Train Hits Police Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

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Fort Lupton, Colorado — Newly released video shows the moment a freight train struck a police patrol vehicle with a 20-year-old woman handcuffed in the back seat. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, a Platteville police officer pulled over Maria Rios-Gonzalez in Weld County, near Highway 85 and County Road 38, after an alleged road rage incident involving a gun. Two Fort Lupton police officers later arrived at the scene and placed the Rios-Gonzalez in the back of the Platteville officer’s car, which was illegally parked on railroad tracks.

While the three officers were searching Rios-Gonzalez’s pickup truck, a train horn can be heard blaring. As it gets closer one of the officers realizes the car is on the tracks and begins yelling. CBI said Rios-Gonzalez suffered “serious bodily injuries,” including multiple broken ribs and a fractured sternum. The released video also shows officers searching her vehicle. At one point it’s noted that a “round” is found near the driver’s side door and a gun holster was found in the vehicle. Just before the video provided to 9NEWS ends, an officer searching the vehicle is heard saying, “there’s your gun.” The Platteville police officer involved is on administrative leave while an investigation is underway.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Train Hits Police Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

  1. Cops habitually block roads and leave their vehicles blocking them when the action is over.
    We've all seen how there will be 30 cops involved in something and when all is said and done and maybe 6 or 7 are needed all the rest will just hang around bullshitting and leave their cars in traffic.

  2. wow so quick to pull a gun and be ready to kill a civilian citizen….that is more disturbing then being left on the train tracks to be murdered. But just the stark facts that the police now are ready to kill you before anything else. If you dont think you live in a police state just use your constitutional right to say "NO" to law enforcement and see what happens to you. And if you survive the encounter then you will have your answer.

  3. This actually made me very sad, and sick. What incompetence and negligence on the officers part! Remove them from the force, and place them in cuffs!

  4. I'm always stunned and amazed at just how many vehicles are struck by trains. So many are the vehicle operators fault.

    This is..truly the worst. It's almost unbelievable in its incompetence. Like, I cannot process that it is even real.

  5. Only one of the officers were put on paid leave… that’s it.. there is no justice in this world. How are they still on the force after this? I hope they all sustain the same injuries she has

  6. I live next to weld county an I'm honestly disgusted that these people are officers in my area, if this is gonna be our norm than honestly we should change how we prosecute justice, I cant think of a more fitting punishment for these officers than putting another patrol car back on the train tracks, and locking them in it until the next train comes. It it literally the same thing they did to a civilian who they were responsible for. Of course it wouldn't be legal because of cruel and unusual punishment, but maybe we should make it legal it this is how police officers are going to continue to behave, they want to play 50/50 games with peoples lives while having no consequences. Let them play the game, just make the punishment that they also have to participate in the same game.

  7. Sadly this will teach” ALL” involved the suspect & officers! 1- ROAD RAGE IS DANGEROUS 2-get her in the car then back it off the tracks. 3- clearly an accident but we all know she will be a millionaire after this! I hope these officers don’t lose their jobs bc this was a high intense situation dealing w/ an unknown suspect(s) only 1 thankfully & they lost their thoughts for a few minutes thank God she’s a live! I hope she learned her lesson & im not implying she deserved that! My prayers are w/ everyone involved!

  8. when the 2 cops were at her truck u could hear the train horn for 19 seconds before the train hit the vehicle definitely not enough time to move the vehicle (who the the hell stops AND PARKS on train tracks anyway) but definitely enough time to remove and drag her out of the vehicle, just another case of cops placing there own safety ahead of everyone else, he is prob an ex Uvalde officer and yet they were all still more concerned about finding things to charge her with

  9. I am pro-police. But, I am NOT pro-idiot. Officers who parked on the active tracks should be terminated immediately. This has massive lawsuit written all over it.

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