Trooper Nearly Flips Patrol Car During Arkansas High Speed Pursuit; Ramming

RURAL BENTON, ARKANSAS — The following has been adapted from the incident report of Trooper Mason Redding: On August 5, 2019 at approximately 7:56 pm while riding with Sr. Cpl. Desmond Benton on US Highway 412 west I observed a black Honda Civic traveling east on 412 which appeared to be exceeding the posted speed limit. Benton turned around and proceeded east in order to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. On our approach, the suspect, later identified as Trent Guida, and his passenger Krystal Starr, began increasing their speed. Benton radioed dispatch that he was in pursuit of the vehicle.

Guida continued driving at approximately 120 mph west on Highway 412 before turning north on Old Hwy 68. After .25 miles on Old Hwy 68, Guida made a U-turn and headed back toward 412. L-17 / Alan Aiken and his passenger L-32 / Kirt Williams were at the intersection of US Hwy 412 and Old Hwy 68. When Guida turned west on 412, Benton attempted to get in position in order to conduct a PIT maneuver, however Guida repeatedly swerved in front of Benton’s vehicle, prohibiting Benton from getting into position.

Guida turned back east on 412 and accelerated to ~120 mph toward Tontitown, where PD attempted to utilize spike strips. Guida swerved toward a Tontitown officer to avoid the spikes. When Benton slowed his speed in order to avoid the spike strips, Aiken became the lead vehicle. Aiken attempted to get in position to PIT the vehicle, but Guida swerved into Aiken’s vehicle, colliding with its passenger side front and causing Aiken’s vehicle to go onto two wheels before slamming back down and disabling the vehicle. Guida turned south on Barrington and Benton became the lead vehicle with Tontitown following behind. Benton attempted to get into position to PIT but Guida again swerved in front of Benton’s vehicle prohibiting him from getting into position.

At this point, Guida began throwing small plastic bags out of the driver’s side window, ultimately tossing as well a bottle full of a liquid.Fayetteville Pd. attempted to deploy spike strips but Guida was able to avoid them. He began driving into opposite lanes of traffic and turned northbound on I-49. Benton again attempted to get into position to PIT Guida but was unable to. Guida took the Porter Exit and headed south, eventually driving the wrong way down the exit ramp traveling south in the northbound lanes before turning back north onto I-49. When Guida attempted to make a U-turn on Don Tyson, Benton used his vehicle to ram Guida’s vehicle on the driver’s side door, disabling Guida’s vehicle and stopping his flight.

Benton held Guida and Starr at gunpoint and ordered Guida out of the vehicle. When Guida refused to exit the vehicle, a Tontitown officer and I physically removed him through the driver’s side window and placed him onto the pavement in order to take him into custody. While attempting to place Guida into handcuffs, he forcefully pulled away from me in an attempt to keep from being handcuffed. I was able to gain control of Guida’s arms and place him into custody. Upon searching Guida I located $4,107 in his pants pockets Starr was taken into custody by a Tontitown Officer.

Records indicate that both Starr and Guida are parolees, and that both have since been arrested yet again: 1/22/20 for Guida, and 5/22/20 for Starr. They both have extensive criminal histories, though Starr’s wins on sheer length.

In relation to this arrest, Guida was charged with two counts of aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, fleeing, DWI, refusal to submit to testing, and resisting arrest. The next hearing in his case is scheduled for March 12, 2021.





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33 thoughts on “Trooper Nearly Flips Patrol Car During Arkansas High Speed Pursuit; Ramming

  1. No more new cars from mommy and daddy. What they will get is the consultation prize , 5 years with bubba in prison.HA ha ha, good luck kids!

  2. Man, how is it that all these chases and crappy decisions by the police are in Arkansas? I've lived here all my life and always thought something was up.

  3. Y'all need to get them rope thingys it's actually like thick yellow tie down straps run that bad boy up under mfs back tires and it stops them dead in their tracks, what's it called 🤔🤨I can't remember but yeah

  4. Arkansas cops do everything opposite. Have sirens blasting when nobody is around, and do not pit when nobody is around.

  5. Does it make sense for a cop to be doing 130mph to catch someone for a non violent crime? It's stupidity and all about ego. They tossed a big goody bag at 33:40 and they didn't catch it. COP YELLING HANDS DOWN!! what a idiot.

  6. The driver has definitely done this before. He knew exactly what they were trying to do. A PIT on his vehicle and he knew how to avoid it. I’m glad they eventually stopped him because he was going to kill someone driving like that. That was a long ass chase though for real. I was falling asleep 😴 lol.

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