Top Arizona Cop Official Gets Pulled Over for Speeding and Gets Off with Warning

Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead posted a video Wednesday showing a Yavapai County deputypulling him over on suspicion of excessive speeding while Milstead was off-duty.

Milstead was going more than 90 mph on Interstate 17, the deputy says in the video. The speed limit in that area is 75.

In a series of tweets, Milstead described the Oct. 12 traffic stop as a “regrettable experience.” Milstead was given a warning for speeding, failing to use his turn signal and weaving through traffic, according to the video.

On February 10, 2015, Colonel Frank Milstead was selected by Governor Doug Ducey to lead the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS). From 2010-2015, Frank Milstead served as the Chief of Police for the Mesa Police Department and prior to Mesa PD, he served 25-years with the Phoenix Police Department. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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24 thoughts on “Top Arizona Cop Official Gets Pulled Over for Speeding and Gets Off with Warning

  1. If it had been your everyday citizen you would have been given a ticket for sure, what is "WRONG" with that picture !! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Hands him his badge "idk if this will help." Oh yes you do motherfucker. This should be extremely illegal. Swerving in and out of other cars going 90+, he could have easily caused a fatal accident. Any civilian would have gotten multiple tickets, and that's what's should have happened to him. Cops don't understand why people distrust them, it's because of shit like this.

  3. the annoying azz girl thinks she’s the shi she needs to stfu idk why she took her hand out for a hand shake nobody gives af abt her

  4. I noticed this woman immediately flex that he was a law official. Like it doesn’t matter when you’re speeding that much and becoming a danger to other drivers you get the same treatment.

  5. Okay contrary to popular belief, not every traffic stop results in a ticket. I am a cop and 95% of mine don't result in tickets, regardless if someone is a cop or regular civilian. Most of the time I'm pulling people over to discover real criminal activity. Secondary to that, if someone is a jerk about the stop they are 100% getting a ticket (Most people who get a ticket from me and a lot of my partners really talked themselves into it.)

  6. “Anyone else would have gotten a ticket” no, not true. Myself and so many others have been given so many breaks for doing similar things. If you haven’t then I’m sorry, that sucks, but his position is such a very small reason

  7. I’m happy to see videos like this. It’s things for us civilians to take to court when fighting a ticket. I mean if a cop who’s one to ticket us is allowed a pass then why can’t we? There to abide the same laws we do unless the lights are on for a call. It’s ridiculous. I saved this one for the next time I get pulled.

  8. Show this video to a traffic judge and if he doesn’t do anything about it show it to the supreme judge then the president.
    Corruption at its finest 😂

  9. Crashes into a car from behind sorry he hit you from behind and he’s a cop and you’re not so you’ll get the speeding ticket.

  10. Just saw the vid of a Latino cop getting pulled over for the same thing but he didn’t get off with a warning. I guess even “Blue lives” have lives that they feel are below them lol 🐷🐷🐷

  11. My well line busted and it was nearing 8PM, the only store in town was closing in 15 minutes, I needed a part so I was traveling 73 in a 65 with no traffic on either side of the roadway as soon as entered a 45 zone I slowed to required and the highway patrol and mile later pulled me over and gave me ticket without asking me why I was going that fast.. That ticket cost $400.00, the officer was on a old street called High School road which no High school existed and used it on the ticket,, I could not fight the ticket and paid it.. really unfair

  12. I really don’t see the big deal here at all. People are always pulled over for speeding and most of the time are given a warning unless they are a habitual offender. I got pulled over by a cop on the highway before doing 85 in a 70. He didn’t even ask for my proof of insurance or registration, just asked for my license and if I had a clean record, which I did. He came back and just said “ok, Mr. Z, just make sure you slow down, I know that thing has cruise control so use it” and that was it. Getting pulled over for speeding, most cops will cut you a break if you’re cordial, respectful, and acknowledge that you did something wrong. I don’t think this is a cop letting another cop be “above the law” by any means. Anyone who disagrees, you probably have been pulled over multiple times for speeding and ticketed for it, and like I said, if you’re a habitual offender, what do you expect exactly?

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