Tribal Police Officer Arrested for On Duty Conduct with Female Prisoner

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an investigation into an Isleta Tribal Officer named Leon Martin. The then Officer Martin was transporting a female prisoner to jail. There were inconsistencies in his story of transporting and the female prisoner contacted New Mexico State Police. They launched an investigation into the prisoner transport and found Martin had criminal misconduct on the job.

Martin is no longer a police officer with Isleta Tribal Police.

Go to our community tab to see the booking mug and his charges.

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33 thoughts on “Tribal Police Officer Arrested for On Duty Conduct with Female Prisoner

  1. Man!!! It's not normal for a female to ask for sex and where a man gonna take her to fuk her! If a female ask me as a stranger to fuk her SHE GETS NO DICK! It would be a red flag! So he lying doing what COPs Do best!

  2. Chlamydia I thought everybody's heard of it whether they know what it is or not. I don't really know what it is but I've heard it's something you don't want. He didn't seem concerned about that

  3. Ahh….welcome the rez life again…tribal cops do this quite often to DUI suspects…lots of "former" tribal cops with dropped or never brought up charges

  4. Happens all the time. My sister was pulled over for speeding, cop asked if she was single and exchanged phone numbers to get out of ticket. An immigrant I know was propositioned for sex in exchange for not taking her into immigration custody.

  5. Sadly, this guy’s IQ is hovering right around where the average patrol officer out on the streets comes in…likely in the 80-90 range.

    In other words, this dude is a complete dolt, feeble minded at best and, like the incredible majority of cops, will be completely sure of himself as he stands in front of you incompetently claiming to know the law and mocking you by saying that you have no idea what you’re talking about and that you don’t know the law…but they do.

    Lol…they’re all such an embarrassment these days. What a pitiful state of affairs.

  6. I’m genuinely shocked that he had a girlfriend and didn’t know what an STD was……let me rephrase. I’m shocked he had a gf in general….scum. All around scum. His gf and the generalll publiccc are safer with him away from “civilians”

  7. Confidential?? Who are you, baby Jesus?! You are a fellow citizen, first & foremost, dude! Having a badge does NOT give you special privileges- you're not a politician, idiot! We look UP to law enforcement… but not when you take advantage of your occupation like this!!

  8. Whether or not she initiated it is of no consequence. At issue is the power imbalance, which he obviously abused. Some states are trying to pass laws stating that a person in custody cannot legally consent to sexual relations with a police officer due to this power imbalance. A federal law already exists with a zero tolerance policy regarding guards and prisoners because the prisoners cannot legally consent.

  9. What a scumbag. Also, I hope the rest of the cops don’t live in a mobile home, just this guy. If that’s the case, they are not getting paid enough and that is sad.

  10. It would be of great use if the dates of the featured occurrences were posted in the Description (particularly when the bodycam recordings do not display any such orienting data.

  11. They won't charge a cop for a muder of a 77 year old lady with a steak knife and butter-knife for: doubletap to body and 1 to head. Which lady did not even run at gangster cop but. This new world order agency! Arrests and will sentence this tribal gang cop for fornicating with somone who probably seduced him; and if anyone reading can say they have never ever done something wrong less< than or, > more than a make out session and kissing someone and, whatever act of fornication sexual contact: than remember? "I will give my rock to whomsoever: can tell me they have never sinned, and is willing to cast the first stone?"
    +++ keep in mind they throw book at him for that. However Nota single thing happens to an police gang member so cwadice of a 77 year old female wit an butter knife steak knife. They get nothing charged against them or any sentence for a straight up murder where someone= police gang member. States am gonna blow your head off. LORD ALMIGHTY, we are TRULY in; sad times in this country.

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