Sovereign Citizen Gets Shut Down

On January 18, 2022, Las Cruces Police Officer Joshua Milks was working as the crisis intervention coordinator for the Las Cruces Police Department when he was dispatched to the city library at 200 East Picacho for a trespassing incident involving a sovereign citizen. Library manager Margaret Neill had called about a male, later identified as Steven Mackmiller, who was refusing to wear a face covering in the library. At the time, a governor’s order was in effect that required face coverings all businesses. New Mexico’s mask mandate was lifted by the governor one month later, on February 17, 2022.

The following is from Officer Milks’ report, lightly edited for clarity and brevity: when I arrived on scene, I could see Mackmiller, Neill and a security guard all standing by the library computers. Mackmiller stated that he just wanted to print out four pages of a document and complained that the staff was not allowing him to conduct his business. I explained to Mr. Mackmiller that he needed a face covering and he told me that he is an American “something” — that basically means he does not have to follow laws.

I dismissed his claim and felt that arguing the law with Mr. Mackmiller would be pointless. He was recording our interaction on a camera and seemed to have his ‘sovereign speech’ rehearsed, so I took a stern approach and asked Mackmiller to either put on a face covering or leave the library. He continuously refused to put on a face covering so I told him that he could either leave, or he would be arrested for trespassing. Mr. Mackmiller wanted a supervisor, but I wanted him out of the library. In case the confrontation turned physical, I wanted to be outside. Mr. Mackmiller stated that he felt “threatened.” He then walked to the front door, and refused to continue. I identified Mackmiller and checked him for wants and warrants; I wanted to ensure I was completely done with him, before I made him leave the property.

During this process, Mackmiller requested a supervisor and I told him to go across the street. He refused, and wanted one on scene so I called Sergeant McCord over the radio to meet with us. I explained to Mackmiller that he would need to leave the property while waiting for a supervisor. I felt that Mackmiller was using the request for a supervisor to prolong his ability to be in the parking and to also test what kind of response he would get from me. Throughout the interaction, I felt that Mackmiller was testing me to see if he could bait me into a physical interaction with the intention of suing me, the city or the department. Each time I explained to Mackmiller that he would be arrested, he curbed his behavior. Mackmiller requested that I write a police report for this incident, so by policy I gave him a case number and documented this report.

I believe that Mackmiller got upset when he realized that I was not going to give him the response he wanted. Consequently, he walked off. Mackmiller told me that he would sue me and that I should wait to expect something in the mail. I waited as Mackmiller walked off before going inside to interview Ms. Neill. Neill said that MMackmiller refused to wear a face covering even after they offered him one, or several other suggestions on what he could wear as an approved covering.

In my conversation with Ms. Neill she also expressed the feeling that Mr. Mackmiller was just looking for a reaction that he could record and publish for whatever alternate motives he has.

I was out of trespass cards at the time, so I went back to the station to pick one up and give it to Ms. Neill. [End of report]

I have not been able to find any indication that Mr. Mackmiller sued anyone in relation to this incident. A search of PACER for “Steven Mackmiller” turned up only a 1999 bankruptcy filing by a “Steven Ross Mackmiller” — a different person.


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  1. To be fair to the dude, these mandates never were Law, they always were unconstitutional and on top of that, fucking ineffective! It never was about "public health", it always was about compliance into submission.
    The first part, the guy was right but then the "sovereign" bullshit completely destroyed any chance of reasoning with that cop.

  2. Thank you to the LEO for shutting down the sovcit bs without answering his questions and caving to his demands. This is how sovcits should be handled.

  3. Well you just violated his first amendment and Fourth amendment rights your dipshit officer and you don't know the laws he did nothing illegal in order to be trespassed from a public place you have to commit a crime wearing a mask is only recommended it's not a law and it's a public place not a private business I hope he takes you to court

  4. I mean, our US Constitution provides SO MANY rights and protections (IF you exercise these rights), why do these 'soverignites' feel the need to go down a rabbit hole? It is a mystery.

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