Serial Police Impersonator Jeremy DeWitte Faces Judge on Domestic Violence Charges!!

@CopsConsTV obtained a court recording of serial police impersonator Jeremy DeWitte appearing before an Orlando County judge on charges of a domestic violence incident on April 8th, 2021.

Dewitte was arrested on April 7th, 2021 after his girlfriend called 911 because she thought she broke her foot when it was slammed into a car door. According to the affidavit Fire and Rescue came to the scene. The victim says Orlando Police tried to persuade her to file charges against DeWitte.

The alleged victim said she is not in fear of DeWitte.

The victim is asking the State’s Attorney’s Office to dismiss the charge. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


46 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator Jeremy DeWitte Faces Judge on Domestic Violence Charges!!

  1. How is this guy in judge he can’t think of a better lie than this started with the situation not so good. As a judge you think you would sound more official and say well Mr. Dan I have much more information and that information shows that this witness is giving false statements

  2. Why couldn’t they play the 911 call. Too bad. That would of showed it all as she screamed her away get away get away. When she says I will see you this morning google vehicles she sounds so stupid because what does that have to do with anything

  3. What’s even more funny is how Jeremy says the judge made his mind up saying how he looked at a white guy dating a black woman funny he told the officers they were not dating and contradictions self so much

  4. seems like a great guy,one video shows him so concerned about his wife at home pregnant, who's had several miscarriages, while keeping his work girlfriend on the side. great guy,keep.up.the good work.

  5. What a joke. The only evidence for the State is a witness who denies the crime. So the biased and/or corrupt judge "found probable cause" in a case with no valid evidence. You morons commenting on this guy's videos find joy in cops/judges lying and taking the law into their own hands to unfairly target this guy, because you people have been sheep your whole lives and go along with everyone else in order to be accepted, feel a part of something, and feel relevant. You are all pathetic cowards. You would be crying like a bunch of bitches if you were ever targeted and treated unfairly by law enforcement like this guy. You are the problem, not Jeremy.

  6. Jermys body language when he knows his bonds are revoked.. is that of someone who just got kicked in the nuts.. but doesn’t have any😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. If Jeremy was nodding his head regarding all bonds not being reinstated then he should have start learning how to not continually poking the bear and obey all laws

  8. I love when Jeremy realized he was about to be sent up the creek he frantically motions to Amir to say something convincing to the judge in order for him to continue terrorizing the general public. This ended beautifully. 😁

  9. At 1:30 into this the way she say NO after the judge asks if something like this has ever happened before. The king pause and she doesn’t even want to answer. It is classic and sums up the whole thing. It is great.

  10. Hearing the judge say “ I’m going to revoke those bonds” was the equivalent of winning the lottery!! Jeremy didn’t have shit to say and Jennifer’s stank ass was just chilling looking all stupid cause she lied to the judge.

  11. They are perfect for each other. Both are severelyyyyyyyyy slow and manipulative. He honestly believed her when she told him she didn't make a report and the cops all lied hahahahahHHhHJjJJjjjJjJJHHHHH

  12. Why didn’t Amir tell her to say you only worked together let the judge ask about dating. He stinks and she is clueless. Did you hear her say “no in slow motion”.

  13. What I wished we knew is when the judge sets bond at $1000 does Jeremy think he is getting out for those minutes till the judge revoked the other bonds? Anyone think that also. I love Jennifer’s long pause when he asks if this happened before.

  14. I watched this video after listening to her 911 call crying to the dispatcher about how JD "slammed my foot in the door" and needed police to come and save her. She declined fire/rescue in the call, Also said he had abused her before and that they were dating for 3 years. Then under oath in court she lies about everything,. Why then was she never charged with either perjury in court or filing a false police report? Unbelievable!

  15. WHY exactly can this pos or anyone be out on bond for more than ONE case, let alone that long list? Plus, he likes his sexual partners in grade school. Disgusting.

  16. Someone please please tell me how she wasn't hit with perjury charges after the 911 call was released. She absolutely lied under oath…to a judge in a court of law. I mean the judge absolutely made a good call by revoking the his bonds and realizing that she is a liar but cmon she blatantly lied.d

  17. Even the judge can smell the odour of shit coming from ms Burtons mouth! She does know that theres recording of her call to 911 and begged for police and that she is scared! Not that she needed medical because when the cops asked if she needed ems or fire department, she said No. lying under oath is a crime and she should be charged and arrested. Her name should be Jennifer DimWitt because she’s just a female version of him. Always contacting the police and filing false report statements, all for a hotel room.

  18. The funniest part of this if u listen to the jail call between them the night before Jeremy basically said that saying they date is a huge issue because the charge is based on them dating for a minimum of 6 months. They basically went over what she should tell the judge together! She went in and said the complete opposite lmfao

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