The Prosecution of Skylar Nemetz: Evidence of Firearms Proficiency

These videos were, in part, used by the prosecution in to demonstrate Skylar Nemetz’s experience with firearms. Also seen in the videos is Tarrah Danielle Nemetz — Skylar’s wife at the time, and the person he shot in the head at point blank range while allegedly attempting to clear an AR-15.

The following is excerpted from the report of Officer Darrell Moore, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: Skylar told me “I need to tell someone my story.” I directed the fire department personal to the apartment so they could administer medical attention. Skylar again stated, “I want to talk to you.” I stared at Skylar without saying anything. Skylar went onto say that he was in Yakima for field training with the military. Skylar said he returned home to his wife. Skylar said he loves his wife more than most other men, and that his love for her was special.

Skylar stated that he returned home from Yakima and he had left his wife with his rifle for her protection when he was gone. Skylar told me that he took out the magazine, and motioned taking out the magazine. Skylar said he was making the rifle safe, and for some reason he grabbed the rifle and shook it. I watched as Skylar demonstrated grabbing what I believed to be the upper portion of the rifle with his left hand and the lower portion of the rifle with his right hand. Skylar motioned holding the rifle at an approximately 45 degree cant. Skylar said, “I just shook it and it shot her.” Skylar began to make sounds as if he was crying, but I could see that he had no tears coming out. I also noticed that he had no tears during my entire contact with him. [End of report]

According to neighbors, they regularly heard yelling coming from the Nemetz residence.

Skylar initially told his neighbor that his wife Danielle had shot herself while she been cleaning a rifle.

On November 24, 2014, detectives traveled to Eureka, CA, to conduct interviews. Among those interviewed was Samatha Minton, who stated that she knew Danielle most of her life. According to Minton, Danielle had met Skylar online ~2 months before they married. Minton stated that she had observed odd behavior between the couple. For example, when Danielle and Skylar would visit, Skylar would drop her off and leave for the day while he visited friends.

Detectives also interviewed Michayla Yingling, who had known Danielle her entire life. Yingling confirmed that Danielle had met Skylar online two months prior to their marriage.

Yingling said Danielle never gave her any indication Skylar was being abusive. She knew that Skylar had broken Danielle’s cell phone, but she did not know the details. Yingling said Danielle never talked negatively about Skylar, but she got the impression that Danielle was being fake. Yingling stated that Skylar would not let Danielle come to her baby shower, and that Skylar was indecisive on wanting Danielle to get a job. Skylar would tell Danielle to get a job, and when she looked for a job he would tell her she didn’t need one. Yingling said Danielle just wanted someone to love her and take care of her.

Yingling said Danielle thought her new boss was attractive, and that Danielle had told her that her new boss used to be an underwear model. Yingling said she had a FaceTime session with Danielle and her boss, while they were out to dinner. Yingling was positive that Danielle would not cheat on Skylar.

Yingling said on the night Danielle died she had a FaceTime session with her at approximately 1600 hours. Yingling said nothing appeared to be out the ordinary, and that at one point Danielle had pointed the phone at Skylar, who had smiled and waved to her.

According to Mikala Rippeon, Danielle’s youngest sister, Danielle was always wearing long-sleeved shirts and turtleneck sweaters. Mikala remembered seeing what appeared to be fingertip bruises on Danielle’s arms.

On February 24, 2015, detectives contacted Skylar’s mother, Danetta Heller, as they had obtained information that she was possibly in possession of Danielle’s diary that was taken from her apartment after the homicide. The following day, Danetta confirmed that she was in possession of Danielle’s diary. Danetta stated there were some pages missing from the diary, but stated that she had not removed the missing pages. Danetta stated that she had removed the diary from the apartment because it contained information that she thought would be hurtful to her son, stating that Danielle was a “busy little girl.” After speaking with Skylar’s attorney, Danetta ceased to cooperate, however she turned over Danielle’s diary to Skylar’s attorney, who turned it over to the prosecutor. Several pages had been removed. There was an entry that was about a male named Kennedy, who Danielle had dated, stating that they were still having sex, and that Kennedy’s current girlfriend, Chloe, did not know. That entry was dated April 23, 2012, prior to Skylar and Danielle’s relationship.

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