Star College Basketball Player Busted at DWI Checkpoint

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from a January 12th, 2020 incident of former Kansas and University of New Mexico basketball star Carlton Bragg being arrested for suspicion of DWI.

Bragg was on his way home from downtown and drove through a DWI checkpoint at Coal and Broadway. Officers conducted a series of field sobriety tests. Bragg didn’t do well on the first test and continued to turn his head when the officer asked him to move his eyes from side to side. Then, the officer tried another test, and Bragg tried making excuses.

Officers arrested Bragg on suspicion of DWI and a search found marijuana. This isn’t the first time Bragg has been in trouble. He is being accused of rape and has a few moving violations.

Bragg was kicked off the University of New Mexico men’s basketball team after these incidents.

Bragg has pleaded not guilty to the aggravated DWI and marijuana possession. As far as the other case involving rape, Albuquerque Police are still investigating and have not formally charged him.

His DWI and marijuana case are pending for a later this year. Bragg has been suspended indefinitely from the UNM Lobo’s men basketball team. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Star College Basketball Player Busted at DWI Checkpoint

  1. Everyone's acting like the police are doing him wrong. He chose to drink and drive. He chose not to comply. They chose to follow the law and not listen to his BS

  2. He’s having a tantrum like a toddler that doesn’t get his way! You’re a grown man…act like it! Oh my gosh, what a baby! The longer I watch this, the worse it gets!

  3. 6’11 that’s a big boy! Threw his chance at the NBA in the trash. He doesn’t understand no means no and you don’t get special privileges bc you can ball.

  4. my buddy got a DUI for driving down the street to pick up a carry out pizza he only had a couple beers…since then he won't even get behind the wheel if he's had a single swallow of alcohol….DUI's are no joke, order a lyft or uber

  5. "Are you serious"?

    Yes, aggravated DUI. And later, rape. I'm guessing you asked that cop if he was serious too, you're so entitled Karen.

  6. I don't think he's stupid, like most ppl he simply doesn't like being restricted. However, I do think police in general get a thrill out of controlling ppl. They unnecessarily delay sobriety tests and use language they know will get a rise out of ppl. Just do the test, if a person fails lock them up. Stop all the drama. I get frustrated just watching them.

  7. What is wrong with these kids? Why do they all think they have the constitutional right, to do whatever, whenever. Where does this bs come from? When they see what tends to happen to people that think they don't have any legal obligation to comply with officers' commands? It never goes well… How did they grow up, without seeing a single episode of Law & Order, or some cop shows. ffs lol

  8. On December 22, Bragg was suspended indefinitely after being accused of attempted rape.[26] After missing three games, he was reinstated on January 3, 2020.[27] On January 12, Bragg was dismissed from the team after he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and marijuana possession.[28] Bragg averaged 12.6 points and 10.3 rebounds per game as a senior in 15 games

  9. “I have a broken ankle.”
    “When was that?”
    “2nd grade.”


    (Okay I know that’s not what he said, but that’s more or less what I heard when he said he broke it two years ago. Sheesh)

  10. cannabis is now legal in this state. These "police" like Alba won't be busting people for that any longer. Alba's department or Alba might want to adjust that attitude, because one of these days, someone might decide to SUE.

  11. Ewww dude. His smile when he said "you're a lot taller than me". I'm not very far into the video and this guy is already getting under my skin

  12. It's time that people realize its at the discretion of the officer to test you how they see fit, if they notice something off about you, even if you think you passed some physical basic drink driving tests they can ask for a breathalyzer. There are no laws governing this to say oh well you were able to stand with your foot 6" off the ground and count. You just do not get off scott free, if you are trying to dodge blowing a .080 or whatever, and asking questions over and over again to delay proceedings is resisting. This particular guy something is def up too, just slightly off with his thoughts.

  13. When the officer said "it will be all over your paperwork" I was so surprised that he didn't oppose to the word paperwork. Well, turns out he just needed a minut to process 😆

  14. The officer forgot to say 'Can I ask you a question' before asking a question. That is why he is not answering.. It is like Simon says, but the drunk version.

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