Suspect plays hot potato with SWAT’s flash bang during raid!!!

On January 18th, 2019 the Cibola County Multi Agency Narcotics Taskforce SWAT team conducted a warrant in Milan NM. The warrant appears to go down text book! Watch as it unfolds from the SWAT operators point of view.

The suspect was amazingly able to capture the SWAT flash-bang device as it was thrown into the home but it still distracted him enough to get him into custody.

Inside the home some drugs(meth & marijuana) and cash were located. The suspect David Martin was arrested on a felony “no bond” arrest drug warrant and booked into jail on the warrant and new charges. All charges are pending in state district court in New Mexico. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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34 thoughts on “Suspect plays hot potato with SWAT’s flash bang during raid!!!

  1. What a fucking waste of time. It’s drugs. Ppl choice to do them. There is no victim so there should be no crime. Smfh. Go after the ppl raping kids and shit not ppl using and selling drugs. If he was killin ppl I could see this being ok other then that stop wasting time and money

  2. The ultimate entrapment is the CIA bringing dope into the country, then local and State law enforcement busting the people who sell it. It is just the best thing ever. Who could imagine? Just ask Bill Clinton. He knows all about it, and he's not alone.

  3. I’m a civilian and I regularly am trained by and with retired LEO’s (they’re all former FTO’s, Sgt’s, K-9’s, etc. – all very good well experienced and knowledgable), so I’m what you call very LE-friendly/supportive.

    That said, unless that suspect was a known dangerous violent offender who – based upon best, reliable information – would have been more than likely to use deadly force in resisting arrest, WTF would a SWAT unit be doing serving a no-knock warrant in the middle of the night for what “appears” to be a low-level dope bust? Maybe I missed the stacked bricks of coke piled up in the background along with the bales of marijuana, but if the perp was a small time bad guy then why not just make the arrest out in broad daylight then use a search warrant to search his residence thereafter?

    In this instance, the perp looks to have been dealing – so OK, bad guy needs to go down for dealing shit that hurts people, I’m more than good with that. However in this situation the use of force “appears” (since admittedly, I don’t know anything more than what was shown in the video) excessive and all out of proportion with the crimes of dealing and possession.

    One other point, no-knocks have a long and repeated history wherein a “mistake” was made and LE hitting the wrong house wherein the occupants were all honest, law-abiding citizens and those innocent citizens get shot/killed as a result (as sometimes do the cops involved).

    For the record (and my wife and I are both squeaky-clean, and very pro-LE), if someone comes into our house in the middle of the night without knocking on the door and properly announcing themselves first, then we’re going to assume that the person(s) involved is(are) a perp(s) up to no good and said perp(s) is(are) going to die when we open fire in self-defense.

    No-knocks, except in very limited circumstances, serve no useful purpose except to endanger everyone involved. Further and because no-knocks versus an officer-served search warrant are much more likely to “hit” the wrong address and end up resulting in harm/death to both innocent citizens and LEO’s, no-knocks should be reserved for situations involving only the most dangerous violent offenders.

  4. But big pharisaical companies are getting people addicted every day. Nothing is done with them, because it helps keep this fucked up system, we serve, going. You cops need criminals more than you need good people, think about it. Everyone knows this so-called "war on drugs" is a huge scam that just keeps the system going as well. Heroin has been around for a long time but we never saw an epidemic to the point every damn family in this country was affected by it, until we went to war with The biggest producer of the poppy seed in the world (Afghanistan). At the same time, Oxytocin was being produced and pushed out by every damn doctor in this country because it all comes down to $$$.
    If they wanted kids to grow up and be well-rounded individuals who are productive, then ask yourself why they do not teach Emotional Intelligence. They do not want people who are capable of thinking rationally, or logically. THINK ABOUT IT. Nowadays, in most households, women need to work as well in order to feed the family, so there goes the one who puts common-since, (morals/ values) into these little minds. Sorry MEN, but if you are truly a MAN you would see that your sex has run things into the ground. Not that I am bashing on men, but let's be real people.
    I would love to know what you think about – "Operation Northwoods". See back in 1962 the United States of America wanted to go to war with Cuba so the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense came up with a plan called Operation Northwoods to justify to the American people why we attacked Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    That plan included hijacking American planes and flying them into civilian buildings, amongst other forms of sabotage and blaming it on Cuba. Giving the appearance of "Terrorism" to rally the American public in support of a war with Cuba. This happened during the Cold War, and JFK refused to initiate. JFK kept the Cold War from escalating into a full-scale nuclear war. We are supposed to learn from history, so it’s not repeated.
    This all happened before 9/11. It is only rational to wonder since it was all written down in the first place. It's only logical to come to a hopeless conclusion about something you believed so strongly in is the terror of the world. You should be PISSED OFF.
    This is a government of the money, by the money, for the money. Corporations rule this world and the majority seem to know it but nothing is ever done to change it. If, and when a solution comes people seem to just fight about it. Everyone seems to want to argue about everything anymore. What a great example we set.
    Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn't think about solutions. If a solution comes up we face millions trying to shut it down. If its anything against what these elites want you to believe or do, they will stop at nothing to change things in their favor. The Left-wing and the Right are part of the same damn bird. They fight (smokescreen) to make you think they are fighting for you but, all they do is cause division to control the majority.
    They have used technology against us for so long. Instead of using it to better humanity, it is being modified for money. Meaning, they make these PlayStation, X boxes, etc. to become addictive and do everything they can to make sure you spend $$$. We could harness the energy, have perpetual motion, and so many other inventions that could free us, but the government's (Corporations) buy then so we never hear about them. Over 5,000 inventions our US government has brought up that we know of. If they cannot find a way to monopolize it, they don't use it.
    If you were raised to worship a tomato by the people who love you, and they said that you would have everything a man could dream of if you just do something. Even if that "something was horrific, the majority would believe it. I don't care if you are offended by that either, matter fact, you should be enlightened. Remember the Salem Witch Trials?
    The point is all of humanity can be misled and has been for a very long time. They have taught us to fear one and other. Instead of spreading love, the only thing that survives under this monetary system is hate, think about it.
    Look up where your phone came from, or your clothes, computer, toilet paper, etc. So many people are misled and lied to. Like it or not your stuff comes from slave labor, we just do not call it that anymore. If it were made in America 90% of the population could not afford it. Therefore, it is our fight. So many are worse off, and they absolutely have no clue what to do about it all.
    Kids shooting up a school, millions addicted to drugs, and the "mentally ill". 70% of them are just confused and they do not know how to deal with their own damn feelings, let alone know how to express them. So long as we live under this monetary system, we will take advantage of cheaper labor/"slave labor".
    Meanwhile, (80%) of the WHOLE world’s population lives on LESS than $10 a day. How can any civilized human be “OK” with that? This world is not going to be destroyed by those who do evil, but it is by those who do nothing to stop them. Modern slavery is a brutal reality around the world.
    They are using racism, feminism, and all these other (isms) to divide the people, pitting blacks and whites, the Left vs Right, all of us against each other. Many people don't even like people they call family anymore. Because of their own political beliefs. Think about the tactics they use, we see, hear, and feel all this racism, feminism, multiculturalism, etc. They don't even need obedient workers anymore, they can automate and use robots. Sowing the seeds now so when they cut the jobs off the money, off the food off- we will destroy each other while they sit back drinking mimosa.
    The Global Slavery Index published by the Walk Free Foundation estimates that 45.8 million people are in some form of Slavery in 167 countries. 58 percent of people in slavery are living in just five countries: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. The history we learn about in our schools is biased and causes so much hate. I am not saying we should hide from the past but if it is being taught all of it should be taught.
    No one should expect a whole race to take accountability for things that happened before they were even born. That itself is Racist and ignorant as hell. That with the fact that they leave out so much. Think about it people, honestly, if we want to live side-by-side with others and call everyone equal, then we must make everyone EQUAL.
    Imagine a classless system. A world without the monetary system would be a CLASSLESS world. No poor, middle, or rich class of people. Imagine a place where your home, food, clothing and everything is free. We are the only things on this planet that are stupid enough to enslave ourselves to pay for living. If we keep heading in this direction, freshwater will become Gold and do Not think these elites are clueless about this fact either. President George W. Bush bought 298,840 acres of land in Paraguay because the land sits on top of the biggest freshwater aquifer on planet earth. Aquifer Guarani covers roughly 460,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. What do you think this world will look like when water is the new GOLD? Do you want your children to live in a savage world? It all comes down to what do you want for your children?
    All I am saying is our children can have a beautiful world, full of peace, or they could have what humanity has always had, and I for one, think we can do so much better. Rome had a monetary system too.
    We should be living in Star Trek times, but these fools behind this monetary system don’t want that, just think about it. The last thing they want is a society of freethinkers, who are capable of figuring them out. They do not want people sitting around talking about how hard they have been screwed by this system. When two people work their whole lives from 14 to 65 and now one has cancer and the other heart problems yet they can't afford health insurance, our system sucks.
    If they wanted intellectual people then Emotional Intelligence along with morals and values (integrity) should be taught throughout one's life. The more I looked into things, as I was home-schooling, I began to see we just indoctrinate our children into this society. We tell them not to be different, not to have their own opinions or if they do, then they are different from everyone else like it's a bad thing.

  5. The answer to injured or hurt is always yes. Just lay there. Be non responsive at the hospital.. do not say or sign anything due to injuries.

  6. "Do you hear me!?"

    Uhh, no dude. You just flashbanged him so I dont think he can. Lol


    Hahahaha what fucking douchebags.

  7. 3:50 HE DIDN'T CAUGHT IT, WATCH THE VID IN SLOW MOTION & YOU WILL SEE The suspect had his right hand on the door handle the entire time & his left was on the wall/door jam supporting his entire weight bc he was leaning outward so far, he had to push his body back into the house using his LH only & the flash bang was thrown as soon as the door started closing. The cop threw the FB to the suspect right side & up high, YOU CAN SEE IT FLYING THRU THE AIR PAST HIM.

  8. Police officer: "Are you injured or hurt"?
    Suspect: silence.
    Police officer: "Are you injured or hurt"?
    Suspect: Silence.
    Police officer: "Are you injured or hurt"?
    Suspect: "Flash! bang! I'm deaf."

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