Trooper Dragged Nearly Two Miles When Traffic Stop Goes Bad

At about 11:25 pm on July 12, 2018 rookie Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Michael Miller was on duty in Youngstown when he was passed by a car that had its headlights off. Miller initiated a traffic stop, but the driver of that vehicle – 22 year old Jamel Patton – did not cooperate, eventually speeding off and taking Miller along for the ride.

Miller had one hand on the driver’s door handle and his other hand on the driver as he was dragged 1.7 miles down Kirk Road at speeds that reached 70 miles per hour. Reportedly, as Miller was being dragged he asked the driver to slow down “because it’s not worth it,” a tactic that actually worked. Patton slowed down just long enough for Miller to let go and fall into the street – and every second was captured on this exclusive dash cam video. Fortunately (and remarkably) Miller only sustained minor injuries to his shoulder and back.

Patton’s vehicle was located by Youngstown Police around 7:30 am the following day after an intense search that involved State Police aviation resources, multiple K9 units, the U.S. Marshals, and many local police agencies.

Jamel Patton turned himself in at the Austintown Township Police Department at 2:25 pm the day after the incident, shortly after charges of first-degree felonious assault and third-degree failure to comply were filed against him in Youngstown Municipal Court. Patton’s bond was set at $100,000, and after a number of continuances to allow for negotiations Patton pleaded guilty to nearly all of the charges. He was sentenced to serve four-and-one-half years in prison, followed by five years of community control.

To read the judge’s sentencing order:

To read Patton’s guilty plea:

Patton had already been serving time ‘in’ outpatient rehab / community control (in lieu of jail time) for a couple of possession charges he had picked up in 2017. That was, of course, revoked as soon as this incident happened.

To read the revocation and re-sentencing associated with that case:

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27 thoughts on “Trooper Dragged Nearly Two Miles When Traffic Stop Goes Bad

  1. 4 1/2 years? That's light for the danger he put the officers and general public were in. Trooper could have been killed easily.

  2. i can't stand it when people argue with the police because it does no good it's like trying to build a staircase to the moon it's not going to work so then don't try
    stupidity is like air its everywhere and you can't get away from it if you wanted to i think our criminal laws are not tough enough because the one wright the laws are afraid
    to violate someone's constitutional rights i believe that criminal law should be tough but fair i don't want to hear your sob story if you don't like the punishment don't do the crime
    also prosecutors have to much power to throw the book somebody who turns out to be innocent later proving they were lazy digging out the facts

  3. To me looks like trooper was trying to stomp on the break at first but when that didn't happen he was on for the ride yall hear the roar of that engine and trooper Miller is technically able to use deadly force and good looking out from dude in pickup pointing which way he went

  4. I love how the one cop was able to keep up with the suspect for two miles on foot before he lost him. Second cop lost him in the first mile in a police cruiser. Smh.

  5. This video is so unnecessarily Long! 😳🙄 I kept thinking the perspective would change so we could see his body cam but nope, last 15mins is Nothing! 🙄🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ But idk how TF that cop is ok, drug almost 2 miles 😳😳!

  6. I feel like when cops get dragged by cars it's sort of just dumb on their part, clearly the guys taking off, just don't grab onto the car and you won't get dragged lmao

  7. uhm this is actually so smart what if he had alot of drugs in car or something really fucked up he obvs did and cops know it but they cant do anything other then assault on officer because they didnt get chance to search him…. actually crazy

  8. This doesn't seem right to charge him with assault..the police officer is clearly seen jumping into the door..Soo technically it's the cops own decision and fault for getting dragged

  9. And they wonder why they get shot so often…..
    Hope the officer is okay.
    Guy shouldn't ever be released again for that bull shit he pulled

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