of society.

  9. I feel a tremendous amount of white guilt for apparently being responsible for these fine gentlemen’s predicament.

  10. I’m 58 ,when I was 17 I tried stealing…..I don’t know why,stupidity is my guess.I felt like my brain glitched,and I spilled it all..😂.I don’t get how you don’t just….give up….take what’s given to you and move on.

  11. What in the fuck are you talking about?? If it doesn’t scan then you ask for assistance dumbass?? There is a screen that lets you check that everything has scanned.. you are thieves. Are you actually trying to lie your way out of stealing?? Why are you wearing a hoodie?? Wtf is that?? Are you cold or something?? Do you not realize how stupid you are??
    FYI you are less smart by a long way than most people in the law abiding world..

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