This pat down by the TSA took place a couple years ago (2017) but I just saw it today for the first time. Apparently, this 13 year old forgot his laptop inside his backpack but rather than just further check the backpack he was subjected to this pat down, which I briefly discuss but hope to spur discussion here in the comments.

That said, I plan a longer form video on my thoughts on the TSA and whether as an organization they are effective or if we could be doing better.

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Thanks guys!

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28 thoughts on “TSA or WTF

  1. I live in Israel and they are known to have the best airport security in the world they would NEVER do this.
    They do effective profiling and do not check wheelchair bound cancer patients or little kids

  2. Would you rather the TSA pat down people because they got a alert when they walk through the metal detector or would you rather let another 9/11 happen again.

  3. I, and the Bill of Rights, don't have a problem with INTERNATIONAL points of entry doing pat downs. However, within conus(*) of the U.S. this is a violation of the 4th. Now, how can I make such an assertion? Simple, SCOTUS is not authorized to have any opinion on Bill of Rights issues. How can I make such a brash statement? Well, I will utilize your own knowledge to show you why, just follow along.

    1. The Bill of Rights are recognized by the founders as something that EVERYONE has, just by existing.
    2. Within the preamble, we can clearly understand why they must exists "in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added"
    3. There're three branches to our government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial
    4. Since we know that the Bill of Rights is meant to "RESTRICT" and "PREVENT ..abuse", we can clearly see that since SCOTUS IS government, they have no right to rule on something that is meant to restrict THEM.

    So, how is it supposed to work. Simple, as many here will know, even SCOTUS cannot overturn a jury not guilty verdict. It was always meant to reside with said jury, and NOT the courts. Do I have evidence that the judicial branch understands the limits that the Bill of Rights places on THEM? You bet. 7th Amendment, which is double jeopardy.

    Since Alaska and Hawaii are separated into International, or not directly connected to the U.S., the entry points are technically from outside the U.S. and thus said entry points are International and Bill of Rights do not apply. Even on commercial flights and ships going to Alaska or Hawaii, once they're in International areas, then positive control cannot be ensured and thus fall outside of Bill of Rights.

    If anyone has a problem with my assertion, then please show me, outside of any branch of government, where I'm incorrect. – Thanks

  4. Crowder makes my brain hurt.
    That patdown seemed excessive but I'm no expert. Using children/elderly/super fat people to attempt to get things past TSA seems like a good plan but then again TSA probably figures crooks would figure that so maybe not.

  5. The TSA are the terrorists. The worst I saw was at Binghamton Airport (BGM) when TSA felt up a 85 year old woman in a wheelchair. They felt her breasts for 5 minutes. Was this a medical exam for breast cancer screening. ? This was done in a public area. When several passengers complained we were threatened with arrest/. I was the most outspoken and I was brought to a holding area,. As a retired LEO I told the supervisor to go F*** himself. I was never arrested after he reviewed the film. I am ashamed of America.

  6. 15 cops flying to Phoenix for training and the one Hispanic that looked Arab was pulled out of the group and had his hands checked for explosives, all of those officers were in tactical pants and polos. The one that got checked had Indiana State Police logo on his shirt and the TSA guys said he just had to check so many people per hour when asked why he was profiling. TSA is a joke all the way around…oh and the one guy that brought his weapon with checked it in baggage check and they made sure to put a big red tag on it declaring there was a weapon inside so EVERYONE would know, not just TSA…its ridiculous.

  7. The latest "enhancements" to the TSA patdown procedure are straight-up date night heavy petting times ten. Seriously it's a whole lot more invasive than this, and involves intimate cupping of the genitalia. This is rape masquerading as security theater and nothing whatsoever to do with actual security for airline travel.

  8. W/O going through the obvious comments: they didn't check under his tongue or perhaps other orifices, or is it orifici?

  9. (this is for the HOUSTON Story) when will you LEOs Understand PUBLIC Servants can NOT make Nor ENFORCE their PUBLIC created "LAWS" and ENFORCE them on PRIVATE LAND , "We the People" are a SELF-GOVERNING People, "We are allllllllllllllllllllll EQUAL, "We" can NOT be TOLD what to do by the "MAJORITY" this is NOT a DEMOCRACY …DEMOCRACY = MOB Rules ! 51% RULE over the 49%….this is a LAND built on Equality AND self-governance which just HAPPENS to be defined as ANARCHY ( and isnt it just SPECIAL "We" were allllllllll taught in School and by Cops and the MASS Media that ANARCHY is TERRIBLE ?) Anarchy comes from the Greek prefix an-(av-): "without; the absence of" and the Greek noun archon: "master; ruler". Anarchy does NOT mean "without rules." It literally means "without rulers; without masters

  10. This is a old video, and the incident was addressed.
    Also the story you are not being told is that the idiot mother opted her son out of regular screening which required additional screening !
    Nobody wants to talk about the fact that his mother caused this just so she could get her 15 minutes !

    On top of that I would suggest doing some history research, please tell me how many American Airlines were sky jacked before the creation of TSA ? Also how many lives were lost in that time frame ?
    Now tell me how many were lost after the creation of TSA ?
    Nobody likes patting people down, but when the bad guys are willing to use children or sweet grandma and grandpa to kill Americans, everyone is treated equally.

  11. I don't understand, a pat search isn't intended to look cute, we have elderly ppl smuggling in drugs and you're too busy worrying over a patdown get real dude.

  12. I believe Americans need to get their shit together and just refuse these intrusive pat downs, they are already scanning you to your underwear and even more, this is ridiculous.
    I got a pat down and let me tell you if I ever get anyone else to lay their hands on me their will be blood.
    I'm raging inside just thinking back to that day, never again.

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