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@Cops&Cons obtained body worn camera footage of a traffic stop in Cibola County New Mexico of a drug interdiction deputy pulling a white Dodge minivan. When the deputy began to investigate the suspect was very forthcoming on what was in the minivan.

There were quite a few duffel bags full of marijuana worth a street value of $1,052,554.56

The suspect was let go and pending federal prosecution.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing the footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education purposes. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Traffic Stop Turns Up Million Dollars Worth of Drugs”
  1. Wow, not only did this officer prove he was working to his boss, but he caught a HUGE amount. I’m sure he got a nice bonus for this. I feel bad for the black guy, but it’s so refreshing to see a black male be cooperative. It makes things so much easier

  2. So sir basically what I’m gonna have you do is willingly rat out everyone in your organization on this camera right here and then what we’re gonna do is publish it on the Internet for the world to watch so basically we’re giving you a death sentence. Oh IC officer glad I could help.

  3. This is not a crime it’s public service. Fuck the laws that lock up good people that never hurt anyone. He’s not a drug smuggler. He’s a public servant more so than that officer, what a bunch of wasted fucking tax dollars going to rest some real criminals you fucking scumbag fucking pigs fuck the police.

  4. Yo at 27:48 the state trooper really said or pack some fudge meaning while in jail he b would be pounding the ass of another guy inmate haha couldn't believe I heard that had to go back and make sure that's what I heard lol

  5. Great job by the officer.
    But I would never let someone sit in the passenger seat.
    That shit only happens in the UK.

  6. Not that I agree with trafficking in drugs, but I really appreciate this guy's attitude. I almost feel sorry for him. I hope the owner of the dope don't kill him. Nice guy from what I can tell. Too bad he got himself into this.

  7. Lol sucks for this dude. He just needed the 8 grand for transporting it and now his identity is all over the internet as a snitch and the dudes he worked for are probably looking for him. If I was ever to commit such a crime I'd just keep my mouth shut and do the time.

  8. Man that dude that showed up later is kind of an asshole.
    Calm down bro he has some plant clippings in the car, trying to make some money.
    Not saying it's right .. But shit man calm down.

  9. I was shocked they didn’t arrest him, but I understand it. He’s just a nobody looking to make some money. I am assuming the fed’s contact him, let them know he’s facing 10 to 20, but if he wants to give up some useful information on the higher up’s or work undercover for them they won’t charge him. On the other hand his boss’s are pissed and let him know they owe him and need to work off the debt, unless when he tells them he lost the shipment they just kill him.

  10. Cop should have called for backup… he could have been killed by someone watching the driver even if the driver doesn't know. Especially after admitting it's 100 pounds and he handles it by himself… very unsafe.

  11. i did some quick math $1,000,000 divided by 100 pounds is $10,000 a pound 😂 that’s false info nobody is paying that per pound you’re looking at like $8-1100 a pound a max of 1-120k

  12. Cops ask how are your bosses ?? They Mad they dont have there “product” .. and hes talking way too much all on youtube !!!

  13. Lol 🤣 I know I'm not the only person who thought the sheriff thought dude was about to take off on Emm at 9:15 🤣🤣🤣😆 watch how he uses that walkie talkie before and afterwards !

  14. This right here is 2 true American's not black, white, Indian, Asian, Chinese, ect. racist bullshit propaganda we see being pushed all over the news and other places. Two true American's treating each other with respect, honesty, dignity, an honor knowing they are both on different sides of the coin in this situation. Both individuals did whats right even though its a fucked up situation to be in. the driver probably struggling to make ends met and having to do this or maybe not but he seems like a guy that this is not his way of life. The officer gets mad respect for treating this guy like a true human that fucked up and was put in a fucked up situation, lots of respect to both of them.

  15. He’s most likely the “mule” / Decoy. Bust the 100 pounds of weed so that the 100 pounds of coke can get through.

  16. This is probably the last video this guy made losing over 1 million $ worth of drugs and openly admitting and telling the police most of the I do on Camara I hope that guy got into witness protection or something he is cooked if he isn't. Respect for him to actually not try to run and endanger people that way or shoot at anyone but still I'm sure there's plenty of blood associated with that stash

  17. why wouldn’t he just claimed to having the 2 ounces that you’re legally allowed to have in NM and that would have been the end of that and everything else wasn’t needed

  18. was probably actually all his that he paid for and then through his buddies that were actually helping him under the bus to take the heat 🤦🏻‍♂️

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