Serial Police Impersonator on Trial, Part II: “This Defendant is a Danger!”

Continued from Part One, available at Note that this is a ‘highlights’ version of the full, hour-and-a-half-long recording. It is presented in this manner because the first quarter of the full version is fairly slow-moving. Watching this video should help you determine whether you’d like to hear the rest.

The full version is available on Patreon now. If for any reason that’s not your speed, it will be publicly available for free this weekend.

Regarding Jennifer Burton’s 2016 calls to 911, greater context will emerge in time. Suffice it to say that those calls got the ball rolling on a series events that may surprise you.





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46 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator on Trial, Part II: “This Defendant is a Danger!”

  1. Life long FL resident and every funeral I've attended the "escort" has a person already in place all through the route. Never saw or experienced anyone flying past the procession to get to the next light or turn. Not to mention totally disrespectful to the families and funeral homes. This dude is dangerous and glad to see him in FL Correctional for a long stay. Hope he's aware that sex predators aren't particularly well liked in prison.

  2. You never know. God might have plans for him to turn his life around and getting his attention could be jail. When God wants our attention, he will put some act right in a person to get it. Ijs…

  3. Rania on Tinder, you on Ashley Madison where is Jennifer in all this?? Wow Jeremy, it's never ending with so many twists and turns, you're a model hated citizen.

  4. Ok what idiot thought it to be a good idea to have crushed ice and pitcher of what (conveniently set next to mic) instead of the standard cold bottles of water that can be a accessed without making a ruckus? I’d bet anything that is Jeremy trolling the court by purposely making as much annoying sounds as possible. Haha haha

  5. Let’s be honest here…Mr Dimwitt obviously failed to become a police officer so HAD to become a toy cop in order to fulfill his deep sense of insecurity and live out his power trip over others.
    He’s such a sad insecure little man.

  6. tbh I've watched a few videos of this guy and am still major confused by it all, here in the UK anyone acting like the police and using sirens or blue lights would be locked up without question yet this company can legally do this?. The fact they can is really only the fault of whichever laws allows this and the fact they can go on a power trip and act like the police again, is really only condoned by whichever law allows them to act like this so I can't understand for the life of me why this is allowed or tolerated, the only people that should be able to have blue lights or sirens are the emergency services, not some third party private company who have no law enforcement rights whatsoever, very very strange laws which should be changed to prevent this type of company/individual from purporting to be police.

  7. Unsafe operation, reckless driving are not felony offences? endangerment? they should just ticket his red light and speeding offences. When he stops people from travel it is in a sense illegal detention, kidnapping? there is a charge for threats too which his yelling may apply.

  8. It's unbelievable the amount of emergency resources these people use. We should create some system to track or something and start billing. I think we all know with Dewitte but Miss Burton has totally ruined her credibility if she has some issue in the future. Any reasonable attorney could tear her apart on the stand.

  9. I'm really surprised that through all of the escorts he's provided…and ALL the times he's screamed at folks and such….I'm REALLY surprised that nobody has ever drug him off that bike, and just BEAT the dogshit out of that boy. Right in front of everyone on the streets. THAT would have been worth a YEAR of Good time…for sure!!

  10. If J twit had took on board his behaviour was inappropriate after his first arrest, then he wouldnt be in this mess but his aggressive manor and narcissistic attitude is why he is where his is today,he knows exactley what hes done in every situation hes put himself in ,he just thinks hes above the law otherwise he wouldnt of carried on behaving like he does.

  11. This is going to be a tough trial, as the Supreme Court Ruled this past year that individuals wearing military uniforms impersonating soldiers is not illegal. But, just the individual expressing the Right Of Expression". So, the only thing they can really get him on is enforcing laws illegally without legal authority.

  12. Just out of curiosity, exactly how fast do funerals have to move ??? Is it like a race where everyone tries to do it the fastest and best each other’s records ? Seems like an insane amount of speed for delivering a dead body.

  13. If he gets out of these charges, the justice system in this country is irretrievably broken. He’s skirted and challenged the authorities at every turn simply to satisfy his personal need for celebrity and power. It’s really sad the amount of time and manpower that’s been expended for this pathological liar and fool. One day he’ll kill or injure an innocent. It’s just a matter of time.

  14. 911 Operator: 911 what's your emergency?
    Jennifer Burton: Yes I call 5 seconds ago, can you tell the officers to stop at Chick-fil-A before they get here? I've gotten very hungry waiting for them to finally show up.K thanks

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