The Gabby Petito Case

Mike and Tansey take a look at the Gabby Petito case from a cop perspective and look at the timeline of events. They also discuss other law enforcement news like border patrol whippings, NYPD crackdown of ATVs and a new California bill that is absolutely insane!

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  1. Mike I have a question for you if I’m carrying my pocket knife and get pulled over is it the same idea as a concealed gun (do I have to be like “officer before you say anything I need you to know that I have a pocket knife in my left front jeans pocket”)

  2. The reason leaders are throwing us into chaos is because they are helping bringing about the new world order. Their motto is order out of chaos. Their plan is in the dollar bill so nobody is with out excuse. They operate off applied consent. If you see something and ignore it or do not explicitly speak out against, they assume you have consented to it.

  3. The police officer also stated the law requires INTENT to cause an injury. An injury requires SUBSTANTIAL PAIN or PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENT. Neither party had substantial pain or physical impairment. Laundrie had minor scratches that hardly meets the criteria. The police did the best job they could do with the info they had at the time. Anyone who think otherwise is out of touch with reality.

  4. The most annoying thing I’ve seen regarding this case is everyone who watched this police body cam video has now become an expert on body language. And all the internet ninjas knew by his body language what a maniac Laundrie was. They all saw how dangerous he was but somehow the police didn’t. During the video her story his story and the witness they spoke to all had the same story.

  5. You are not playing all the key points… You forgot to add the footage of the second cop who came, comparing Gabby to his EX-WIFE.. He was so for Bryan side it is unreal. I also believe the first my have been more into solving this case if he wouldn't came on the scene. That just to name one…

  6. What a great day. I’m doing yard working listening in and hear my name and my review. To answer your question I’m retired living in South Carolina and trying to become a professional Pickleball player. Guns Up Giddy Up

  7. Just a thought here. (No need to make negative comments). Maybe if more missing persons had this exposure there would be less missing. More bad people would get caught. There would be more eyes looking out for everyone. Most people any more don’t want to get involved. But you can make anonymous phone calls to police if you see things not right. If my daughter went missing I would want people to watch for her.

  8. S.E.R.E was an amazing course. I was very fortunate to take it. I taught me many things that have helped me throughout my life. In simple times and in difficult times. Always be on the lookout for Casey Anthony.

  9. My buddies girl was acting a fool drunk at the river one day, then drove home wasted, my buddy get's home and she starts trippin about some dumb bullshit like him being mad she was kissing girls at the river. She's small but kinda muscular and started slapping and punching him, so I'm recording the phone call because I know most of the time if it goes to court, cops/judge/jury/prosecutor will believe that the guy is the aggressor, and if there's a DV call in Washington someone has to get arrested/taken in. Well during the phone call her dumbass flags down a cop DRIVING BY their house randomly and starts telling the cop he was abusing her. Well luckily they got a smart cop that could tell she was wasted and the aggressor, he never even so much as raised his voice to her during her hitting him, or the cop while he's explaining what happened and she's screaming. Luckily she got arrested so I didn't have to share my recorded call with the officer. My buddy didn't press charges because couples are retarded, and the cop asked me if I wanted to give him the phone call so he could escalate the case, (I kinda wish I did to this day cuz she sucked) but I told him no cuz my buddy didn't want her in trouble. lmao, good times

  10. Read in movie trailer announcer voice, "In order to catch the domestic abuser, the cop will first have to become…a rapist." That's what his voice at 1:15:00 reminds me of, hahaha, how Adam Corolla always talked about how it seemed on the TV show HACK, he always had to be an undercover rapist to catch criminals

  11. I got drug or medication sketchy vibes the second they pulled Brian out of the vehicle. She seemed just like a normal sad girl fighting with her boyfriend.

  12. Mike, dude, relax. Everytime you jump in and interrupt Tansey, which is every 2 seconds, you sound like a petulant child not a former enforcement officer.

  13. 56:40 No she didn't have a point there, They are the media they choose what stories they run. If too many stories for one group are running them why don't they run the other side. It's artificial drama they are the racist!

  14. Like, what's your obsession with trump? The guy was a 5 time draft dodger for Virtnam and is a pathological liar. All politicians are liars. How did we ever get to a point in this country where our choices for President are trump and biden? Neither of these dildos deserve our support and here they are playing you like a fiddle. Stop supporting B.S. candidates for public office.

  15. It looks like Australian cops are not cops anymore… they are storm troopers. Shameful displays coming out of Australia lately. Tyranny can’t be successful without enforcers. Disgraceful!

  16. Wouldn't he have run the plates before he got out of the car? Wouldn't he know it was HER van? and he locked her out of HER van? wouldn't you be upset? And he told her to "calm down" … just fyi, NEVER say that to a woman unless you want to escalate the situation. But evidence the cop was really out of touch, comparing her to his wife, getting buddy buddy with Brian, telling Gabby to go take a shower… another NEVER say that to a woman moment. And locking her in the back of his car? Why would she trust the police to listen? He already showed his bias. The female park ranger, not a cop, did recognize the abuse and counselled Gabby. "slight abrasions from her fingernails" You can't see emotional and psychological abuse, unless you are listening. This guy was not listening. He put words in her mouth. Neither said they loved the other, but he said they did. Huge red flag when she said she didn't drive HER van. This is why people say a mental health professional should be on the team, or more training in mental health for police.

  17. There were at least 3 reports. One man driving by said he saw Brian slap her. At least two witnesses that were at the coffee shop, closer, and for the entire fight said she was the aggressor. They said she was hitting him in the head and arms. That he pushed her against the van taking the keys, her phone, and getting in the van, locking doors. They said she 'clawed' her way into the drivers window and continued hitting him as he drove off. She told police she was still hitting him when they were behind them. I think this is why they had Brian roll up his sleeves to check for more cuts. They asked her why she was hitting him. Was she attempting to harm him as a way out for her. She in no uncertain terms suggested that it was pain compliance; punishment. Brian offered to go to jail in her place, and they offered not to arrest her or do a citation if he stayed in a hotel.
    Cops acted perfectly considering the facts and the system.
    Defund the police is actually a trollish name for some good ideas. Perfectly dealing with such situations is many different associates degrees, so why ask police to do that? Their job is the law, not being counsellors, parents, cat in tree retrieval devices, ext… Either police need doctorates or people need to stop asked them to solve every problem.
    Cops are the hammer and these loose screws didn't need to be beaten in. You wanted a screw driver.
    The police acted exactly as they should in this case. There was no required domestic evaluation option for them to implement. The choice was arrest her, or separate them with or without a citation. Those were the choices.

  18. This got picked up to sell shit in their commercials, be honest.
    They’re not going to sell much airing about the 50 African Americans shot every weekend in Chicago

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