Skylar Nemetz, Moments After Killing His Wife

From the report of Officer Thomas Rodridguez, lightly edited for clarity:

On October 16, 2014, at approximately 1802 hours, I responded to 8509 82nd St SW #5-301 in Lakewood, Washington, with several other Lakewood police officers for a reported accidental shooting. Initially, we were advised a person had accidentally shot himself with a rifle. However, we were updated while en route to the location that a female had possibly been shot by her husband.

I arrived at the scene with Officers Moore, Holthaus, and Moody. Neighbors directed us to the incident building and stated that the occupant was still inside. We called out and a male subject, later identified as Skylar Nemetz, came downstairs to us. He was wearing a white t-shirt and dark colored shorts. There appeared to be blood on his clothing and possibly on his hands. His face was distorted as if he was crying. The male was detained by Officer Moore. Officers Holthaus, Moody, and I went to the apartment and entered it to search for victims.

After clearing the living room and kitchen, Officer Holthaus and I entered a bedroom and located a female seated in a chair at a computer desk. Her head was laid back, and on her right shoulder. Her arms were limp at her sides as she was in the chair. There was a large amount of blood coming from her head that had collected on the floor beneath her. She was unresponsive, and I felt no pulse at her carotid artery. There was a computer monitor facing the female. The monitor was off and the screen was broken — there was a circular hole with radiations extending from its center; it was apparent something had struck the screen.

No other occupants were located in the apartment.

I observed an expended silver colored shell casing at the entrance to the bedroom. It appeared to be consistent with a 5.56 mm or .223 caliber rifle round. I left the apartment as fire department personnel entered, and did not return to the apartment.

I went down to my patrol car and I saw Nemetz seated on my bumper. Officer Moore was with him, and Moore asked to be relieved so he could speak with Sergeant Evans. I relieved Moore.

As I stood near Nemetz he asked me if his wife was “gone.” I told him that I thought so, but that the fire department was still with her. Nemetz was making sobbing sounds and stated, “I don’t know why I can’t cry.” I noticed that Nemetz’ cheeks were dry, and I saw no tears. Nemetz then stated, “It was an accident.” He paused and then stated, “I’m a bad man. I’m a bad man.” I did not say anything to Nemetz.

Officer Moore returned to my vehicle, moved Nemetz to another police vehicle and secured him there.

Coming soon, the police interrogation of Skylar Nikolas Bear Nemetz, police interviews of friends of the deceased — Tarrah Danielle Nemetz, and additional footage associated with the investigation and prosecution of Skylar Nemetz.

If you don’t know the basics already, the complete story will emerge in time. Hang tight for part two… however to get things started, you should know that Skylar Nemetz was a gunner in the military. He grew up around firearms and was a firearms expert. Nemetz would later state, among other things, that he pointed his AR-15 at the back of his wife’s head and pulled the trigger. He just didn’t know the gun was loaded.

Some background information regarding gun safety: there are ways to clear a gun. Pointing it at the back of someone’s head and pulling the trigger certainly works, but — for obvious reasons — that’s not how it’s done. Of all people, Skylar Nemetz knew that.

Extensive photographic records from the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Nemetz will be uploaded to Patreon shortly.

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  1. To fake hurting someone shows the desire and intent but the lack of balls. If he did fail clearing it and assumed it was empty his arrogance granted him the balls he didnt have. He spared her from a lifetime of him.

  2. People that are genuinely upset after doing something they regret tend to keep quite as they are in shock over everything. The fact he babbled on so much shows he really didn't give a fuck over what happened and just wanted to try make himself look good for the court proceedings he knew would be coming his way.

  3. If he's faking insanity, why would he or anyone else for that matter, choose that strategy? Don't they know that spending time at an institution for people with severe mental health problems is much worse than being in prison, especially if you're not supposed to be there? And when you've had enough and want to go to regular prison and claim that you're not really insane and that it was all an act, they won't believe you and just drug you down. This guy shows the same narcissistic and selfish traits that other "actors" like Nikolas Cruz (who is being sentenced right now).

  4. I Wish 1 they didn't mention the camera and 2… they would say certain things over that radio that he can hear…
    OMG I need to speak to a chaplain… a lawyer… um I mean priest… One sick human… also love how he says everything before his wife most of the time… my life… the military etc etc.. my wife…. go rot!

  5. Goodness, he spent the whole time, trying to psych himself up, to show emotion. Is it psychotic or pathological, where you don't have emotions, but you fake it? It's like he's trying to rehearse lines.

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