State Senator Asks for Police Protection Then Kicks Them Out of His Home!!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained a 911 call and body camera footage from Albuquerque Police and New Mexico State Police of an incident that occurred in late October 2020 with State Senator Jacob Candelaria requesting police to investigate an alleged threat he received via voice mail on his phone.

Albuquerque Police Department made contact with the Senator via a cell phone conversation and New Mexico State Police went to his actual residence.

New Mexico State Sen. Jacob Candeleria berated state cops, threatened to call Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on them, and ordered them to leave his apartment when he didn’t like what they had to say about an allegedly threatening phone message Candelaria received over the weekend, the State Police lapel camera of the call shows.

“Please don’t talk down to me because I will get the governor, on the phone, or whoever, because I don’t understand why this is my problem,” Candelaria told the three state police officers who came to his Albuquerque apartment to get more information about the alleged threat.

He repeatedly told the cops that he was a state senator and that he and his husband were going to leave town because they didn’t feel safe after the phone call.

“You may not have respect for me, but I am a member of the Senate,” Candelaria, an Albuquerque Democrat, told the officers. “I took an oath, to this day, and I don’t deserve to have my life threatened.”

Candelaria complained to the officers that he had reported the threat about 13 hours earlier and was disappointed that it took so long for officers to show up. “I’m Senator Jacob Candeleria. I received a death threat last night at two o’clock in the morning,” Candeleria told the officers. “So I got a death threat. My husband and I are leaving the city of Albuquerque right now because we don’t feel safe. I don’t know what it’s going to take. It’s been thirteen hours, guys, thirteen hours.”

At one point an officer asked Candeleria to sit down. Candelaria replied:

“No. I’m a senator. This senator is getting ready and leaving. I was told that you were coming to help us leave town. So Senator Candelaria and his husband are leaving their home. If you want to watch us while we get in our car and go out and tell them to protect our lives.”

Candelaria originally welcomed the officers into his home, but he got angry when the officers said they were working on finding the man who made the alleged threat.

Candelaria played the voice message for the officers. It said, in part: “You don’t know what it means to be an American.You’re a stupid motherfucker, and we’re going to get you out one way or another. Fuck you.”

After playing the message for the officers, Candelaria asked them, “So is that a threat gentlemen?”

When an officer replied, “Sir, that’s how it can be interpreted,” Candelaria kicked them out of his house.

“Leave my house. You are asked to leave,” Candelaria said. You don’t have a warrant. You don’t have the authority to be here. Get out.”

No charges from this case have been filed. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


49 thoughts on “State Senator Asks for Police Protection Then Kicks Them Out of His Home!!!!

  1. People that make those threats are full of crap. If somebody is going to do something, they just do it. He’s LITERALLY getting all worked up and upset, which is EXACTLY what those callers want. They’re sitting back enjoying the show in a manner of speaking. No pun intended, but he’s being a drama _____.

  2. An unstable prima-donna. But doxing anyone, even a sensitive jackass like him, super not ok to release his home address.
    Police should have censored that, and any YouTube channel certainly should edit out his home address.

  3. For over 10 years I was threatened with death every single day and nobody did anything! And the possible murderer lived in the same house as I did!
    Then my brother and I grew up and moved away and ended up as good friends.

  4. He's so bizarre like now I realized the governor was at their wedding and then sued the governor for mismanaging covid relief funds (Krqe), it looks like he flip flops so much that I have no idea what's goes on in his head lol

  5. Jesus, what a woos! That was not a death threat. At least not a direct one. He is too delicate to be a senator, an entitled prick, and he is a racist to boot.

  6. Actions have consequences Senator. You tried to use 911 for your political enhancement and your acting was even worse than Jussie's, maybe you can get a spot on Empire. Although I actually agree with many of his political views, i.e. Political Partisanship is bad, protested the lockdowns. But you can't rule without criticism, and that was not a death threat, just strongly worded, emotional vote.

  7. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Who does he think he is talking to 911 Operator in an insulting manner then police arrive at his home and he treats the police just as badly !!! NO wonder he's getting death threats 😂🤣😅🙄

  8. I think I saw a video of 2 uniformed police officers arrive at a anti police politicians home and he bad mouthed the cops . Then he started crying like a drama queen . LOL . You get what you deserve when you abuse your authority

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