Thanks A Lot Fed Ex

In this Clip of the Off The Cuff Podcast Dave talks about his run in with rude Fed Ex Employees. If you enjoyed this clip be sure to check out the full audio version on Soundcloud or Itunes. You can also go subscribe to our Patreon (LINK BELOW) for as low as a dollar a month for the full video! Support the show partners as well!



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26 thoughts on “Thanks A Lot Fed Ex

  1. My wife was sitting on the couch on one side of our door and I was sitting at the dining room table on the other side of the door, we were both less than 10 feet from the door and I received a missed delivery notification. I opened the front door and found a missed delivery slip on the door. I checked our cameras and saw the FedEx guy walk up to my door and carefully attached the slip to the door without knocking and then walk away. I sent the video to FedEx customer service on Facebook and he no longer is our delivery driver. That was FedEx Air, my normal FedEx ground driver likes to leave packages without knocking but at least he puts the packages next to the door, the guy that subs for him likes to leave my packages either at the end of the driveway near the street or in the middle of the grass in our front yard. That video has also been sent to FedEx! At least FedEx actually comes to the house, I have had several packages from the post office that were never delivered even though they sent me a delivery notification. Only one ever showed up and that was three weeks after the scheduled delivery. Fortunately they were all replaced by the shipper and they even let me keep the extra package after they had already replaced the item.

  2. Fed Ex sucks!!  They don't knock and then they LIE to their supervisors saying they did!  Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired!!  These drivers just don't care. Sometimes they don't even stop because they are on a schedule and we will be discarded for that day!  Sometimes UPS does it too. The only one who gives great service is On Trac!

  3. Fedex ground drivers are not hired by the actual fedex company those guys all work for someone else and subbed out by Fedex all those guys giving Fedex a bad name

  4. I walked into speedway that shorted me a dollar said it was 3 when I handed him 4 I looked at the same dick head said oh you ripped me off before real loud amd walked out amd drove to the other speedway

  5. I FREAKING HATE FedEx, they take two weeks to ship something that should only take 4-5 days, and UPS sucks too! it also takes 2 weeks to ship from los angeles to houston texas. USPS takes 4 days

  6. Wow, I mean WOW. I've had my share of exceptionally rude to belligerent customer service/operator experiences but this sure puts a hold & a spin on any. That "Gayle" on the phone? Daaaamn. Maybe Gayle is [C]aren's sister! This all makes sense now that I recall all these times I wondered how in the hell I missed FedEx even though I swore I was home! Bastards.

  7. Similar story: I work in a facility that, among other things, services components that go into nuclear plants. (Possibly extraneous background: Electronic nuclear components are required to have backups in place, hooked-up, and sometimes an extra one on the shelf that is ready to go. If one of these things is not available at a plant, the resident NRC inspectors will put the unit on a timed shutdown order. Now these units produce up to 1.3 gigawatts (1300MW), so a shutdown for any length of time will cost millions of dollars.)
    A plant sent us a "must-have" module via…..FED-EX. In our warehouse is a loud bell (hooked up to a pushbutton), and generally there will be 2-4 personnel back there at any given time. Additionally, there's a backup…a telephone that hooks directly up to the main office. Of course, since we receive items for other labs also in our facility all the time, there are BOLDLY-PRINTED instructions there, too. You hear it coming….after not receiving the item at the expected time, we called FED-EX and were told that the driver stated that "we were closed"! This was on a Tuesday late morning with 50-60 cars in the parking lot. There's a guy with great powers of deduction. And the same deal roughly…the so-called manager was a dick and there was "nothing they could do". So guess who we advise everyone to not use for shipping anymore?

  8. Get a hold of "Freedom Toons" or "Brickoff Animations".
    And this is essentially EVERY FedEx experience I've ever had. The USPS will wrap packages in plastic and hide them behind my house. Meanwhile, three times I've gotten the "This was our third attempt. Please come to our warehouse to pick up your package" while NEVER getting any knock or anything the first time.

  9. The amount of people in these comments that think they know what they're talking about is nuts. The big selfish delivery guy is just out to get you, isn't he.

  10. The amount of people in these comments that think they know what they're talking about is nuts. The big selfish delivery guy is just out to get you, isn't he.

  11. So…FedEx isn't union.,If customer service told you that a driver gets off at a specific time THEY lied to you. FedEx records ALL incoming calls to the customer service center, and last of all, why would a driver go to all the trouble to come to your door AND write/scan a door tag, Just to lug the delivery back to his truck without making a good faith attempt to deliver it. The truth is in my two years working for FedEx, the people who consistently acted like assholes to ME were in fact cops. Now maybe someone can explain that to me? PS: Love the channel

  12. You know lie when he said he "rang twice." AL those delivery guys are the same. They ring 1 time, their leave your package at the door or leave a (pre-written) note on the door a are back in their truck before you can open your door. If something heavy, they won't even try to deliver it. They'll just mark "delivery attempted" in their tablet, drive around with your package and drop it off the post office (where you can pick it up if you want. (I was home and tracking the age via app.)

    One time, I was waiting for a monitor from Dell. I was in a back bedroom putting away laundry. I walked to the door and saw the driver pulling off in his truck. My car was in the garage,so it looked like perhaosnobody was home. I looked down and there was my toting riight in front of the door…in a big box labeled Dell with a picture of a flatscreen monitor on it. If I had been out, I wonder if the monitor would have still been there when I got back?

    Med it later. Walking slower than I had, it took me 10-12 seconds to get to my front door and open it. After ringing the doorbell, it would have taken 8-10 seconds to reach the delivery van at a casual pace.


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