The Best Excuses Fake Cops Use to Real Cops

@CopsConsTV put a collaboration of all the fake cop videos that we have posted. Fake cops or police impersonators as they are called do an act that resembles a sworn police officer. It can be range from pulling over a citizen to having a fake cop investigate a scene with real officers. Jeremy DeWitte makes an appearance. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


48 thoughts on “The Best Excuses Fake Cops Use to Real Cops

  1. Lots of people watch their favorite cop drama and fall into a second dream career as fake patrol officers, fake detectives, fake FBI agents, fake U.S. Marshalls! LOL!

  2. Jeremy makes these guys look like rookies ! Dewitte sounds like he’s a real cop that fake cops are telling him he isn’t a real cop 😂😂😂

  3. “Just to figure out what the hell his deal is.”

    No… you were not just pulling someone over to have a nice little friendly conversation. Literally no one, in the history of ever, can ever just have a friendly conversation. Especially after having a firearm pulled on them. Stop lying 😂

  4. “We specialize in and focus on footage obtained from department issued body cameras worn on officers from around the country” and then use it on false copyright claims on YouTubers using the exact same publically available footage to play YouTubes system. You’re a joke channel.

  5. Police get abused, assaulted and sometimes shot at. Why someone would want to pretend to be one is completely incomprehensible to me.

  6. What is sooo frustrating is Ramsey ask great questions but then he lets douchebag Dewitte get away from answering !! Stay on it about why he wears a badge that says he is an expert shooter .. Jeremy has done that every time they ask about him in the armed forces ..

    It is ILLEGAL in all 50 state to convince people you are a police officer.
    It is TOTALLY LEGAL in all 50 states to convince people you are Batman
    …. Just putting it out there.

  8. this is an epidemic …did not realize the lunatics out there who actually go to such lengths pretending to be law enforcement…..i just cringe when they get caught, and hear their pathetic excuses.

  9. About the guy talking about pulling over the drunk driver, do you know what my aunt did once with me and her two sons (we were in the ages of 8 to 13) in her car, she noticed a clearly drunk driver in the car in front of us, she followed the guy and got on the phone with the cops telling them about the drunk driver and continued to follow him will keeping cops updated about our location, then when the drunk driver stopped for a stop sign, my aunt got out of the car walked over to the drunk drivers car and just pulled the keys out of the guys car and then stood there and scolded the man, after some time the cops showed up and took over. She didn't need body armor, gun belt, pepper spray, a gun a fake badge or a car painted like a police car, no she did all this in a dark red Thunderbird with 3 kids in the car.

    I realize that in the US you need to worry a bit about someone having a gun, but there are many things you can do to stop a drunk driver that doesn't involve having to pretend to be a cop. You don't have to be as bold as my aunt was and pull the keys out of their car, you could just follow them with your hazards on while telling the cops where you are, if they really are as drunk as you think they are they are unlikely to notice that they are being followed. If they come at you, you just reverse away from them or drive past them and stop in the distance and keep an eye out on them.

  10. Jail every fucking one of them – and seize their vehicles and equipment so they can't continue to be kiddie on cops, and revoke any firearms license they hold.

  11. I've heard the same fucking advertisements for so long over and over that I had to dislike the video. And will continue to do so for now own. What a great way to ruin Christmas

  12. There is an old guy chasing people in a Dodge Ram in Seffner FL with a gun in his belt. Stopping them and asking for ID's….so far people are just ignoring him…but at some point he is going to be shot…

  13. …the only people who "don't care about other people using their wifi" are the kinds of people who also have a password of "password" and constantly have their identities stolen…

  14. A lot of narcissist sociopathic behavior in society today. If you are not someone big and proud, you are going to definitely pretend to be someone you’re not and be proud of it and unyielding. The Bible predicted these times would come, among other things.

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