Tulsa Female Cop Taunts And Laughs Before Arresting Elderly Bipolar Woman

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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Newly released body-camera footage by Tulsa Police Department shows Officer Ronni Corracia laugh and arm a Taser outside a locked door after several minutes of failed efforts to persuade LaDonna Paris, 70, to come out of ReStore’s restroom. After hearing the Taser and the officer’s threat to deploy it, Paris begs the officer, “Don’t do it.” On Oct. 25, 2021, LaDonna June Paris walked into a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in the midst of a mental health crisis. Paris is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was having a manic episode associated with her illness. Tulsa Police were called by employees of the Re-store located at 1234 S. Norwood in reference to a woman who had locked herself in the bathroom. The employees told officers that she had been in there for 4 hours and she left a dog locked in a U-Haul that she arrived in. They told the officers that she was not allowed to be in the bathroom, and they wanted to remove her and tell her that she wasn’t allowed to come back on the property.

Officers requested, Community Response Team respond to the location to assist with Paris, but they were busy on another call and unable to respond to the location. The officers start off asking for Paris to come out, even calling the manager on speakerphone and told Paris that she had to leave, but Paris did not believe that it was the actual manager on the phone and dismissed it. Officers appeared to become increasingly impatient with Paris, who had been in the bathroom for more than four hours. During the video an officer identified as Ronni Carrocia is seen banging on the door while laughing and clicking a stun gun on and off. She yells into the bathroom, where Paris has barricaded herself, saying, “You want to get Tazed?” Carrocia can then be seen laughing as Paris responds, “Don’t do it.” The footage was filmed on Carrocia’s partner’s body camera. The video also shows Carrocia banging on the door and then saying, “This is going to be so fun.”

Carrocia can also be heard laughing about Paris being “so 85,” a reference to the Tulsa Police radio code for a person in mental distress. The officers recognized that Paris had been spraying an aerosol can and had a lighter. Officer secured a fire extinguisher started to formulate a plan to bring another officer to the location to help secure Paris. A third officer arrived on scene and Paris still refused to exit the bathroom, the officers formulated a plan to enter the room and secure Paris. While the use of OC spray was discussed the officers chose to not use it and try to control Paris’ hands instead. officers made entry in the bathroom and quickly took Paris into custody. Paris did sustain an injury to her face when officers were taking her into custody on the floor of the bathroom. EMSA was called to the scene and they tended to Paris’ injury. An EMSA responder is seen telling an officer Paris was bipolar and suffering from a manic episode.

Paris, who was suffering from a mental health crisis and had locked herself in the bathroom of a store, was arrested on several charges and spent a month in jail, according to officials and public documents. The charges against Paris were later dismissed by a judge, records show. A lawsuit has now been filed. Carrocia has not commented about the incident and backlash and it was not immediately clear if she has hired an attorney who could speak on her behalf. In a statement, the Tulsa Police Department commented about the officer’s behavior: ” To be clear, the banter between the officers outside of the presence of the suspect can be received as unprofessional and has been addressed with the Officers. The overall actions of the Officers and the way in which the call was handled is within the policies of the Tulsa Police Department.”

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Tulsa Female Cop Taunts And Laughs Before Arresting Elderly Bipolar Woman

  1. Sounds like shes about had it. Not to the point where she needs a new career but shes at the breaking point. I imagine theres multiple factors in play and I feel for her. I see how short staffed police agencies are, the wear and tear the overtime is having on their bodies and mind, and the weight of public safety on their shoulders isnt getting heavier with psych patients being released from mental institutions by the hundreds every week. I think she needs a break. They all do. I can't expect anyone to be perfect and do this job because you'll never unsee, unhear or unsmell any of it and it will fuck your head up.


    This woman doesn't need charges and jail…she needs and MD and a psychiatrist! She's quite obviously mentally unstable and experiencing a mental meltdown.

    Also it is CRUEL to deprive this woman of water! Shame on these police for that!

  3. So my thoughts are as follows: I don't see too much wrong with the initial handling. The female cop does seem to be enjoying it a bit too much but there's not really any harm in it. Purposefully shaking the door does seem like it could agitate the woman unnecessarily, though. Considering she keeps claiming they're out to kill her.

    I'm slightly more annoyed of the handling after the fact. I get that she caused all the problems herself and I understand officers would be annoyed with her and ignoring her isn't exactly the worst treatment. But, she's clearly mentally unstable but is constantly apologizing for her behaviour. She sounds genuinely sad when she says "You're not even listening to me" when talking about Cathy at 31:00. But they did engage with her a bit more after.

    All in all, I don't think this was all that bad, just a sad situation due to her mental illness.

  4. I hope the officers didn’t lose their job, I think they handled it really well,some officers would have taken a ram to bust the door open and could have seriously injured her. So that being said I think they did really good 👍

  5. the only thing that was messed is how the officers kept adding on charges to somebody who is clearly mentally ill. how is jail time gonna help people like her? but kudos to the judge who dropped all of them.

  6. What most people don’t realize or have never dealt with,is a person that’s in a full mental breakdown. What comes out of their mouths is pure gibberish at times and it does sound funny at the time.
    Laughing can also be a defense mechanism to deal with the stress of the situation.
    This woman most likely didn’t have a clue what she was doing with air freshener and lighter.
    I’ve been in enough of these situations dealing with EDP’s, and you do laugh out loud at some of the things these people come out with.
    It’s not being insensitive, it’s the words and phrases that comes out of that person, and you’re trying to decipher it. In the moment you may laugh, but you still care for these people and what their are going through.
    Then it comes to dollars and cents for funding to train officers how to deal with these people during the mental crisis. And most time the money isn’t in the budget.
    Physical force at times has to be used to stop them from harming themselves or you.

  7. The officer’s sense of humor is not the issue. It was her spitefulness. It’s obvious that the 70-year-old woman had poor judgment and it made the situation more challenges and frustrating. Denying the woman water was unnecessary, especially when they determined she didn’t have a record. Perhaps a little water would have made the rest of the journey less physical.

  8. So giving a mental ill person the same chances as a person with healthy mind simply wow the cops need training on this type of matter there's ways to deal with this poor souls 😢 😔

  9. I like your videos and the unbiased. But that officer handled the situation well. She tried to calm it down. To say she taunted her is wrong. Police Activity going down the rabbit hole. Who ever made that title should be fired.

  10. You'd think that was that Officers first time on the job or something, because if so, she is Gunna experience way more "crazier" incidents and ppl than this lady

  11. the cops didnt do nothing wrong i think they handled everything great… the lady wanted to be locked in a room for hours…so she got her wish!!!!!!!

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