The Future of Gun Safety?

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  1. That might be good for police if they have a RFID chip implanted in their hand or a ring with a RFID chip inside of it, that way the moment you pick it up it is unlocked and functional. That way the gun can't be stolen off the officer and used on him.

  2. I've been watching a lot of Live PD, which I really enjoy, but several times recently I noticed them finding a gun, and then when there was a round in the chamber, they made note of that as if it was illegal — as if it carried an extra charge. Like, the gun was not the worst thing, but the fact that there was a round in the chamber was a no-no.

    Is that because the gun was in possession of a felon/ someone who wasn't supposed to have it? Or is it possible that you're not allowed to carry with a round in the chamber in some states?

  3. How funny would it be if he went outside to get the mail after making this video and a black guy in a stolen cop car full of contraband crash’s into his neighbours front yard…

    Mike just tips his hat, you sir picked the right day!… strolls back inside

  4. “No way I would conceal carry and NOT have a round in the chamber ready to go… it might as well be a paper weight”

    I’ve never actually done either. But I know how to and can perform the motions of both throwing a handgun at somebody. At racking a round as I draw a handgun…

    What am I missing in the reality of this scenario?
    Are we not talking about approximately the same amount of time? Both have three motions that take similar amounts of time.
    Draw, cock back arm, throw
    Draw, rack round,take aim

    Same amount of time… is less than 2 seconds really going to make the difference john wick?
    And if you say yes, is that highly unlikely chance worth the risk of accidental fire or an innocent mishandling it? I wouldn’t think so.

    But as for having it loaded and easily retrievable… yeah I’m with you, defeats the purpose

  5. I have a 1911; It’s chambered in 10mm. I’ve always carried with one in the chamber. I pray every day I never have to use it. I just don’t want to get put in a situation where I am going to have to save my life or someone else’s and not be able to stop a threat immediately.

  6. The real gun safety is not letting cops own guns. Did you know that cops have shot 1400% more civilians in the last year than mass shooters have? Like fuck i'd rather have hang with isis than a cop. Last time a cop arrested me for taking E he made me call him daddy whilst pushing his batton into my ass. I didnt complain because i dont know the constitution and it wasnt all that unpleasant. Same thing happened to my ex-gf. Since then if i see a cop i just sprint off, like fuck that shit they gonna shoot me anyway.

  7. Nope, in a time when I can barely rely on my iPhone for “good” direction WHY WOULD I DO THAT. One more function is one more malfunction. NO NO NO.

  8. I cc with one in the chamber my bursa has a safety lever that’s off safe as I draw, and my xd has a safety “my finger”. at home my pistol is taken from my waistband to the dresser and that’s it no download. my 7yr old son knows were it is and knows not to mess with it my 3rd can’t reach it.

  9. While any death is tragic, deaths preventable by Gun safety are highly overblown along with all gun control. Some quick facts via CDC WISQARS and Wonder applications:

    1) US population is 327 million people…
    2) Total deaths in the US is 2.8 million…for all causes of deaths
    3) Medial diseases or conditions cause 2.6 million….out of 2.8 million deaths in the US. Yes 93% of all deaths are from medical conditions.
    4) Of the remaining 200,000 deaths in the US, the majority are from 65k from accidental poisons, 39k from Car accidents, 35k from accidental falls, 42k from suicides, 19k from homicides……
    5) Accidental firearm deaths are about 500….yes 500 deaths out of 2.8 million deaths in total out of 327 million in population.

    Also, anyone who hunts understands the value of education in preventing deaths and accidents from hunting. Since the 1970s, states began requiring Hunter education courses to help people understand the key issues that cause hunting accidents. Today, most states have extremely few fatal hunting accidents. In Texas, it was 2 in the last hunting season out of millions of licensed hunters.

    Also, the majority of most firearms are very safe and will not accidentally discharge. Such incidents are due to the person inadvertently pulling the trigger.

    None of this is meant to discount securing your firearm when appropriate.

    In short, “smart weapon technology” is more dangerous. Now I have to maintain power on my firearm, charge a battery, etc. Someone else who might need my weapon can’t use it, etc.

    Thanks for your video.

  10. I keep mine chambered in a unlocked safe high up enough my little one may not access it while home but if out the safe is locked with the key hidden.

  11. I kinda agree with you Mike, but think about the next steps this may go. For example if they made it so that if a gun were to leave from a certain distance away from someone it would lock. That means that if a fire arm were to be taken from an officer the suspect would not be able to us it. As rare as that is, if it saves one officers life that would be worth it to me. Technology has a lot of potential. On the other hand the more tech you add to a firearm the more likely something will go wrong with it.

  12. I agree that suppressors don't silence anything, however, the legal term as used by the ATF and the various laws regarding these devices (NFA) is "silencer". I'm only pointing this out because I see people getting "corrected" about this all the time. I look at it this way, both terms are correct enough to let you know what the person is talking about, so neither side should be correcting the other since both are technically correct.

  13. I can kinda understand the concept. However many guns already have safety features on them. Why add one more on to turn the gun into a jigsaw puzzle to actually use it. (especially in the case of an emergency)

  14. This is a terrible idea… They have created a safety product no one wants… Pro 2A don't want it because its sketchy and the RFID might not trigger… Anti 2A don't want it because it can be used to make the "See I can conceal and have (another) safety redundancy"…, As for carrying with a round in the chamber? Yes… If you are afraid the adrenaline dump might cause an unwanted discharge switch over to a double action single action and let the heavier trigger be your failsafe.

  15. This horse has been beaten many times on gun safety. Research, training, and practice then carry anyway you want because we can get into scenarios about one in the the chamber and one without all day long.Remember folks theirs pros and cons to everything. If you want to carry with one in the chamber cool if you want to carry without one in the chamber cool. It’s your choice. Also just because you have a gun doesn’t make you totally prepared always remember situational awareness because just because theirs videos of people who forget to take or disengage their manual safeties theirs also videos of criminals getting the jump on those who carry with one in the chamber. Let’s not always believe the hype. Research, train, and practice will always tell you what you can and cannot do not someone on a screen far far away no offense to Officer Mike or others.

  16. I could see a department purchasing this. The idea being that an officer could use their gun like normal but if a criminal grabbed their gun, the gun would get separated from the RFID chip and they wouldn't be able to use it. I'd be worried that you'd find out your mag ran out of batteries while your getting shot at. At any rate, the officer should have standard magazines on their belt that could be used to get a working firearm, if the system failed.

  17. Ok, I get the product. They're say that you can carry it with an RFID chip that would leave it unlocked when your the chip is near the gun and would lock it if the gun was separated from you. They also have a key so you can turn the feature off and just have a working magazine, whether it's near the gun or not.

  18. A lot of your commenters seem to live in some terrifying dystopian war torn country where they need to be locked, loaded and ready to deploy lethal force at any time and all the time. Must be hell.

  19. The purpose for this product is for if you get mugged for your handgun. It is a surprisingly regular occurrence and this stops the mugger from being able to effectively use the gun. It is cheaper alternative to biometric locks.

  20. I too am of the school that if ur gonna carry- it needs to be ready to utilize- we kept our weapons ready to use at home as well- we too taught our kids about firearms safety from VERY early on……I think this product has an interesting idea BUT…….my issue with it is as follows: so- my husband and I both have numerous health issues and frequently were 1-2 hrs away in the hospital ahike our kids were home (the oldest was over 14) and- I can tell u….I WANTED them to be able to pick up ANY weapon in our home and defend themselves- they had the knowledge and ability- seems same to me as smart guns w fingerprint technology- NO- for the issue I discussed

  21. With what you said about "one in the chamber."
    My shotgun you won't hear the classic "shick-shick." (Chick-chick) sound…. I will hear my door or window bust. It isn't live right now but all I need is one "Shick" or "chick" to change that.

    I don't want an accidental discharge but I don't want to be caught with my pants around my legs if something happens.

  22. I think this goes back to maybe if a kid gets ahold of your weapon, they couldn’t fire it because you have the lock. Could also be useful in the possibility of teenagers trying to take get ahold of parents guns for school shootings. That’s about all I could think of it being useful for. Self defense though, it’s taking 5 steps back.

  23. Well Mike the cop you said it best as a LEO you need your gun to operate at a seconds notice….So do civilians. Thanx for the video.

  24. Yes to round in the chamber, no to safety on my carry gun and absolutely no way at all would I put an electronic lock on my magazines. I specifically go out of my way to ensure my carry guns have no safety lock.

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